What is fanticket?


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The FanTicket is a ticket with a unique and personalized design for the single event and represents the expected return to an important element of the Fan culture. With its unique and colorful design the FanTicket is the perfect reminder of an unforgettable event!

How can I print the ticket from TicketOne?

Stampa @ casa is one of the three ticket collection methods available for users who have completed the purchase on ticketone.it. It allows you to print the ticket at home using your own printer (click here to see our selection of the best printers).

What is the tax seal?

The fiscal seal is a code inserted in the entrance ticket to the event and is reported with the initials SF.

Where is the tax seal located?

The fiscal seal consists of a code generated by the activation card and is reported on each access ticket issued by the system and on the transaction log (background journal).

How does an e ticket work?

How does the e-ticket work?

  1. Your e-ticket is available immediately in the application and by email.
  2. No more lost tickets! Just one click to find them and you can reprint them at any time.
  3. You no longer need to remember to validate your ticket.
  4. The after-sales service is also simpler.

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How to check in with an e-ticket?

What to do with the e-ticket? it is necessary to write down the reservation number by extrapolating it from the travel data sent with the electronic ticket, or to print the entire e-mail and take it to the airport. According to this, the check-in will be carried out.

What does eTicket delivery mean?

By choosing the eTicket mode you can print the pdf of your ticket purchased online directly at home (if this option is available) or show the ticket directly from your smartphone at the entrance.

How to download TicketOne tickets?

TICKETONE. App. Download the TicketOne.it App now and you will never miss the event you would like to attend, you can buy it directly from the App wherever you are!

How many tickets can I buy with 18APP on TicketOne?

How many tickets can I buy? The quantity of tickets that can be purchased with 18APP is equal to 1 ticket per person.

How much does it cost to change the TicketOne name?

In this second case, the name on the ticket must EXACTLY match the name of the account holder used to access the site. The name change operation involves a cost of € 3.50 (VAT included) per single ticket in addition to any shipping costs.

How to change the last ticket?

TicketOne name change

  1. log in with your credentials or register on the TicketOne.it website.
  2. re-personalize your ticket through the appropriate “Name Change” section available in the “My TicketOne” area

How to speak to a TicketOne operator?

Call the TicketOne call center at 892.101 (The cost of a landline call is 1 euro per minute with no connection fee. The maximum duration of the tolled call is twelve minutes and 30 seconds.

How does ticket sales work on TicketOne?

Buying tickets in advance means being able to buy them some time before the date of the event, whether you choose to collect them directly on site, or whether you decide to receive them at home via courier.

How many cinema tickets with 18app?

Only one ticket can be purchased; just go to the cinema site and generate the coupon, save it on your smartphone or print it and present it at the cinema cash desk on the chosen day: you will receive your entrance ticket!

How many tickets can you buy on Ticket One?

There is only one purchase that can be made with ticketOne, i.e. two tickets cannot be purchased for the same concert – or for the same exhibition or event in question – with the same code coming from the culture bonus of the same person .

What can I buy with the 18 year bonus?

What can you buy

books (paper, audiobooks, ebooks); museum entrance (single entrance tickets or season tickets); museums, monuments, parks and archaeological areas (single entrance tickets or season tickets); admission to theater and dance shows (single admission tickets or season tickets);

How long does it take for a TicketOne ticket to arrive?

Italian express courier: allows you to receive tickets at home within 4 days of purchase. It costs 9.99 euros. Collection at the event location: this is the option to collect the ticket at the cash desk for free on the day of the event.

What to do if TicketOne tickets do not arrive?

In case of problems, you can call the TicketOne Call Center 892.101 or send an e-mail to stampaacasa@ticketone.it.

Where to buy tickets TicketOne Turin?

Ticketone sales points in Turin

  • Akena Srl. Corso Potenza 165 / A. …
  • Gorgerino Tobacco Bar. Strada San Mauro 95. …
  • Box Office Turin c / o La Feltrinelli. Piazza CLN 251. …
  • CTS Viaggi Torino – Montebello. Belgium Course 141 / A. …
  • CTS Viaggi Torino – Polytechnic. …
  • Fnac Turin. …
  • Fnac Turin Le Gru. …
  • The ticket office.

How long does it take for tickets from Ticketmaster to arrive?

If you have placed your order on Ticketmaster, you can track its status until it reaches your home. You will receive a confirmation email when your ticket is printed and shipped. You should receive your ticket within seven to ten business days.

How many days before can I check in with Easyjet?

You can check in between 30 days and 2 hours before your flight departure and download or print your boarding passes for all your flights. To confirm your contact details, you will need your passport or identity card.

What is the e-ticket?

Frequently asked questions about Flights

Advantages of the electronic ticket (or e-ticket): It cannot be lost, stolen or forgotten, and it is not necessary to send it by post. It allows you to save costs, both for printing and for sending. It decreases booking times because it does not require delivery.

When is it worth checking in Ryanair online?

Check-in from 60 days before flight departure. For more comfort and peace of mind, you can check in 60 days before both flights if you buy a seat or if you have a Flexi Plus ticket.

How do you know if a ticket is fake?

Tickets issued by Ticketone can be recognized thanks to the logo printed on the front and back of the ticket, as well as by the hologram on the front of the ticket.

What is the presale of a concert ticket?

It is the price to pay in order to purchase a ticket for a concert, a film at the cinema or a show at the theater in advance. Presale rights, this is the item with which the offering is framed.


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