What is a tool?


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A tool generally indicates a tool used in applied mechanics, used to perform a specific manual process. Tool is a term also used outside the original and traditional context to generically mean “tool”, “means”, “tool” even if not material.

What is meant by tool?

MAP A TOOL is an object designed for a specific use; there are numerous activities that require specific tools (a kitchen a.; carpenter’s tools) and there are numerous objects, even of very common use, which can be defined as tools (for example scissors, file, measuring tape and many others).

What are the tools for?

A tool (also a tool or equipment if referred to an assembly made up of several elements) generally indicates a tool used in applied mechanics, used to perform a specific manual processing.

What is meant by kitchen utensils?

A kitchen utensil or kitchen utensil is a hand tool or utensil, usually of small size, that is used in the kitchen, for functions related to food.

What are the kitchen tools called?

Types of tools

Kitchen tools, utensils, utensils, tools, molds, knives, ladles, strainers, thermometers, tools for cleaning and cutting vegetables, fish, meat or pasta, there is something for all tastes and budgets.

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What are all kitchen ladles called?

SKIMMER: also known as a slotted spoon, used to drain excess liquids from dishes. POCKET AND OVEN GLOVE: silicone ones with anatomic and non-slip grip are preferable. COVER: in steel, wood or silicone.

What are kitchen utensils?


  • A set of dishes for everyday use.
  • Glasses.
  • Silverware.
  • Deep pan (for cooking pasta, for example)
  • Multi-purpose pan / Wok.
  • Small saucepan.
  • Ladles.
  • Colander.

What are small kitchen utensils?

From pots, pans, to ladles, let’s discover together which ones absolutely must not be missing in our kitchen.

The kitchen utensils that cannot be missing

  • Cookware.
  • Pans.
  • Pressure cooker.
  • Pans.
  • Cake pans.
  • Knives.
  • Ladles.
  • Chopping board.

What must not be missing in a kitchen?

  • Wooden spoons. Wooden spoons taste like home. …
  • The knives, sharp, of all sizes. …
  • Soapstone, never again without. …
  • The kitchen tongs. …
  • Wok pan, oriental flavors in your kitchen. …
  • The mortar, an ancient and modern kitchen helper. …
  • The multitasking peeler. …
  • The rolling pin for all doughs.

What is the most used material in the kitchen?

To make kitchen utensils – typically spoons and spatulas – wood is the most traditional material, the use of which, as old as civilization, is still widespread and recovering.

What to buy to train at home?

The best accessories for training at home

  • Non-slip mat.
  • Weight Kit.
  • Bench for training.
  • Pull-up bar.
  • Elastic bands.
  • Wristbands and anklets.
  • Exercise bike.
  • Electrostimulator.

What do you need to train at home for women?

You don’t need expensive tools to train at home. In addition to the mat, the following are recommended: a fitball, kettlebells, fitness bands and small weights. The fitball is a great resource for home gymnastics. In fact, it is an inexpensive but very performing tool.

What is the tool that makes you lose the most weight?

The treadmill

It is the best tool to permanently eliminate, always following a careful diet, the fat that is deposited on the abdomen and thighs. You can both walk and run on it.

What can’t be missing in a new home?

Whether you are relocating alone or as a couple, here are some things that you absolutely cannot miss in a new home.

  • Household utilities.
  • Furnishings.
  • Domestic appliances.
  • Household linen.
  • Crockery.
  • Food.
  • Personal hygiene products.
  • Household cleaning products.

What is soapstone used for?

Soapstone is a type of metamorphic rock of dark green color, formed by particular types of rocks, such as soapstone or soapstone and magnesite, extracted in Val di Chiavenna, which can be used for the construction of ovens, stoves and kitchen utensils such as pots and plates.

What to always keep in the kitchen?

These tips of mine could also be useful to those who are going to live alone, who is going to live together or to students away from home.

  • 1- EGGS. …
  • 2- PASTA AND RICE. …

What do you need in a home kitchen?

1. What do you need in the kitchen? The crockery

  • Dish Set.
  • Glass service.
  • Coffee mugs
  • Tea cups
  • Cutlery service.
  • Cookware.
  • A set of pans.
  • A set of ladles.

What are the ladles?

A ladle is one of the most important utensils in your kitchen. It is used to serve soups, stews and other liquid foods. Unlike a spoon or fork which can be reused to serve different types of food, a ladle is specifically designed to collect liquids only!

What must never be missing in a fridge?

The ideal shopping for a fridge that is always full

  • ready-made sauces (but strictly homemade, I recommend)
  • lasagna, pies, timbales that you may prepare on Sunday or when you are home from work.
  • various types of pesto for quick dressings.
  • roasts, meatloafs and anything else you can freeze always ready for emergencies.

What is the name of the thing where you cook?

Israeli couscous

In Western cuisine it is often used as a base for salmon or chicken dishes, or it is put in salads.

What must not be missing in the pantry at home?

In the pantry of those who are always ready for anything, they must never be lacking: salt, sugar, extra virgin olive oil, flour, both for bread and pizza and for sweets, yeast (also in this case for bread and cakes), spices ( from pepper to oregano, from cinnamon to nutmeg and so on), pickles, peeled tomatoes and …

What is the name of the soup ladle?

ramaiuòlo) sm [forse der. di rame]. – 1. Kitchen or table utensil similar to a large circular spoon with a long handle, used to remove from the pot and to pour broth or soup from the tureen into bowls; it is also called a ladle.

How to replace the wooden spoons?

An alternative to plastic and wood can be steel, which, however, can cause burns to the unwary, but it washes easily and does not deform over time.

What to use instead of the skimmer?

The palafritto

(The one I should have used instead of the skimmer). Its use is intended for fried dishes. Allows excess oil to drain as food is transferred from the pan / pot to the plate / tray.

Which tool makes your belly lose weight?

The exercises to have a flat stomach

This category includes stationary bikes, treadmills, elliptical cross trainers and steps. Do not forget the abdominal exercises, useful for keeping the stomach muscles toned, better if done on tools such as the fitness bench.


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