What is it called Freemasonry?


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The only Masonic reality recognized in Italy to date by the United Grand Lodge of England, the Grand Lodge “Mother of the World”, from which all the lodges of world Freemasonry are gemmed, directly or indirectly, is the Regular Grand Lodge of Italy. (GLRI).

What were the origins of Freemasonry?

The origins of modern speculative Freemasonry date back to 1717, when the English lodges gathered in London to give life to a common institution, the Grand Lodge, born on the initiative of J. Desaguliers, a Huguenot refugee, of J. Anderson, a pastor of the Scottish Church, and G. Payne, future Grand Master.

Who are the dignitaries of the lodge?

In Freemasonry dignitaries are the holders of the most important positions within the Masonic lodge (usually: venerable teacher, first overseer, second overseer, treasurer, secretary and, in some jurisdictions, orator) elected by secret vote (except for the secretary, who is appointed by the master …

Who were the first Freemasons?

Early Masonic Sources

A little later, the Cooke Manuscript traces Freemasonry back to Jabal, son of Lamech (Genesis 4: 20-22), and relates how this knowledge came to Euclid, from him to the children of Israel when they were in Egypt, and so on for an elaborate route to Æðelstan.

What does Freemason mean?

by franc-maçon; v. freemason1]. – 1. The secret association of the so-called freemasons (v.

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What does the compass symbol mean?

The compass symbolizes mobility, dynamism and freedom of thought, therefore the ability to imagine and create. Since it is used to trace the circle, a closed and continuous figure, it also acquires the meaning of circularity, eternity and eternal return.

What are the Freemason symbols?

The square and compass symbol is one of the best known emblems of Freemasonry. Together with the Book of the sacred law, the square and the compass make up the great lights of free masonry.

Where was Italian Freemasonry born?

The first Masonic lodge, known as Fidelitas, is believed to have been founded on the Italian territory in Girifalco, Calabria, in 1723 .. In 1728, the Perfect Union was founded in Naples, the first regular lodge in Italy to have authorization. of the Grand Lodge of England.

What is Freemasonry?

Freemasonry aims to dominate the world and society, eliminating or – if possible – destroying the Catholic Church and Religion, in which it sees its most formidable adversaries, in order to build a world totally alternative to the natural order and therefore to God’s plan.

Where does the first overseer sit?

Finally, the first Overseer sits in the West and answers the question of why this position. “As the Sun sets at this point to close the day, so the 1st Overseer occupies this place to close the Lodge, pay the workers and send them back happy and satisfied to the glory and honor of the Order”.

Why is it called the Grand Orient?

It is also called the Grand Orient of Italy – Palazzo Giustiniani, from the name of the homonymous building in via della Dogana Vecchia in Rome, seat of the organization from 1901 to 1985, except during the Fascist period.

How do you calculate the years in Freemasonry?

The 6020 dating derives from the custom, adopted by the founding fathers of London Freemasonry and perpetuated to the present day, of adding 4000 years to the corresponding date of the profane calendar, believing that Genesis dates back to 4000 BC, or the origin of the world, according to calculations, then considered …

Why are secret societies born?

Secret societies were clandestine, highly hierarchical organizations that acted to prepare liberal and democratic uprisings. Throughout Europe they generally took on patriotic significance. The most famous was the Carboneria, widespread in France and southern Italy.

What is studied in Freemasonry?

Freemasonry is a university where various sciences are studied, including: philosophy, psychology, sociology, morals, aesthetics, history, logic and metaphysics. In Freemasonry philosophy is studied because, etymologically, this word (of Greek origin) means “friend of wisdom”.

What is the meaning of the eye?

The image of the eye, by virtue of its importance as a sense organ, symbolizes the divine eye that sees everything among almost all peoples. In ancient times the eye usually appeared as a representation of the sun god.

Why are symbols important?

Through the symbol, man manages to create an almost metaphysical connection, between what without meaning would be nothing more than a graphic sign. The symbol is therefore the tool that allows the human being to evoke in himself a certain signification, a message or a metaphysical reality.

What is Buonarroti’s thinking on secret societies?

According to Buonarroti it was not enough to fight for the sovereign to grant a constitution or a republic to be established. … The method of struggle followed by the secret societies generally consisted in organizing insurrections that obliged the sovereign to grant the constitution.

What is meant by secret associations?

What does “Secret Associations” mean? Organizations that keep the names of the members and the activities they carry out secret; they do not necessarily embrace purposes prohibited by law, although law no.

Why did secret societies spread in the age of the Restoration?

Whoever wanted to carry out political activity or to spread ideas contrary to those of authority, had to do it secretly through a secret society, an organization that kept its aims, the names of its members, its very existence hidden.

What year are we for Buddhists?

date of the presumed creation, for the Buddhists we are at 2563 (the reference is the death of the Buddha in 543 BC), for the Chinese it is 4719 (it starts from 2637 BC, the date of the presumed invention of the calendar).

What year are we for the Japanese?

So 2019 is the Reiwa 1 year (or 令 和 1). The previous era was the “Heisei” (平 成) era, during the reign of Emperor Akihito (明仁). Since Akihito abdicated on April 30, 2019, the days of 2019 up to that date belong to the year Heisei 31 and the remaining days of 2019 to the year 1 Reiwa.

What year is Thailand 2020?

2020 – 2563

Everything is quite simple: to the year we are used to according to the Gregorian calendar, we add the number 543 and we get the year according to the Buddhist calendar.

What year are we in the various parts of the world?

Here too we are in the sixth month (Adar I), but the year is 5779. According to tradition, 5779 years ago there was the so-called Anno Mundi, in which the world was created. It is lunisolar and the months begin with the new Moon. It is very similar to the Jewish one, because it is built on the basis of cycles of 12 and 13 months, alternating.

Who founded the Carboneria?

Diffusion and action of the Carbonari

The Carboneria was born in southern Italy during the reign of Gioacchino Murat (1808-15) and later spread to Romagna; from here it came into contact with the democratic sects of Northern Italy, and then spread to France and Spain.

How did one enter the Carbonari?

You entered the Carbonari according to a ceremonial complex that closely resembled that of Freemasonry. The neophyte was usually led with a blindfold to different rooms, answering a series of questions with a fixed formula, finally taking an oath.


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