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– Life or work conditions, easy and carefree, particularly convenient, without fatigue or problems, without material worries; also, having to eat and drink in abundance: since he married that rich heiress, his father has begun for him!; with this use, I see that you have found a real p.! …

Why do they say it’s a godsend?

The term pacchia is a deverbal of pacchiare, “to eat with greed”, used to indicate a condition of easy and carefree life.

What a treat synonym?

(extens.) [colpo fortunato: che p.!] ≈ (not com.) Bazza, blessing, luck, manna.

What is clumsy?

of brena «bridle»; cf. also veneto sbrenà “unbridled, unbridled, unleashed”]. – Clumsy, awkward: to be, to remain, to show oneself; is owner

Why do they say the free ride is over?

The familiar expression “the free ride is over”, therefore, indicates the cessation, caused by negative and unwanted events, of a condition of life that is favorable and without problems, especially material, and the beginning of a less fortunate condition in which not you can do without toil and worries, …

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How do you spell clumsy or clumsy?

“Imbranato” is written with M. One of the fundamental rules of Italian grammar provides that the labial consonants “b” and “p” are always preceded by the letter “m”.

What is the opposite of clumsy?

[che si comporta in modo maldestro] ≈ clumsy, awkward, clumsy. ↔ casual, confident, breezy.

What is the synonym for clumsy?

[di persona, che mostra impaccio nei movimenti e nel comportamento: essere un po’ g.] ≈ (fam.) Clumsy, clumsy, tied up, woody, clumsy, rough, clumsy. ↔ graceful, agile, casual, graceful, free, easy.

What is the synonym for dreamy?

– [di persona che, assorta in pensieri e fantasticherie, sembra perdere il contatto con la realtà: la guardava t., con aria t.] He is distracted, dazed, enchanted, enraptured, dreaming, distracted. ↑ entranced, dazed, bewitched.

What is the synonym for agile?

lawyer 2. fig. (of mind, wit) brightly, intelligently, promptly, keenly, insightfully; (of expression) casually, fluently.

What is the synonym for disturbance?

[il turbare la normale situazione o il normale svolgimento di qualcosa: t. della pace, dell’ordine pubblico; t. di un comizio] ≈ disturbance, harassment, disturbance, disturbance. ↑ upheaval, upheaval.


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