What does it mean to torture?


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– Torture: they tortured him to reveal the names of his accomplices; t. the prisoners, a political prisoner. In extens. … [sottoporre a tortura con pene e dolori fisici: torturare un detenuto politico] ≈ torture, torture, torture, torment.

What is torture?

The Convention defines “torture” as: “Any act by which acute pain or suffering, physical or mental, is inflicted on a person, in particular for the purpose of obtaining information or confessions from him or a third person, to punish him for an act that she or a third person has committed or is …

How to torture?


  1. Glare.
  2. Blanching.
  3. Immuration.
  4. Deafening.
  5. Bastinado.
  6. Boiling to death.
  7. Fire branding.
  8. Castration.

What torture synonym?

[intensa e continua sofferenza spirituale: soffrire la t. del rimorso] ≈ affliction, anguish, wound, pain, yearning, torture, worm, torment.

Who Invented Torture?

Millennial roots. The first traces of torture date back to the ancient Egyptians, who since the twentieth century a. C. used cruel methods (especially beatings and whipping) to intimidate, punish or make criminals or enemies confess.

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Who was tortured in the Middle Ages?

The torture was particularly excruciating as death came after hours from exsanguination. It was inflicted on those accused of heresy or blasphemous acts against God and the Saints, if they obstinately refused to confess their guilt.

What is the medieval torture instrument called?

The roller. Probably the best known instrument of torture of the Middle Ages, the roller was a wooden platform, with wheels at both ends on which the victim’s hands and feet were tied. The more the wheels were turned, the further they moved, the more the victim’s body stretched.

What is the synonym for storm?

(fig.) [causare un’intensa sofferenza psichica: essere tormentato dai rimorsi] ≈ afflict, distress, distress, harass, persecute, torture, (not com.) Drill.

What pain synonymous?

Other synonyms: passion, pain, distress, despair, lamentation, mourning, tears, anger, tribulation, unhappiness, grief, blow, grief, tribulus.

What is the opposite of violence?

CONTR weakness, lightness, delicacy.

How does psychological torture work?

Psychological torture

The characteristic of psychological torture is invisibility: a tortured body is evident and the damage is not misunderstood, a victim who is psychologically tortured, on the other hand, can hide, his wounds are internal and intangible. This implies an underestimation of the phenomenon.

Where is torture allowed?

In at least 14 countries, including Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, mutilation or flogging occurs as a method of judicial redress.

What legislations have abolished torture?

The edict of 1814. … The text specifies that the abolition of torture includes the abolition of the infamy traditionally applied to the relatives of the guilty; moreover, it decrees the pardon, that is the remission of penalties for many crimes committed before May 21, 1814.

What does it mean to be impaled?

Impalement was an ancient method of putting a person to death by torture, which consisted of impaling the condemned man with a wooden pole normally through an orifice or the perineum, and then lifting him upright by fixing the pole in the ground.

What does Beccaria think of torture?

“A cruelty, consecrated by the use of most nations” Beccaria writes “is the torture of the offender while the trial is taking place, or to force him to confess a crime, or for the contradictions in which he incurs.

What bothers synonym?

annoying, annoying, annoying, boring, annoying, annoying.

What pleasure synonymous?

Other synonyms: sweetness, benefit, meet, taste, taste, interest, orgasm, delight, complacency, joy, square, libito.

What suffering synonyms?

Synonyms for suffering in Italian

  • ache.
  • sadness.
  • distress.
  • torment.
  • affliction.
  • unhappiness
  • agony.
  • torment.

What is the synonym for persecuted?

to. [non concedere tregua: pensieri funesti lo perseguitano] ≈ afflict, harass, oppress, obsess, torment. b.

What ails synonym?

tr. [provocare pena e afflizione, detto di dolori fisici e morali] ≈ break down, grieve, grieve, grieve, embitter, anguish, anguish, grieve, anguish, persecute, worry, sadden, discourage. ↑ to torture, to torment, to torture, to torment, to afflict, to oppress.

Who haunts meaning?

Part. pass tormented, also as adj., spec. in fig .: a tormented soul, a tormented spirit, a man always tormented, full of doubts, who lives in a state of perpetual mental and intellectual restlessness; noun, in the proper sense: Novi torments and novi tormented I see around (Dante).

What is the worst torture in the world?

There are three most serious forms of torture known: nailing to a pole (such as crucifixion), impalement (i.e. having the trunk of the body pierced by a pole introduced from the anus to the throat) and the pillory applied to a table; in all three forms the condemned man could stay for many hours (or even …

What is the most painful torture?

  1. The cradle of Judas. There is no evidence to date that this instrument was used by the Inquisition nor are original period copies preserved. …
  2. The pear. …
  3. The suspended cage. …
  4. The wheel. …
  5. The ring breaks the head. …
  6. Torture of the mouse. …
  7. The false myth of the virgin of Nuremberg. …
  8. 3 comments.

What is the pain of torment?

The oral pear, like the vaginal and rectal pear, is a false instrument of torture dating back to the 19th century and erroneously believed to have been used in medieval times by the Inquisition; In fact, there is no original document of the time that certifies its use in medieval times and all the preserved specimens …

Who was pilloried?

Usage. The pillories were set up in market squares and intersections to detain minor criminals. Often a sign was hung on the neck of the evildoer, or nearby, with the inscription of the crime and the penalty. The punishment of the pillory generally lasted a few hours or a few days.


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