What is interdisciplinarity?


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The term interdisciplinarity indicates a topic, a subject, a methodology or a cultural approach, which embraces competences of several scientific sectors or of several disciplines of study; that term …

What does the term interdisciplinary mean?

– Which uniquely embraces several disciplines, or which in any case involves several disciplines: organization i. teaching.

Which author coined and explained the meaning of interdisciplinarity?

Piaget would have recognized the premises of the interdisciplinary relationship in Goedel’s theorems according to which every formal axiomatic system is essentially incomplete.

What is meant by multidisciplinarity?

adj. [comp. di multi- e disciplina]. – [che integra diverse discipline] ≈ interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary.

What is the difference between multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary?

In the multidisciplinary approach a problem is faced using the cognitive tools of several disciplines without, however, that the discipline made available is modified or enriched by those it uses; in the interdisciplinary one there is an exchange of knowledge that allows a “collaboration between disciplines …


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