What is considered a first home?


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The first house is the non-luxury property located in the same municipality where the taxpayer has his residence. If, in this Municipality, the owner has no other homes (not even for shares), he can take advantage of a significant tax discount at the time of purchase (ie at the signing of the deed).

What is the difference between a first home and a main home?

the first home enjoys discounts on the purchase and gives rise to the deduction of interest on the mortgage; the main residence (as well as the related appurtenances) enjoys IMU exemption.

When it comes to first home?

– if you do not sell the previous home listed as a ‘first home’ within 1 year of the deed; – if you sell the property before 5 years from the purchase without buying another one that meets the requirements of the first home.

How much taxes do you pay on the first home?

Those who buy from a private individual (or from a company that sells VAT exempt) must pay a registration tax of 2%, instead of 9%, on the cadastral value of the property, while the mortgage and cadastral taxes are each paid in the fixed measure of 50 euros.

What are the property taxes today?

Modified several times, the IMU has been part of the Single Municipal Tax (IUC) since 2014, which currently also includes the Tari (Tax on waste) and Tasi (Tax on indivisible services). The IMU, in 2014, was definitively abolished for the main houses, that is, those where one has the residence.

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How is the VAT paid on the first home recovered?

The tax code 6928 called “Tax credit” first home under 36 “must be used – art. 64, c. 7, DL n. 73 of 2021 “for the offsetting of the credit recognized for the purchases of properties subject to VAT using form F24.

Who can take advantage of the first home benefits?

Those who buy their first home can take advantage of the concessions provided that: they are not the owner, in the same municipality, of another property suitable for use as a dwelling, not even in communion with the spouse; … the property purchased is not considered “luxury”.

Who is entitled to first home benefits?

Who is entitled to first home benefits

All subjects who buy a home for themselves as their main residence are entitled to the first home benefits.

How not to miss the first home benefits?

In order not to lose the first home bonus, you must first of all transfer your residence to the Municipality where the new purchase is located within 18 months. The law does not require that the residence be located in the same property purchased: it is sufficient that it is located within the boundaries of the same Municipality.

What is a first home for tax purposes?

So let’s see what is meant by a first home for tax purposes. The first house is the non-luxury property located in the same municipality where the taxpayer has his residence. … Moreover, the residence can also be fixed in another street of the same Municipality and not necessarily at the same address of the house in question.

When does the second home become the main residence?

To become a first home, the second home must comply with certain requirements and in particular: be registered or registered in the urban building register as the only real estate unit; be classified in a cadastral category other than that of luxury properties.

Who has to pay the Imu on the first home?

Imu first house, who pays

As for the first home, there is an exemption. The payment of the Imu takes place only if the house is considered luxury: and therefore if it falls within the cadastral categories A / 1, A / 8 and A / 9, that is, stately homes, villas and castles.

What happens if I don’t move my first residence?

If neither of the spouses were to transfer residence within 18 months, the tax authorities would ascertain the forfeiture of the first home facility, asking for the difference between the ordinary tax and the one already paid as well as penalties of 30% of this difference.

When to change residence after buying a first home?

The rule that regulates the concessions for the purchase of the first home provides for the transfer of residence within the term of eighteen months from the purchase.

What happens if I remove my residence from the first home?

If you do not already reside in the Municipality where the house you are buying is located, in the purchase deed you will need to make a specific declaration that you intend to transfer your residence within the next 18 months.

Who is eligible for the youth bonus?

The under 36 discount provides for an Isee not exceeding 40,000 euros as an essential requirement. … For example, whoever stipulates a deed of deed in 2021 and intends to request the first home bonus for young people, must present the 2019 ISEE.

How to get IVA al 4 prima casa?

In order to benefit from the 4% VAT for the construction of the first home, the buyer / client or the buyer / construction company must present the so-called self-declaration VAT facilitated on the first home to the dealer, i.e. a document in which it self-certifies that we are part of the series foreseen for …

How many times can the first home subsidy be requested?

The law excludes the possibility of using the first home bonus a second time for those who already own one, regardless of whether it is large or small, beautiful or ugly, habitable or not, condoned or abusive, new or old, elegant or degraded , tidy or dilapidated, and so on.

When does the first home benefit expire?

I add, according to the revenue agency, the first home facilitation ceases when the property is sold before five years from the purchase by inheritance or by donation and the purchase of a new main residence is not carried out within one year.

How do you go about buying your first home?

Buying a house together

  1. Check what amount you can get financed with a mortgage. …
  2. Start your search. …
  3. As soon as you find the house, let us know. …
  4. Carry out an appraisal to ascertain the real value of the property. …
  5. Make the purchase proposal. …
  6. Finalize the mortgage application. …
  7. Sign the final sales contract.

How to use the first home tax credit?

In general, the tax credit for the repurchase of the first home can be used:

  1. as a reduction of the registration tax due in relation to the new purchase;
  2. reduction of registration, mortgage, land registry taxes due on deeds and reports presented after the date of acquisition of the credit;

How is VAT recovered?

How can I get a VAT refund?

  1. by means of a VAT return 2021, by filling in the appropriate parts VX and VR if the refund is requested annually;
  2. through VAT form TR 2021 if the refund is requested on a quarterly basis.

How to recover tax credit?

Tax credit refund

to the office of the Revenue Agency of the place of residence, attaching a certificate with which the employer or pension institution certifies that it has not made the adjustment and therefore has not reimbursed the taxes; with specific question.

How long does the first home bond last?

So, if those who ask how long to change their first home residence, the answer is: once you have used the first home bonus, you must keep your residence in the Municipality where the property is located for 18 months from when you went to the notary to sign the deed of sale.

Since when is the IMU no longer paid on the first home?

The Imu is not paid on the first home, the main home, as long as it does not fall within the categories of luxury properties. This is one of the main payment exemptions confirmed for 2021 as well.


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