What is Inclusion Income?


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Income for inclusion (REI) is a universal measure to combat poverty, conditional on the assessment of the economic condition. … The inclusion income is in no way compatible with the simultaneous use of the citizenship income by any member of the family unit.

Who can access the Inclusion Income?

The REI (inclusion income) is a measure to combat poverty and social exclusion, aimed at both Italian citizens and members of the European Union, (provided they have resided in Italy for at least 2 years) who meet the prerequisites for law following an appropriate economic evaluation.

What is the Rei and who is entitled to it?

The current Rei inclusion income is a monthly allowance that can reach around 540 euros and can be paid for a maximum of 18 months, initially intended for families with minor or incapacitated children, pregnant or unemployed women over 55 and now granted to all families most in need, to …

Who can apply for the Rei card?

whoever requests the REI must be a citizen of the Union or a family member who holds the right of residence (or the right of permanent residence), or if a citizen of third countries must have a long-term EU residence permit.

How long does the Rei last?

The Rei purchase card lasts for a period of 18 months. However, it is possible to re-apply again after 6 months from the conclusion of the first 18-month cycle. If, on the other hand, an application has been submitted but cannot be accessed due to lack of requirements, it is possible to resubmit it the following month.

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How did the Rei work?

The economic benefit is paid monthly to an electronic payment card (Carta REI). Completely free, it works like a normal electronic payment card with the difference that, instead of being loaded by the cardholder, it is powered directly by the state.

Does whoever receives the Rei have the right to citizenship income?

The fact remains that everyone, even the beneficiaries of the REI, can apply for the citizenship income and renounce the check previously received in the event that the new card is obtained.

How to activate Carta Rei?

call the freephone number of Poste 800.666.888. contact the authorized post offices.

Who is entitled to the social card?

The Purchasing Card, also known as the Social Card, is a product reserved for citizens over the age of 65 or parents of children under 3, who, based on particular income conditions, have the right to apply for it.

How to deactivate the Rei card?

In the event of loss or theft of the Card, the Cardholder must immediately request the blocking of the Card itself, by calling 800.902122 from Italy (free of charge) or from abroad at + (hereinafter “Number “).

When do they pay emergency income?

Emergency income (REM)

As for the Emergency Income, one of the economic measures introduced during Covid-19 to support families in economic difficulty, the next payment will take place starting from 15 September (with amounts ranging from 400 to 840 euros).

Why is the citizenship income blocked?

In fact, the suspension of the subsidy is recognized in the event of an increase in the value of family income, following the stipulation of one or more fixed-term contracts, up to the maximum limit of 10 thousand euros. The income is suspended for the entire duration of the work activity, in any case not exceeding six months.

How does the dignity income work?

This is an economic contribution of 500 euros per month for one year and allows the beneficiary citizen, upon signing a pact with his own local area, to join a personalized path of social inclusion based on his psycho-social, family profile , community and professional.

How to get citizenship income 2021?

Requirements for Citizenship Income 2021

In order to apply for the 2021 Citizenship Income application (also called the RDC application), online or at a CAF or patronage office, the family unit must have citizenship, residence or residence requirements and economic requirements.

What must be done to have the citizenship income?

Citizenship income can be requested in three ways:

  1. to the Italian Post Office by filling out a specific form;
  2. by contacting the Caf, always with a form;
  3. through an ad hoc site www.redditodicittadinanza.gov.it directly from the interested party. …
  4. From April 2020 through the Inps institutional website.

What requirements for citizenship income?

Who can request it

The ISEE of your family unit is less than 9,360 euros. You are an Italian citizen, from an EU or non-EU state with a long-term residence permit. You have been resident in Italy for at least 10 years, the last two of which without interruption.

What do you need to do to get the social card?

How to ask the question

The application must be presented at a post office using the forms available on the Poste Italiane website. Citizens aged 65 and over must fill in the application form for beneficiaries aged 65 and over according to the appropriate compilation guide.

How can I apply for the social card?

To obtain the purchase card, it is necessary to apply by filling out the form available at the post office and presenting the required documents, including the ISEE 2021 form.

How long does the Social Card last?

Social cards already assigned do not expire, but the ISEE must keep its validity in every two-month period in which the accreditation takes place: in the event of its expiry, INPS suspends the accreditation. The benefit ceases when the income situation changes.

How to apply for the unemployed social card?

To request it, therefore, simply submit the application form and request the ISEE 2019. After sending the request, INPS verifies the existence of the requirements and grants the benefit by authorizing the monthly credit based on income and members of the nucleus.

How to receive sms with citizenship income balance?

Balance of RDC card via SMS

It is possible to check the balance of the rdc card also via sms, by contacting the toll-free number rdc 800.666.888, it is possible to use the appropriate sms service that allows you to receive all the information on the card balance directly on your smartphone.

How to activate the purchase card?

By calling the toll-free number of the Carta Acquisti program 800.666.888

and following the instructions of the voice guide, you can register your mobile number.

How to check when the citizenship income expires?

Doing so is very simple: you can monitor the status of the application for income and citizenship pension either from the INPS website or from the personal area of ​​the official website of the measure (but only if in possession of the SPID).

When do they load the citizenship income card?

Roughly, therefore, from the 27th day of each month (December is often the exception, when it is anticipated because of Christmas) all beneficiaries of the citizenship income, will have to check the credit of the Citizenship income and citizenship pension card, first checking on serviziweb2 .inps.it income of …

What is the difference between emergency income and citizenship income?

The Emergency Income is not compatible with the Citizenship Income. As stated in the INPS message n. 1378 of April 1, 2021, the payment of emergency income “is incompatible with the collection, in relation to the same period, of the income or citizenship pension”.


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