What is a showcase?


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A showcase is a special type of shop window that allows for the display of goods for sale and is designed to attract the attention of customers. Usually this refers to the shop windows on the front of the shop.

What is meant by a showcase?

A showcase is a special type of shop window that allows for the display of goods for sale and is designed to attract the attention of customers. Usually this refers to the shop windows on the front of the shop.

What to put in a showcase?

Plates and glasses are perfect for a display cabinet placed next to the dining table; if it is placed in a different corner of the living room, the best choice is represented by collectibles, books or design pieces.

How to embellish a bar window?

Some tips on how to set up a bar window:

  1. Focus on the product you want to focus on.
  2. Put lights that illuminate the focal point of the showcase.
  3. Anticipate the holidays and anniversaries, with an installation at least 10 days before.

How to design a showcase?

How to design a showcase? Use the Free Showcase Planner

  1. Select the product to exhibit “
  2. Identify seasonal events “
  3. Schedule in-store initiatives »
  4. Choose the theme »
  5. Collect the information to communicate “
  6. Study the layout of the product “
  7. Design the showcase with a program “

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How do you set up a clothing showcase?

In this article we will give you the main guidelines for setting up a successful showcase.

  1. Define the customer target. …
  2. Choose the theme of your shop window. …
  3. Cross merchandising rule. …
  4. Few but good. …
  5. Change the setup often. …
  6. Showcase lighting and cleaning. …
  7. A beautiful and efficient showcase.

How to create a free showcase?

The Facebook showcase showcases the products and places a price and description alongside them.

It goes like this:

  1. enter your Facebook page.
  2. open the Page settings.
  3. go to Models and tab.
  4. look for the Showcase item and activate it by clicking on the button.

How to display the brioches?

Sandwiches, wraps and salty snacks are generally arranged horizontally; desserts, brioches and small pastry products are also arranged horizontally on the special shelves and display cases.

How to set up a pastry shop window?

5 useful tips to increase the visibility of your showcase

  1. Know the target. Defining your target is the main requirement to start talking about visual merchandising. …
  2. The rule of three. …
  3. Create an unforgettable atmosphere. …
  4. Extend seasonality …
  5. Tell a story.

How to set up a Christmas Showcase?

To set up a perfect Christmas showcase it is good to choose two or three different types of scene decorations, which do not create too much confusion but which instead give a balanced Christmas atmosphere, such as candles, snow, crystals, sequins or maybe window stickers and decorations to be attached to the glass.

What to put inside the cupboard?

Sideboards and cupboards are containers for the living area where you can store plates, glasses and goblets, cutlery, cups, tablecloths, bottles and accessories for the table. If necessary they can also be used as handouts.

How to arrange the dishes in the cupboard?


  1. Hang mugs from hooks on the underside of furniture if you have limited space in cupboards.
  2. Buy racks to stack your dishes and use more space in your cupboard. It will keep the dishes organized in a better way.
  3. Order the plates by stacking them from largest to smallest.

When was the showcase born?

By the nineteenth century the small shop with windows and some form of gas lighting began to dominate the main streets.

How to set up a flower showcase?

Flowers are a wonderful item, but certainly not a simple one.

1. How to set up a UNIQUE flower showcase.

  1. Choose an inspiring theme. …
  2. Choose the right music that accompanies you every day in your shop and that best represents the mood of the shop itself.
  3. Keep your shop door open. …
  4. Showcase yourself.

How to create an online showcase?

Opening an online store construction costs and domain: To open an online store, you must first create the e-commerce site, commissioning it to a web agency or creating it yourself if you are an expert programmer or using special software that can create it in a few minutes. portals for online stores.

How to create a showcase on Facebook?

If on the Home Page of your Facebook Page, in the menu on the left, there is the item “Showcase”, it is already active.

You will need to enter:

  1. at least one image.
  2. the name of the product (or service)
  3. the price.
  4. if it is on sale (and the full price)

  5. an accurate description.

  6. the URL address of the web page where it can be purchased.

How do you sell on the Internet for free?

As an alternative to Subito.it, one of the most popular classifieds sites that you can use to sell online for free is Kijiji, a web portal formerly known as Ebay Classifieds, as the owner of a company affiliated with Ebay.

How to arrange the glasses in the window?

Inside the glass doors

The glasses can be gathered in a single space so as to create the corner at their disposal. It is good to divide them by type, placing those for daily use on the most convenient shelves for access (water and wine, for example) and on the higher and more uncomfortable shelves the less used ones.

How to place the mannequins in the window?

Each garment you exhibit in the window must have the right visibility so the mannequins with trousers should be positioned behind those with the skirt so as not to cover the garment, as well as long coats.

How to set up a clothing store?

Here are some secrets to start effectively introducing some display techniques in setting up your shop!

  1. Create a common thread with the showcase. …
  2. Use the central tables. …
  3. Group items by color. …
  4. Emphasize new products and discounted products. …
  5. Experiment with different techniques.

How to put plates and glasses in the cupboard?

Dishes and glasses go into the basket or cupboard closest to the dishwasher. The tea towels must be visible and easy to grasp. If you have a large kitchen, put more than one dish towel hook, one near the sink, one near the stove or work area.

How to arrange the dishes in the dish rack?

First of all, in the dish drainer rack all the dark plates are arranged from left to right, then the tops, then the small ones, and every time we put them back, even if we are in a hurry, it is good to rearrange them in this order. Instead, place all the glasses, cups and mugs in the grate below.

What to put on a modern sideboard?

Based on the proportions of the piece of furniture, you can choose a mirror or a picture to be placed above the sideboard; in the living room, the mirror plays a decorative role, but also serves to make the larger spaces perceive, while at the entrance, a full-length mirror or paintings on the side are excellent …

How much do you pay for a website?

HTML showcase site (5 pages): can cost on average from 500 € to 2000 € WordPress one page site (1 page): can cost from 500 € to 3000 €. WordPress showcase site (5 pages): can cost from € 1,500 to € 15,000. Website + WordPress corporate blog (20 pages): it can cost from € 2,500 up to € 25,000 or more.


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