What is a mother hen?


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– The female of the domestic fowl in the period in which it hatches the eggs or when it has the chicks; put the ch., put the hen to hatch the eggs; fig., do la ch., referring to person, snuggle up, and, with another sign., be very (or too) protective.

How to deal with a mother hen?

The hen should be moved at night; first the eggs must be moved delicately and we can take them from below and put them inside the new nest; then the “mother” will be taken and carefully placed on top of the displaced eggs, and finally we will have to be able to put even the last eggs under them, previously unreachable because …

How to behave when the hen is a hen?

A hen that hatches eggs is commonly referred to as a “hen”. Hatching patterns are controlled by instinct, hormones and lighting conditions. Left in the natural conditions, a hen will lie on a pile of eggs for about 21 days (more or less) until they hatch.

How is the artificial hen used?

The Artificial Hen has a thermostat inside that regulates the emission of heat according to the temperature of the room in which it is placed, in order to guarantee the highest levels of comfort for the chick, which will take refuge under it when he will feel cold and move away when he feels hot.

When are the chicks born from the hen?

It hatches. After the hatching period which lasts 21 days, in which the hen after having laid the egg hatches it continuously and with dedication, the chicks are born. Throughout this period, including the care of the chicks, the hen becomes very aggressive and protective towards its young.

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What month of the year do the hens start hatching?

In nature there is the hatching period, that is, late spring. Between spring and summer it is easier for a hen to “decide” to snuggle. The hours of light are many and the warm temperatures are just right. The chicks will be born in the summer and will not suffer from the cold, they will already be hail when winter arrives.

How to tell if the hen wants to hatch?

In order not to fall into the deception and recognize a brooding hen, you will have to approach and stroke it: most likely it will swell the feathers of the back and emit a downward and prolonged, called clucking.

How much does an artificial hen consume?

The adjustable feet allow you to easily adjust the height of the machine according to the growth of the chicks. The consumption of the electric hen is only 25 watts. Unlike the classic infrared lamp, it allows animals the natural alternation of day and night.

How long should the chicks stay under the hen?

Newborn chick: the first 48 hours of life

If the chicks have come to light inside an incubator, they must not be removed from the machine for the first 48 hours of life, and this must not be opened and no chickens must be picked up (although the desire to do so is definitely very strong!).

What is the artificial hen used for?

Birth of chicks without hen

After the hatching of the eggs, on the other hand, to take care of the newly hatched chicks in the incubator, you can use infrared lamps or an artificial hen (also called thermal hen) to be inserted in the enclosure.

How often does the hen hatch?

the hen would hatch a couple of times a year, after having collected 4-6 eggs in the nest. For all the other hens, breeds selected by man over the centuries, the story is different. First of all we must know that only from fertilized eggs will chicks be born.

How long does a mother hen last?

The mother hen hatches for 21 days, leaving the nest only for short periods (about 20 minutes), when she needs to eat, drink or take a walk to stretch her legs.

What to do when a hen is sick?

The main symptoms are gastrointestinal (diarrhea), but above all nervous. Strange contractions of the limbs and paralysis that progressively affects the various parts of the body are in fact the most frequent signals. It mainly affects the younger specimens and the mortality rate is very high.

How to keep the hens from hatching?

Soaking a hen’s butt in cold water is one of the traditional ways to stop her hatching. Also in this case it is linked to the body temperature so a sudden cooling should interrupt the cycle.

What to feed the hens to lay eggs?

To stimulate production a little, a specific feed for chicks, which is more protein, can be mixed with the normal feed for a certain period. Water must never be lacking (here’s how to best manage chicken troughs), as well as an extra source of calcium (for example grit).

How do you tell a male chick from a female?

It consists in extensively spreading the small wings and observing the regularity of the flight feathers: if at the end there is only a row of primary flight feathers and the feathers are all of the same length, the chick will be a male and will become a beautiful rooster!

How many days to keep the chicks under the lamp?

I also keep them at home for the first month. In that room there is an average temperature of 19-20 C ° and I keep them under the lamp for only 4-5 days, then I move them to a separate container. I never had problems.

How long should I keep the chicks under the lamp?

At birth, the chicks need to be raised at a temperature of about 32-33 ° C. In practice, 8-12 hours before the animals arrive, it is necessary to turn on the heat source (electric or gas); place it at a height such that the temperature on the litter reaches 32-33 ° C.

When to remove the artificial hen?

The newborn babies, if they are born in an incubator, can stay about 48 hours before being able to remove them, (a tip is not to remove them at least before the 36 hours of life) so at this stage do not open the incubator and do not catch or play with the hatched chicks.

What lamp to use for chicks?


How are newborn chicks raised?

In fact, remember that at the beginning the chicks will require very high temperatures, equal to 32 degrees, and that the best way to make sure that the climate is the right one for your little birds is to have a thermometer and a heating lamp. to be fixed in the top of the container.

What noise is the hen making?

The hen emits the classic clucking noise when she wants to express a need, for example the need to lay the egg, the need to leave the confined space of the hen house to go scratching outside or the need for food.

Where to buy Mugello hens?

Chicken Breeders in Italy: Mugellese

  • Ecovillage habitat. Location: Tuscany, province of Florence, municipality of Gambassi Terme. …
  • littlepollailenge. Location: Tuscany, province of Siena, municipality of Sovicille. …
  • The farmer. Location: Tuscany, province of Grosseto, municipality of Magliano in Toscana. …
  • Farm house Picille.

How do you know if an egg is fertilized?

To recognize if an egg is fertilized or not, you will need to see if you can notice a dark spot from which small spider-web-shaped veins start: this is the center of the embryo and the blood vessels that are developing.

How to give Vermox to hens?

Method of Administration: Oral solution. Pour 5-10 ml into 1 liter of water and give to the animals. Repeat the treatment after 14 days.


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