What does sidewalk mean?


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The sidewalk is a part of the road, off the carriageway, raised or otherwise demarcated and reserved for pedestrians. It allows vehicles to park only in the presence of special parking strips.

Why is it called the sidewalk?

marciapiède (not com. marciapièdi) sm [dal fr. marchepied (comp. di marcher «camminare» e pied «piede»), che ora significa «predellino»].

What is the sidewalk for?

As mentioned, the main function of the sidewalk was to house the sewer networks under it (and today also a whole series of other sub-services) but also as a functional element to separate the flows and protect the pawns from vehicular traffic.

How is a sidewalk built?

they are mostly arranged along the perimeter of the buildings, even on the sides not bordering the road, but with courtyards or gardens; they are generally paved in poured asphalt, in cement tiles, in stoneware or compressed asphaltic dust, in natural stone slabs, and bordered by edges or cords usually …

What is the name of the white part of the pavement?

Today we want to tell you a story, a story as true as it is little known: the origin of the use of the stone curb as a sidewalk.

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What is the external part of the street called?

33) SIDEWALK: part of the road, outside the carriageway, raised or otherwise delimited and protected, intended for pedestrians.

How is the street divided?

The ROAD is an area for public use open to the movement of pedestrians, animals and vehicles. It can be divided into lanes or carriageways, it includes (even if at the edge) cycle paths, quays and sidewalks and can be one-way or two-way.

How much does it cost to make a sidewalk?

Generally, the cost of a similar job fluctuates around € 2000, but, speaking of the individual materials: cobblestones cost around € 60 per sq m, concrete around € 25 per sq m and stone around € 40 per sq m, but varies according to the type of stone.

How to make a concrete screed on Earth?

Prepare your casting base.

  1. The soil beneath the foundation is called a subgrade and the concrete will be as strong as the subgrade is. …
  2. Many professionals choose mixed sand gravel as a casting base. …
  3. Spread a 5-10 cm thick base layer and compact it with a manual or electric beater.

How tall is a sidewalk?

Numerous rules and indications of a strictly architectural nature define its conformation and dimensions: among these, 1.5 meters is the standard measure of a sidewalk, excluding the space occupied by elements such as grassy areas, road signs or other structures.

When was the pavement invented?

Speer, in 1871, patented a moving walk system that he believed would revolutionize the movement of pedestrians in New York. His system consisted of a series of parallel “belts”, allowing the transport of pedestrians.

How wide is a sidewalk?

The law [1] establishes for pedestrian paths (pavements, in fact) a minimum width of 1.50 meters with sections in the places of greatest traffic having at least a width of 1.80 meters.

What do you say sidewalk in American?

sidewalk [noun] (American) a pavement or footpath.

What is the central reservation for?

The traffic divider is a portion of the road platform of variable width and type in relation to the different types of road, intended to separate two carriageways or two lanes dedicated to opposite directions of travel.

What is part of the roadway?

The carriageway includes traffic lanes, overtaking lanes, pedestrian crossings and cycle crossings while it does not include cycle paths, quays, sidewalks, lay-bys and emergency lanes.

How many shovelfuls of sand per 25 kg of cement?

We have to add 18 shovelfuls or shovels (medium, not too full nor too scarce) of sand (12 of coarse sand, 6 of fine sand – 2/3 + 1/3) loaded into the concrete mixer in this way: first 9 shovelfuls are loaded, then add the 25 kg bag of cement that we will have previously overturned in two buckets, …

How to cover the sidewalk?

The sidewalk is tiled on a good concrete base or covers an old pavement. In any case, it is advisable to level the surface on which the new tiles are to be laid.


  1. Sidewalk to be paved.
  2. Rough tiles.
  3. Malta.
  4. Concrete.
  5. Spacers.
  6. Rough brush.

How much does it cost to redo the external flooring?

The cost for the reconstruction of an external flooring can range between € 12.00 and € 150.00 per sq m as regards the materials and between € 12.00 and € 65.00, again per sq m, for the installation pose.

How wide must a two-way street be?

E) a minimum width of 5.50 m for two-way travel, 3.00 m for one-way travel must be ensured. On the other roads these values ​​can be reduced up to 4.50 m (after establishing the alternating one-way) and to 2.75 m. 4.

What is a roadside?

The quay is a part of the road, located outside the carriageway; therefore located beyond the solid white line at the edge of the carriageway.

What is the difference between carriageway and lane?

The carriageway is not to be confused with the lane, which is the part of the carriageway or road that allows a row of vehicles to flow. The carriageway can have one or more lanes.


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