What is a niche?


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A niche is a generally rectangular funerary niche used for burial.

What is meant by the niche?

Wall compartment intended for the burial of the mortal remains of a person (the corpse, bones, ashes); once it was also placed under the floor or in the walls of churches, while in modern cemeteries it is obtained within the ground or inside tombs, funerary chapels or other special rooms above ground, and in …

How much can a burial niche cost in the cemetery?

The prefabricated niches have a price ranging from 34 euros (for the niches used to bury the urns) up to 324 euros (for those intended to house the coffins).

How do you buy a niche?

The niche (or oven) must be purchased from the closest relative, in the cemetery to which the deceased belongs, as is also the case for burials. In addition to a corpse, it is possible to burial inside a niche, also ossuary boxes or cinerary urns.

How much does a niche in Verano cost?

There is no single figure, a lot depends on the position of the niches, the price varies: from the cheapest at 1,050 euros to the most expensive, at 4,800.

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How much does a burial niche cost in the Catania cemetery?

“It will be a sensational increase that will bring the cost of the concession for adult dovecote cells from 516 to 1032 euros, the concession for newsstands from 346 to 692 euros, burials from 59 euros to 118, the concession for a family chapel from 516 to 1032 euros ”, explains Cbc.

Who inherits the family tomb?

Whether the tomb is family or hereditary, in any case upon the death of the founder it passes as an inheritance to the heirs, who can be either family members or designated heirs.

How to find a place in the cemetery?

Anyone interested in knowing the exact location of a burial can call the Call Center of the Capitoline Cemeteries at 06.49236331. Up to 2 locations can be issued for each request. The number is active from Monday to Thursday 8.30 – 15.00, Friday 8.30 – 13.30 excluding holidays.

Who looks after the cemetery?

General provisions Supervision

The order and supervision of the cemeteries are the responsibility of the Mayor who carries them out through the municipal staff.

How long does the granting of a niche last?

Exhumation and extumulation are cemetery operations that are carried out at the end of the period of assignment of the burial on earth (10 years) or after the duration of the concession of a niche or cell (normally 40 years).

How long does a place in the cemetery last?

The duration is set: 99 years for the areas intended for burials for families and communities; 50 for the ossuary cells and those for individual cinerary urns; in 50 years for the niches.

How much does it cost to put a deceased person in the ossuary?

In general, the cost of ordinary exhumations ranges from 200 to 500 euros. In the event that family members request the exhumation and therefore it is an extraordinary exhumation, the prices reach around 1000 euros. With our funeral agency the costs for the transport of the body and cremation start from 390 euros.

What is meant by cemetery services?

These services consist of those directed to the person, such as burial, exhumation and extumulation operations, to those related to the cemetery heritage, such as the cleaning and maintenance of green and cemetery areas, the design, sometimes the maintenance of artifacts (including local , fences in …

What happens when the cemetery concession expires?

Regardless of the duration of the concession of the cemetery niche, the relatives of the deceased, within six months of the expiry date, can apply for renewal of the concession of the niche to the Municipality, for a period equal to that of the first.

What are the wall tombs called?

The columbarium was a type of funerary construction very common among the Romans as a form of collective burial. It is a type of hypogeal or semi-hypogean tomb, characterized by rows of small niches arranged along the walls and intended to contain the cinerary urns.

How do you know where a person is buried?

There are some apps such as Crux and Not2 4Get in which the maps of some of the largest Italian cemeteries such as those of Milan and Rome are loaded. By consulting the app you can find out where a deceased was buried by entering his name and date of birth and death.

How do you know in which cemetery a person is buried?

How to find out where a person is buried? To do this, contact the registry office, the death registration department. There, according to the available evidence, they should provide information on the burial. Here you can find out the last place of residence of the deceased.

What happens after 30 years in the cemetery?

Concessions for cemetery niches began to expire on 15 April 2006. In fact, after 30 years the concession of the niche expires and can be renewed, within 6 months from the expiry, for another 30 years, or the remains of the body can be collected.

How do you inherit a tomb?

The tomb as a patrimonial asset can be transmitted to consanguineous relatives or if permitted by the Municipal Mortuary Police Regulations by inheritance, but the burial is always and in any case jure sanguinis (i.e. by descent through bloodline) and in any case it is always necessary to distinguish the patrimonial aspect …

What happens to the bones of the dead?

Once the deadline has expired, the coffins are extracted and must in turn be buried in the ground, after an opening has been made in the metal case to allow the process of mineralization of the corpse. Thus they remain at least 5 years, then they are exhumed again to be transferred to the ossuary.

How much is a family tomb worth?

family tombs: starting from € 1,500; family chapels: starting from € 10,000; family newsstands: starting from € 3,000.


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