What does it mean to waste away?


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c. Misuse or misuse, unnecessarily: sc. time and money, wasting one’s time and one’s money in useless enterprises (and, in the sense of fig., struggling to obtain things that are impossible or too difficult); sc. paper, of whoever writes trivial things, of no value; sc.

What does Sciupo mean?

waste sm [der. di sciupare]. – Excessive and useless consumption, waste: I am not stingy, but the scent bothers me; in this house it becomes sc.

What does a worn scarf mean?

[sciu-pà-to] adj. 1 Of what, ruined, battered: s dress.

What is the opposite of wasted?

↑ emaciated, gaunt, suffering, dejected. ‖ Out of shape, worn out. ↔ florid, fattened. ‖ Fresh, fit.

What is the opposite of wasted?

↓ (fam.) Wasted. ↔ strengthened, strengthened, strengthened, strengthened. perish v.

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What is the opposite of rigid?


antonyms flexible, malleable, pliable, elastic, soft, soft | mild, warm, tepid | (fig) compliant, good-natured, understanding, indulgent.

What does it mean to shield?

shield v. tr. In a figurative sense, cover as with a shield, conceal.

What is the function of the scarf?

The scarf is a clothing accessory essentially consisting of a band of fabric of a certain width, worn around the neck or near the head, to cover oneself from the cold, for elegance or for religious reasons.

How long should a wool scarf be?

The right size for a scarf

The rule is that the scarf is about 165 cm long or a little more, maximum 170.

How to wear a summer scarf?

To wear this variant of the accessory, the ideal is to combine it with mannish clothing, perhaps combining it with a soft blazer and a nice pair of low brogues. And to tie it try your hand at a revisited version of the classic tie knot, success will be guaranteed!

What does harsh climate mean?

Under the category of “polar climates”, indicated with the letter E, there are all climates characterized by an average temperature of the hottest month always lower than +10 ° C. … It is distinguished by a long, harsh winter (the average temperature of the coldest month is below −3 ° C) and slightly dry.

What does a rigid person mean?

The rigid person is first of all a perfectionist, quirky, punctual, precise person, with a very high sense of morality, a very high sense of responsibility, very serious and often also very tired. … So the rigid person constantly experiences a disappointment of their expectations.

What is the opposite of modern?

Antonyms of modern

Other opposites: old, ancient, antiquated, classic, primitive, antiquated, moldy, primeval, priscus, prehistoric.

How to deal with rigid people?

Try to understand where the difficulties are coming from.

Put yourself in his shoes and think about what is most likely to be. Having empathy could help you better understand why the person acts the way he does and reacts, using understanding rather than being defensive.

How to overcome mental rigidity?

Focus on your emotions.

Ask yourself what you are afraid of. If you answer honestly, you will begin to realize several things. In fact, the greater the fear you feel, the stronger the resistance will be.

How to recognize a strong character?

Signs of a strong personality

  1. Optimism. Being optimistic means having a tendency that leads us to face difficulties with good humor, perseverance and hope. …
  2. Tolerance to frustration. …
  3. Emotional intelligence. …
  4. Passion. …
  5. Commitment and motivation. …
  6. Flexibility …
  7. Learning.

What is the least humid region of Italy?

The wettest city in Italy is Catania, the Sicilian capital kissed by the sun and the sea. The least humid is Belluno where the dry mountain air blows. In the ranking, immediately after Catania, there are Cosenza and Crotone, which are more humid than Venice.

What does freezing temperatures mean?

Cold temperatures

If temperatures (average and daily minimum) are significantly low, they can pose health risks in the event of prolonged exposure to the open air and cause ice sheets on roads and pavements, posing a risk to vehicles and people.

What is the difference between Alpine and Apennine climate?

The climate of the Apennines is characterized by harsh and cold winters with frequent snowfalls and hot summers. … In fact, you can see the alpine climate, characterized, given the height, by very cold temperatures and abundant snowfalls, especially in the north-western sector.

How to put a stole on an elegant dress?

Wear a stole over a sober dress

  1. It will be enough to pass it around the shoulders and tie it in a knuckle on the front in a slightly lateral position, just under the shoulder;
  2. The stole, in this case, can be dipped with the dress or in contrast for a more fun and youthful effect.

How many stitches does it take to make a scarf?

Fit 10 stitches with primary color based on needle size and desired width.

  1. If you are a beginner, you should make a small scarf. …
  2. If you are working with worsted weight yarn and needles 8 or 10, you will need to fit at least 30- 40 stitches for a medium-sized scarf.

How wide is a women’s scarf?

The width of the scarves is pretty standard, around 30-40 centimeters. Wide enough to keep your neck warm without hiding your face.


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