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The sixth season of the television series Che Dio us, consisting of 20 episodes, premiered in Italy on Rai 1 from 7 January to 11 March 2021.

God help us 7 cast?

Below, therefore, all the actors that we will perhaps see again in the future, except for possible abandonments:

  • Elena Sofia Ricci is His Angela.
  • Francesca Chillemi is Azzurra Leonardi.
  • Valeria Fabrizi is Sister Constance.
  • Diana Del Bufalo is Monica Giulietti.
  • Gianmarco Saurino is Nicodemo “Nico” Santopaolo.
  • Simonetta Columbu is Ginevra Alberti.

God help us 6 setting?

The filming of the fiction that you see on TV took place in piazza Chiesa Nuova, via Arco dei Priori in San Rufino, via Santa Maria delle Rose, via Jorgensen, piazza del Comune, corso Mazzini, piazza San Francesco, Santa Margherita, from via Brother Elia at the vicolo Sant’Andrea; other takes were recorded in Santa …

God help us 6 how did it end?

In any case, she was the best man at the wedding of Nico and Ginevra. But twist: Nico is back in Monica’s arms, joining her at the airport. The marriage is canceled because Erasmus has declared his love for him in Geneva. They all lived happily ever after?

May God help us 6 last episode when?

Now it also conquers the nuns. The Turkish actor raids the convent of Elena Sofia Ricci: Can Yaman, 31, is the guest star of the latest episode of Che Dio us Help 6, broadcast on Thursday 11 March on Rai 1.

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God help us 6 Monica and Nico are getting married?

After having faced a period of crisis due to the attraction of Geneva towards Erasmus, the couple seems ready to get married and pronounce the fateful yes.

May God Help Us 6 Does the end justify the means?

In the first episode of May God help us 6 entitled The end justifies the means, Sister Angela, having discovered the truth about her father, does not know whether to reveal it to Erasmus. Meanwhile, Nico prepares the wedding with the help of Monica, but his unconscious plays a bad joke on him.

Where do they turn a step from heaven 6?

An enchanting place that rises in the shadow of the Dolomites, recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Not only that, the fiction was also shot in the Municipality of Auronzo di Cadore between the Belluno Dolomites and the Tre Cime di Lavaredo.

God help us where it was shot?

The first two seasons were shot in Modena, the third and fourth in Fabriano (in the Marche province of Ancona). For the fifth season, the cast finally landed – for a few shots – in Assisi. Which locations in Assisi were chosen?

May God help us 7 be done?

May God help us 7 season will be done

From an article published in La Repubblica on March 12, 2021, however, we have confirmation: there will be a seventh season of May God help us. The doubts expressed at the press conference for the launch of May God help us 6 on 29 December 2020 are thus swept away.

God help us spoilers?

How did God help us series 6 (spoiler)

The marriage between Nico and Ginevra did not end with a yes. Erasmus, mad for Guinevere, tried to interrupt the ceremony by declaring his feelings to the former novice. But she sent him away.

God help us Edo?

Christian Monaldi is a young actor born in Ladispoli on August 16, 2006, he is fourteen years old and is of the zodiac sign of Leo. The push to enter the world of acting was given to him by his parents who have always believed in his potential as an actor.

May God help us 3 characters?

May God help us 3: here are old and new protagonists

  • SISTER ANGELA (Elena Sofia Ricci) …
  • SISTER COSTANZA (Valeria Fabrizi) …
  • AZZURRA LEONARDI (Francesca Chillemi) …
  • GUIDO COURSES (Linen Pillow) …
  • MARGHERITA MORBIDELLI (Miriam Dalmazio) …
  • NINA CRISTALDI (Laura Glavan) …
  • ROSA FRANCINI (Neva Leoni) …
  • ACHILLE GENTILESCHI (Ivano Marescotti)

God help us 4 The plot?

Plot. The girls of the convent join forces in a hypothetical girl power, a female partnership: Monica to turn off the attraction to Nico, Valentina to fight Dr. Mattei, Azzurra to resume her internship and Emma to impress a schoolmate.

Where is the Palafitta of Un passo dal cielo?

Val Pusteria, Lake Braies and “One step from heaven”

The television series will still host some of the most beautiful places in Val Pusteria: Braies with its beautiful emerald lake. This is where most of the scenes are shot: between the stilt house on the lake, the shores of the lake and the hotel on the shore.

Where do they turn a step from heaven 7?

In short, Un Passo dal Cielo is in excellent health: the transfer from the Trentino to the Veneto side of the Dolomites, with consequent new locations – primarily San Vito di Cadore, which is already benefiting from the showcase offered by Raiuno’s fiction – has aroused new curiosity. in the audience, who thus discovered …

Who is the director of Un passo dal cielo 6?

All protagonists of new and exciting adventures, lived one step away from heaven. This sixth series is also a Lux Vide production in collaboration with Rai Fiction, produced by Matilde and Luca Bernabei under the direction of Jan Maria Michelini, Cosimo Alemà and Beniamino Catena.

May God help us reruns 2020 when it starts?

May God Help Us 6 resumed on 30 June 2020.

May God help us 6 final marriage?

“May God help us 6” closes its doors and triumphs. The wedding of Ginevra and Nico hides a twist. … May God help us 6 closed its doors, confirming itself as one of Rai’s most successful fiction. Sister Angela, played by Elena Sofia Ricci, and her girls never disappoint.

May God help us 6 final Nico and Ginevra?

Azzurra is Geneva’s best man. During the ceremony, Erasmo bursts and declares his love for him in Geneva in front of Nico’s eyes, who decides to cancel the marriage. Nico joins Monica at the airport and the two get back together. Even Erasmus and Guinevere return to love each other.

May God help us 6 Geneva actress?

From childhood to training, from success to the private life of the beloved actress who has been playing the role of novice Ginevra since 2019. Simonetta Columbu is the name of the Geneva interpreter of Che Dio us Help 6, one of the most popular characters of this last season of the Rai 1 fiction.

God help us 6 reviews?

May God help us 6 with irony, a few laughs and a right dose of goodness mitigated by the rhythm of the comedy, confirms its success and the disengaged entertainment on the first Rai channel, closing the sixth season with a big surprise.

May God help us as Davide and Guido died?

Fifth season

Azzurra, having inherited the entire building, returns there just back from a mourning event: her husband Guido and little Davide died in a car accident, on the very day Guido asked Azzurra for a child, so he decides to sell the motionless to forget the painful memories.


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