What does subscription at the bottom mean?


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With the term signature at the bottom, in bureaucratic language, it is intended to specify that the signature must be affixed to the bottom of a document.

What does it mean at the bottom of the document?

at the bottom, at the bottom, at the foot of the page: make a note in c. to the sheet; put the address in c. to the question.

What is meant by subscription date?

Subscription is also in printed works, an indication at the bottom of the print, or at the beginning or at the end of a book, in which the name of the printer and the date and place of publication are specified, in accordance with the law.

What does news indicated at the bottom mean?

The expression at the bottom is a phrase of Latin origin, derived from ‘calx calcis’, or heel, calcaneus, hence the meaning “at the bottom”. … Likewise, a “footnote” will be placed at the foot of the page.

Who is the subscriber of a document?

The signing of a document

By signing a specific document, the person who signs it makes the content of the document his own, that is, he confirms that the content of the document comes from the subscriber and also decides to be affected (active or passive).

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What does a third party subscriber mean?

[chi sottoscrive un’iniziativa e sim., firmandola: i sottoscrittore del manifesto futurista] ≈ signatory, signatory ….

What is meant by signing a document?

Sign your signature as a sign of acceptance and confirmation: s. a letter, a contract. b. By extens., Giving one’s name, accompanied or not by the signature, as an act of adherence to an initiative, of participation in a responsibility and the like: s.

How to sign Word document?

Insert a signature line

  1. Click where you want to insert the row.
  2. Click Insert> Signature Line.
  3. Click Microsoft Office Signature Line.
  4. You can type a name in the Recommended Signer box of the Signature Settings window. …
  5. Click OK.

What is meant by a handwritten signature?

Meaning of handwritten signature

An “handwritten signature” can be defined as a handwritten signature on paper that is affixed to a document by writing your name and surname. The signature of one’s own handwritten signature on a paper document can be affixed with a stamp or an ink pen.

What is a digital signature device?

The Digital Signature kits consist of a USB device or reader + a smart card in SIM or credit card format. The smart card contains the signature certificate, which is required for digitally signing documents.

How do you sign a document?

Put your signature or initials on the form

  1. Open the PDF document or form in Acrobat or Reader, then click Fill & Sign in the right pane.
  2. Click the Signature icon in the toolbar, then choose whether to add your signature or initials.

What does it mean I, the undersigned?

– [chi, riferendosi a sé stesso in terza persona, inoltra e firma una domanda, un’istanza, un documento e sim.: il sottoscritto chiede a codesto Ministero…] ≈ ‖ signatory.

What does signature on purpose mean?

to sign]. – 1. a. … in blank, affixed to a document that is not yet complete; register of f., the one that collects the signatures of visitors to an exhibition, a museum and the like; put (or make us) the f., fig., fam., accept with great pleasure an assignment, a certain condition, etc.

How is the handwritten signature done?

Put simply, the handwritten signature is what you physically create when you sign a paper document yourself. Traditionally, this signature is affixed using an ink pen or stamp.

What is the difference between the digital signature and the handwritten one?

What is the difference between electronic and digital signature? … In practice, the digital signature is much more qualified and secure than the “simply” electronic one and therefore has a greater evidential effectiveness, which equals that of the classic handwritten signature.

What does it mean by handwritten signature replaced by print?

Press signature: Legislative Decree 12 February 1993 n. … If a handwritten signature is required for the validity of these operations and the documents issued, this is replaced by the printed indication, on the document produced by the automated system, of the name of the person in charge.

How to sign a Word document from your mobile?

To sign Word documents we can use the homonymous app for Android, provided free of charge (you just need a Microsoft account) -> Microsoft Word for Android. Other apps that we can try to sign PDFs but also Office documents are: DocuSign, Foxit Mobile PDF, Xodo PDF and SignEasy.

How to create an image signature?

Resize or move a signature.

Create a signature

  1. Open an unshared and unsecured file.
  2. Touch>.
  3. Touch.
  4. Tap Create Signature or Create Initials and do one of the following: Tap Draw to handwrite the signature. Tap Picture to choose an image on your device. …
  5. Tap Done.

How can you sign up?

In general, it is always preferable to sign first with the first name and then with the surname: this is because the rules that require the signature often speak of the affixing of “name and surname” and not the other way around.

How do you say signing a contract?

[apporre la propria firma in segno di accettazione e di conferma: s. una lettera, un contratto] ≈ sign, initial.

What does it mean to subscribe to a security?

A guarantee by virtue of which a pool of banks undertakes to purchase all or part of the securities of an issue at a given price, if these cannot be placed on the market.

What does the term stipulate mean?

stipulation1), a straw, as a sign of promise “](I stìpulo, etc.). – Conclude a contract; draw up in due form, in the presence of the parties, the document certifying the conclusion of the contract. In the second sign.

What is SEPA Direct Debit?

SEPA Direct Debit is the payment instrument that allows the customer to arrange collections in euros within the SEPA area on the basis of a preliminary agreement (mandate) between creditor and debtor that allows the debtor’s account to be debited automatically .

How do you sign for acknowledgment?

  1. For acknowledgment and acceptance.
  2. Mr. (name and surname) ____________________________
  3. Date:________________
  4. Signature:____________________________________


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