What is an editor in chief?


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The editor-in-chief or chief editor is a journalist who, in close collaboration with the editor-in-chief of a newspaper, coordinates the activities of the editors for the drafting and coordination of the edition.

Who is part of the editorial board of a newspaper?

The editorial team is the set of journalists who work for a newspaper, a television or radio station. It is coordinated by the managing editor who organizes everyone’s work and acts as a transmission belt in relations with the director in charge.

What does an editorial collaborator do?

He deals with the general organization of the editorial work by defining the methods, times and spaces of the newspaper. Check the dummy, the graphics, the contents and the length of the pieces. … The heads of department attend the meeting with the editors and the editor to decide on the layout of the newspaper.

What kinds of reporters are there?

So let’s see these types of journalism that exist more closely, and let’s try to understand together what journalist you want to become!

  • Journalist for newspapers.

  • Journalist for women and fashion.

  • Journalist for specialized magazines.

  • Sports journalist.

  • Scientific journalist.

  • Investigative journalist.

What are journalists for?

Journalists are communication experts who have the task of finding information, summarizing it and writing in a way that is easily understood by a specific audience or the general public. They commonly work for newspapers, magazines and their online versions or for radio and television stations.

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What does it mean to be a journalist?

The journalist is an information professional who discovers, writes and disseminates news. Journalists produce articles and reports for newspapers, newspapers and magazines (print and online), but also produce journalistic reports for radio and television.

What does the freelance journalist do?

The freelance journalist is a professional of the word enrolled in the Register of Journalists, in the professional or publicist list, who is not hired with a journalistic contract, but: he is an external collaborator for some online and offline newspapers. carries out press office activities for companies and public administrations.

What is the name of the chief journalist?

Within the editorial board of a newspaper, the natural interlocutor of the professional journalist, hired through the national journalistic employment contract as “ordinary editor”, is the head of service, then the editor-in-chief (or even the chief editor) and the deputy director.

What is the name of a journalist who writes news articles?

Chronicler: The journalist who works in the news service. Comment on an image.

How does a good journalist have to be?

It must seem repetitive by now, but all good journalists are capable of writing well and all have a certain style of writing. Carry a pen and a notebook EVERYWHERE. A good journalist should be open-minded and ready for anything.

What does the editor do?

The EDITORIAL EDITOR coordinates the realization of an editorial project (novel, essay, school text, sector book, catalog … etc) overseeing the various stages of processing from the conception of the project to printing.

What does the editorial staff of a newspaper do?

The editorial staff organizes the work, organizes the material produced by the journalists, checks the news bulletins of the information agencies, carries out archive research, database consultation, photo retrieval, title to the services.

What does a newspaper editor do?

[chi scrive per i giornali e chi collabora alla compilazione di un giornale: fare il g.; albo dei g.] ≈ ‖ columnist, publicist. ⇓ correspondent, chronicler, columnist, elzevirist, correspondent, columnist, editor, reporter. journalist sm and f.

How do you become editor in chief?

How to Become Editor-in-Chief

  1. Choose a Specialization.
  2. Building the Skill Set.
  3. Building the Curriculum.
  4. Creating Relationships in the Professional Area.
  5. Proceed for a Job.

How does a newspaper work?

A newspaper is an informative publication that comes out with at least five issues per week. Together with television, radio and the internet, it constitutes one of the major information tools. The name derives from the fact that the newspaper is published daily.

How does the news reach the newspaper?

The broadest news comes from the news agencies to which the newspapers are linked; they have a large network of correspondents who collect information material from all over the world which is then transmitted to customers (newspapers) by electronic means. …

How many articles do journalists write a day?

Articles required: 70 newspaper articles; 50 for weeklies, bi and three weeks; 40 for fortnightly; 20 for monthly and other periodicities.

What are the expenses of a newspaper called?

Bordero: List of expenses of a newspaper.

How is the first page of a newspaper composed?

In general, the first page always presents: the newspaper (ie the name of the newspaper); the body of the page, which contains the articles on the main news of the day. … Many newspapers have an article at the opening (ie top left), which is configured as the most important piece of the page.

What is the name of the TG1 journalist?

Laura Chimenti (Rome, 25 February 1976) is an Italian journalist. She is a presenter of the 8:00 pm edition of TG1, the first Rai network, after having been editor and correspondent of the economic editorial staff for several years.

How do you register in the register of journalists?

To register as a freelance journalist, it is necessary to document, in accordance with the law, the carrying out of a continuous and paid journalistic activity for at least two years at a newspaper, regardless of the type of publication (online, radio and television or print).

How to become a freelance editor?

Practice journalism for at least 18 months or attend a journalism school recognized by the National Council of Journalists for two years; Be registered in the Register of practitioners; Pass a professional suitability test.

How many hours a day does a journalist work?

In any case, the performance of daily work must be limited to a maximum of 10 hours. In addition to Sunday rest, the journalist has the right to another day of paid midweek rest that cannot coincide with a holiday.


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