What does the term troll mean?


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In internet parlance, calling someone a troll means postulating a conjecture as to why they are acting, while the derived verb (to troll) describes the perception that one has about their behavior.

What does the term troll mean?

troll v. tr. Behaving like a troll, provoking and disturbing other users of the telematic network.

Why are they called trolls?

The word troll derives from Norse mythology and originally indicates a fantastic creature usually evil with anthropomorphic characteristics and inhabiting northern Europe. Alternatively, we also speak of the verb to troll, which in English means to move a bait in such a way that the fish bites.

How to deal with trolls?

Avoid getting angry yourself and try to be polite about asking questions or making suggestions before jumping to conclusions.

Make sure you are dealing with a troll.

  1. Initially give this person the benefit of the doubt.
  2. Try to have a sense of humor. …
  3. Consider ignoring it.

What does it mean to scam?

Cheating, taking wrongly.

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What does Pullappare mean?

PULLAPPARE: 1. vt amuse; 2. vt pull up; 3.

What does it mean to flex money?

Flexare is a cast of the informal English verb flex, to flaunt one’s money, status, appearance, clothing, accessories or whatever. It comes from a metaphorical use of flex one’s muscles, flexing the muscles to show off one’s strength, with negative connotations.

How do you recognize a troll?

A troll, in the jargon of the Internet and in particular of virtual communities, is a person who interacts with others through provocative, irritating, off-topic or simply meaningless and / or completely incorrect messages, with the sole aim of disturbing communication and stir up spirits.

How to recognize a troll profile?

According to WIKIPEDIA a troll, in the jargon of the Internet and in particular of virtual communities, is a person who interacts with other users through provocative, irritating, off-topic or simply nonsense messages, with the aim of disturbing communication and stirring up spirits. .

How to recognize the trolls?

Troll comments can be offensive, aggressive, and stupid. They may seem ignorant and especially in political conversations they often represent an extreme. The troll can try to make someone or something look ridiculous.

What are the Norwegian elves called?

The nissers (sing .: nisse) are more or less small elves that are part of Scandinavian folklore, in particular the barn nissers (fjøsnisser) and the red nissers (rødnisser) are often associated with the Christmas period in Denmark and Norway.

What animal is the troll?

The troll (Swedish and Norwegian troll, Danish trold), in Scandinavian mythology, is a humanoid creature that lives in the forests of northern Europe.

What are the three types of trolls that exist?

There are three races of Trolls, each with different physical characteristics.

  • Mountain Troll, the biggest and stupidest.

  • Forest Troll.

  • River Troll.

What does it mean to be Triggered?

Today it is often used in memes in an ironic way to indicate a reaction of disgust, fear or anger. So anyone who says they are “triggered by something” means to be irritated by that situation or by someone.

How to recognize an Instagram bot?

4 characteristics of a Bot profile on Instagram

  1. Photos copied from other accounts, inconsistent or “contrived” (very common)
  2. Many “following”, few “followers” (common)
  3. Username inconsistent with random letters and numbers, uppercase and lowercase characters instead of other letters (less and less common)

What do trolls eat?

They generally do not wear clothes, however, sometimes they wear raw hides and armor. Trolls live to “eat” and “have fun”. For them, “having fun” means killing and torturing, and “eating” means devouring fresh meat, cooked or raw. They only eat individuals of the other races.

What does Flexo mean?

A flexo is a table lamp, usually associated with studying or night work. The name derives from its flexible handle that allows freedom of movement and different positions, both to illuminate important parts of the desk or work table to avoid awakening and other inconveniences.

What is a flex?

Origin: from the English “flex”. When to use: to exhibit, flaunt, show off, brag about something; and also to indicate the contraction of the muscles, to show and highlight them.

What is Flex?

The angle grinder, also known by the name of whisk, flexible, perles or flex, is a portable tool for manual use (the names “perles” and “flex” are the names of the companies that invented it).

What does plotting mean?

of the eng. (to) plot «to draw a map, a plan», with direct influence of plotter]. – In the Anglicizing jargon of computer science, draw, plot a diagram using the plotter.

What does it mean to stay in chill?

It is used to indicate the time spent without doing anything in particular, but in a pleasant way, for example “I spent Friday night chilling with my friends” (I spent Friday evening relaxing with friends). Like cool, chilling also recalls feelings of satisfaction and relaxation.

What does Maranza mean?

Maranza: young person, showy and vulgar in ways, mainly male. It is equivalent to coatto, truzzo, tamarro.

How are trolls born?

Where did the Norwegian legends of the Trolls come from? From ancient times, when the lands of Norway were still wild and uninhabited. In reality, Norway was not entirely uninhabited! In fact, the first men immediately had to deal with the Norwegian trolls, mysterious, curious creatures, as funny as they are perfidious.

What kills a goblin?

Each culture describes the various ways of killing or capturing these creatures: according to some oak wood arrows are used, according to others onions, salt or tomato. Still others speak of macabre things like gouging out the eyes to eliminate the impure soul.

How long does a troll live?

The life of a troll is shorter than the average of the Little People, in fact, it is around 150-200 years.


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