What does waterfoam mattress mean?


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Are you wondering what the waterfoam mattress is? It is a particular mattress made of Flexible Expanded Polyurethane. This new material was invented in the first half of the 1900s and immediately used in many applications.

What is the difference between memory foam and Waterfoam?

Water Foam is a foamed material with a dense and compact molecular composition; like Memory Foam it adapts perfectly to the shape of the body, but is much more breathable and fresh. Being water-foamed, they are hypoallergenic and ecological.

What are the polyurethane foam mattresses like?

Polyurethane mattresses are long-lasting, non-deformable, hypoallergenic, breathable mattresses, thanks to the open cells present inside them and which therefore do not favor the colonization of mites and molds.

How to choose the mattress?

Therefore, a medium-firm mattress is the optimal choice for sleeping on your back. Based on these considerations, people who sleep on their backs should appreciate medium-firm or latex memory foam models, which contour to the lumbar region and spine.

What is the difference between latex and memory?

The latex mattress is suitable for those who, during sleep, often move as they quickly recover the deformation due to our weight. Memory foam, on the other hand, is suitable for those looking for comfort and want to rest on a welcoming support that molds perfectly to their back.

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How do you sleep on a latex mattress?

Position in sleep

on one side: the shoulder must be able to “sink” into the mattress to avoid pain upon waking, so a model with medium stiffness is better; face down: in this case the ideal mattress is a spring or latex mattress because it must be sufficiently rigid.

What are memory mattresses?

Memory is in fact a polyurethane material able to adequately absorb and redistribute the pressure exerted by the body on the surface of the mattress, promoting muscle relaxation and proper blood circulation.

What is the best mattress for back pain?

Memory foam mattresses

Memory foam, otherwise known as viscoelastic, has been around for nearly 40 years now. This type of mattress is known to be comfortable and close to the body. It is probably the mattress that best suits the needs of those suffering from back pain.

Which is the best mattress for sleeping?

Memory foam mattresses are perfect for those who always sleep in the same position. They support the spine in a perfect way, because they are modeled on our body, becoming what we need to sleep well. Before the memory mattress takes its ideal shape, it takes time.

Which mattress to choose with springs or memory?

A mattress with independent springs or polyurethane foam is the most correct solution because it guarantees sustained lift and differentiated support. … On the other hand, memory mattresses are not recommended because the more corpulent may find them excessively enveloping or soft.

What does polyurethane mattress mean?

Polyurethane foam is a highly versatile synthetic material, it is used for different purposes and for different applications. The one used in the padding of the mattresses is open cell in order to incorporate a high percentage of air which makes the mattress breathable and anti-mite.

How much does a polyurethane mattress cost?

The price: a good double bed cannot cost less than 200 euros, just as a single mattress cannot cost less than 100 euros.

How much does a polyurethane mattress weigh?

SUPREMA SRL – Materials – Polyurethane. The most important aspect to check the quality of the Polyurethane mattress is the “density” value expressed in Kg / m3, ie the quantity of material used to build the foam. When we say density 30 it means that 1 cubic meter weighs about 30 kg.

What material is Waterfoam?

Also known as water foam mattresses, the modern and ergonomic waterfoam mattresses are made through a polyurethane foam manufacturing process. It is a thermoplastic material that reacts by deforming itself to the pressure and heat of the human body.

What is WaterCell?

WaterCell is a special open cell material that comes from the union of water and air with new generation polymers, mixed with extracts of natural essential oils.

What are the Baldiflex mattresses like?

Baldiflex Hybrid mattresses are spring mattresses among the best mattresses on the market. The inside of the mattress is made from individually packed steel independent pocket springs which makes the comfort very high and the price is quite low.

What are the best double mattresses?

Baldiflex Amazonia Top, the double mattress for correct posture. The Baldiflex mattress is among the best double mattresses available online thanks to the quality of its components, the presence of memory foam and various internal support plates that guarantee optimal comfort.

Which mattress for obese people?

Latex. Latex mattresses, including those made with latex foam, can offer an eco-friendly sleep experience. Latex is also highly breathable and responsive, making it a desirable option among heavier sleepers that run with warmer and heavier sleepers respectively.

What is the best mattress on the market?

Latex models or models that have a high breathability are better. The best mattresses, from this point of view, are those with a cooling gel sheet.

How to tell if back pain is due to the mattress?

In the supine position, you notice how the mattress does not support the lumbar spine but creates an empty space. A valid enough criterion to understand if our bed (net, mattress, pillow) is suitable or not, is to check for muscle problems in the back upon awakening.

How much do you have to spend for a good mattress?

An excellent double mattress costs between 600 and 1000 euros, while a decent mattress can hardly be below a range of between 450 and 600 euros, it could especially if it has more layers, particular coverings, etc.

How to tell if back pain is caused by a tumor?

– Cancer. A tumor in or around the spine can cause localized pain, which over time tends to involve the entire back. The discomfort tends to worsen when one maintains the same position for a long time or engages in physical activity, even mild.

What does memory mean?

Memory foam, or simply memory, is a viscoelastic thermosensitive material with which the latest generation mattresses are made to offer the ideal support for sleep. … In fact, we only use foam that has been expanded exclusively with water.

How to recognize the Memory Foam?

How to recognize a good memory foam? First of all, make sure that the memory plate has a thickness of at least 3 – 5 cm. Then check that the company has certified quality standards (Oeko-Tex on materials and the Medical Health Unit).

What are Memory Foam mattresses like?

All memory foam mattresses are ergonomic, elastic and very resistant. Absolutely, the memory foam mattress is the one with a longer duration as explained in the article “how often to change the mattress”. The best models on the market are also anti-mite, antifungal and hypoallergenic.


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