What fish are caught in Lombardy?


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The most used fish are: whitefish, agone, cavadeno, rudd, pigo, gardon, tench and bleak.

What fish are caught in the lakes?

The main fish species found in the lakes

In our Italian lakes we can find many species of fish such as carp, crucian carp, catfish, bleak, black bass, perch, black bass, pike perch or duck pike.

Where can you fish in Lombardy?

On the Adda Morta, in the Lodi area, in particular in Soltarico and Ca ‘del Conte, there is a varied environment both in terms of the seabed and the surrounding vegetation. There are many interesting places on the Ticino River, on the Po and also along the Naviglio where obviously a fishing license is needed.

Where to fish freely in Lombardy?

From 1st June to 30th September at the Adamello Park it is possible to fish in the artificial lakes of Lago d’Arno, Lago Miller, Lago Salarno, Lago Dosazzo, Lago Venerocolo, Lago Baitone, Lago Aviolo, Lago Pantano d’Avio, Lago Benedetto, Pond of Avio, Lake of Avio.

Where to fish char in Lombardy?

The best place near Sondrio is Val di Lei: a blue tongue of 10 km between the mountains guarantees a good booty and a breathtaking scenery. This is where the namaikus char weighing over 5 kg is found, as well as rainbow and brown trout.

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Where to fish for catfish in Lombardy?

The fish were caught along the entire stretch of the river, from the Bergamo area to the province of Cremona, but it seems that the greatest presence was registered in the Brescia stretch, between Rocccafranca and Orzinuovi.

Where can you fish near Milan?

Here is a list of the ponds where to fish in Milan

  • Sport Fishing Milan – Monzoro Lake. Address: Lago di Monzoro, 20090 Milan MI. …

  • Green Lake. Address: Via Macconago, 36, 20141 Milano MI. …
  • Blue lake. …
  • Cava Aurora – Aurora Fishermen Association. …
  • Swan Lake. …
  • Sport Fishing Montefiore Lake. …

  • Bellaria Lake.

Where to fish Monza and Brianza?

Lake Azzurro in Lentate sul Seveso is one of the most fascinating locations in the Brughiera Briantea Park. A privileged destination for many fishing enthusiasts, throughout the year it offers a spectacle with its colors, thanks to the water lilies and more.

Where to go trout fishing?

Trout usually live in mountain streams, streams and lakes with good water exchange and, regardless of the type of technique, to practice trout fishing it is recommended to use moving baits, both natural and artificial. .

How to pay the Fipsas?

directly through the Federation portal with online payment. THROUGH THE PROVINCIAL SECTION: payment of the fee by postal current account. For postal references, contact the provincial section you belong to.

Where can you fish with a Fipsas card?

From the turquoise waters of the rivers of Trentino Alto Adige, to the placid waters of the Campania and Umbrian lakes, to the expanses of water of Emilia Romagna, Veneto, Lombardy, passing through the emerald streams of Piedmont, Liguria, Molise and Lazio, continuing in the rapid waters of Abruzzo, diving …

What lakes are there in Lombardy?

7 Lombard lakes to discover

  • Lake Maggiore.
  • Varesotto lakes: Monate, Comabbio and Varese.

  • Lake Como.
  • Endine lake.
  • Lake Iseo.
  • Idro lake.
  • Lake Garda.
  • Other lakes.

What fish are caught in winter?

The best catches in winter, however, are made with the technique of bolentino fishing: it is in fact from the boats that in winter you can fish the strawberry bream, horse mackerel and tanute, but also amberjack, mackerel, mahi mahi, squid, cuttlefish and bonito.

What fish do you catch in the River in winter?

In the winter months the most recommended baits are the most consistent ones: cuttlefish, squid, sardines or shrimp. A good depth sounder can help identify the best areas to fish: bottom landslides, rock walls, rock formations, submerged wrecks.

What fish are there in Lake Trasimeno?

These species include pike, queen carp, tench, pike, perch, largemouth bass, smelter, eel, red louisiana shrimp, catfish, crucian carp, pseudo rosbro, bleak, chub, goby.

Where to fish in Lambro?

The fishing area extends from the Enel cabin in Castelmarte to the Canzo-Asso North Railways station.

Where to fish carp in Lombardy?

  • Sovenigo lakes (natural) carpfishing itinerary. …
  • Lake Idro carpfishing itinerary. …
  • Iseo peat bog (zone 1) Carpfishing itinerary. …
  • Lame di Iseo carpfishing itinerary. …
  • Parco del Mincio carpfishing itinerary. …
  • Small lakes in Castellaro Lagusello (MN) carpfishing itinerary.

Where to fish on the Adda river?

A beautiful place to love both in winter and in warm seasons. This is a place for all types of fishing, but the best results come with the 7m bolognese, carp fishing also gives its excellent results. Famous place for pigo fishing in the cold months and at sunset.

Where to take the children to fish in Lombardy?

Fishing with children, in Milan

  • Even in the heat, the shores of the lakes are crowded with enthusiasts. …
  • Cabassi quarry. …
  • Azure pond. …
  • Carcana Lakes South of Milan, in San Pietro Cusico di Zibido San Giacomo. …
  • Green Lake. …
  • Santa Maria lake. …
  • Bellaria Lake. …
  • Swan Lake.

Where to fish without a license in Milan?

Closer to the capital, but no less impressive, is the Parco delle Cave. Two ponds – Cabassi and Aurora – host as many fishing clubs. Joining costs 25 euros a year and, without a license, you are free to cast the hook from 6 in the morning until midnight.

Where to fish in Segrate?

The small lake of the Milanese tram drivers, located to the east of the city, in the municipality of Segrate, and more precisely in the Redecesio hamlet from which it takes its name, is an integral part of the ATM Foundation sports center. In addition to fishing, other sports are also practiced.

How to fish for eels in the canals?

The eel is fished at the bottom, it loves to stay in the bottom especially if the bottom is muddy, in this way it has the possibility to make small holes with the body and hole up during the day, in fact this fish loves to move and look for food mainly of night, best time to fish for eel.

How to catch eels in the river?

You can fish the eel at the bottom or float with the bait grazing the bottom. The most suitable bait is the earthworm. Eel fishing requires medium-light tackle, with lines with a diameter between 0.20 mm and 0.25 mm and hooks of size n. 6-8.

When are eels caught?

Certainly the best time to fish for eels are the months of autumn and winter when the waters are colder and their prey moves more slowly.


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