What is airspace reserve?


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Temporary restriction on air navigation. … other events or activities that could pose a danger to air navigation.

How to request an airspace reserve?

They must be conducted in a segregated air zone by issuing a NOTAM, to request which it is necessary:

  1. Pay the N57 tariff (94 €) at the ENAC online services.
  2. Fill in the form Model ATM-09 “Reserve of airspace for operations with APR”

Where does the airspace end?

Physically, the space of flight operations extends from the earth’s surface up to an altitude of 100,000 ft, where by convention it is no longer possible to support an aircraft thanks to aerodynamic force.

When is an airspace reserve required?

An airspace reserve is always required in the following cases: – research and development activities; – operations at a height greater than 120 m (400 ft) AGL; – operations beyond the maximum heights defined in the previous chapter 7; Page 13 Circular ATM-09 Remotely piloted aircraft – Criteria for using the …

What does Notam communicate?

The NOTAM, therefore, communicates all information, reports, prohibitions and procedures in use that are temporarily different from what is published in AIP or that will undergo a permanent change (PERM). …

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How to make a NOTAM?

The notam is a document to be filled in and the documentation is available on the ENAC website, or at the following download address. It must be sent to the air traffic management bodies, from which we will obtain an authorization for the period of interest and the details indicated. The payment is 94 euros !!!

Where are the NOTAMs located?

Various websites are available to consult the NOTAMs, including the “Briefing room” section of the Aeronautical Desk for the Italian ones or the FAA pilotweb.nas.faa.gov portal where it is sufficient to enter the ICAO code on “Locations” and click on “View NOTAMs”.

What does ATM circular 09 apply to?

In everyday practice and wanting to simplify as much as possible to make it easier to understand, the ATM-09A circular defines the airspaces in the vicinity of airports, civil and military heliports and the rules for accessing drones inside them.

What are segregated airspace?

In English temporary segregated area, abbreviated to TSA, is a defined volume of airspace normally under the jurisdiction of an aeronautical authority and temporarily destined, following agreements, for the use of a different authority.

When is an airspace reserve required to operate a drone?

The flight for drones registered within the CTRs is allowed within 70m AGL and up to a distance of 200m from the remote pilot. However, it is possible to carry out operations beyond the limit granted and envisaged by the regulation by requesting a temporary airspace reserve (NOTAM).

What is the uncontrolled airspace?

In aeronautical terminology, “controlled airspace” is defined as those air spaces within which the air traffic control service is provided, that is, spaces A, B, C, D, E and “uncontrolled airspace” those within which it is not provided , i.e. F and G.

How are airspace types classified?

Vertically the airspace is divided into TOP above FL195 and BOTTOM by the surface (SFC) up to and including FL195. The upper airspace is classified as Class “C”, and therefore is controlled airspace, while the lower airspace is classified as Class “G” and therefore is not controlled airspace.

What is a zone d?

Zone D. Zone D (dangerous zone or danger area) is an airspace of defined dimensions within which activities dangerous to the flight of aircraft can take place at certain times.

When is it necessary to request the authorization from the competent military body?

When is it necessary to apply for an authorization to fly? When the place of operations has geographical coordinates that fall within an ATZ, some Prohibited, Regulated, or segregated areas, in the CTRs beyond the limits imposed by the Regulations (v200-H70) and under the take-off and landing trajectories.

What documents prescribe the rules for the occupation by UAS of the national airspace?

Traffic regulations and restrictions on the use of airspace for operations with drones are governed by the Regulations “Remotely piloted aircraft” and by Circular ATM-09 “Remotely piloted aircraft – Criteria for the use of airspace”.

What do you need D Flight?

d-flight pursues the development and provision of services for the management of low-altitude air traffic of remotely piloted aircraft (APR) and all other types of aircraft falling within the category of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) and any activity connected to them.

What are drone segregated airspace?

segregated, and identified by a letter with a suffix LI (for Italy) and numbers. The letters that identify the segregated airspaces are: o P – Prohibited: which indicates an area in which any type of flight is prohibited.

What do IFR and VFR mean?

In IFR conditions, navigation and control of the aircraft are achieved by means of on-board instrumentation and navigation through clouds is allowed, while in VFR it is not. Commercial traffic (flight with passenger transport or payload) operates almost exclusively under the IFR regime.

What is a TSA Zone Between?

Temporary Segregated Area, or Temporarily Reserved Area, or TSA Area is defined as “airspace of defined dimensions within which activities that require the reserve of airspace intended for the exclusive use of specific users during a certain period of time are carried out”.

What do the distances indicated in the ENAC ATM 09 Circular refer to?

For the ATM-09 circular inside the ATZ it is necessary to stay within 25m up to 10km away from the IFR airport (45m in the case of VFR airport) which then becomes 60m over 10km and up to 15km from the airport if we are still at inside the ATZ or CRT.

Who communicates the outcome of the airspace request?

The requests will be managed by ENAC which, having assessed the existence or not of any interference with the structure of the airspace concerned, will issue the authorization or not.

What operations are carried out in the specific category?

The Specific are the operations that, due to operating methods and type of drone used, present a higher risk than the Open Categories which are low risk by definition.

How long does a Notam last?

What does NOTAM mean

The information of a lasting nature is published in the AIP papers and in the ENR documents. The duration of a Notam can in any case be up to 90 days.

What do the AIP publishing aeronautical information contain?

The AIP is the official publication containing long-term permanent and temporary aeronautical information. … AICs are circulars that contain information, usually long-term, clarifications or advice whose dissemination is not deemed to be carried out by means of AIP or NOTAM.

What does a CTR contain?

The Control Zone can therefore be said to act as a “link” between the airport and the cruise aircraft system. … On the aeronautical maps, the control areas are represented by a dashed line. The CTR encloses a smaller space called the ATZ which protects take-off and landing traffic.


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