What is length of service?


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The length of service is given by all the periods of work performed and includes both the period of the role performed at the Poste Italiane Company, and any other periods calculated, redeemed and rejoined, as well as periods that can be assessed ex officio such as the service military.

When does the length of service start?

The seniority of service starts from the beginning of the execution of the employment contract, until the termination of the relationship. … The contracts that cause the accrual of seniority steps to take effect when a minimum age is reached are null and void.

How is length of service in the public administration calculated?

For the personnel of the local authorities, the due treatment is obtained by multiplying the retirement salary by the variable rate of return based on length of service. They range from a minimum of 37.5% for an insurance coverage of 15 years, to 100% for the 40 years.

What are seniority shots?

The seniority increments are a fixed item of the remuneration due to employees on the basis of the collective agreement applied and the level of employment. This particular salary item is linked to the period spent with the same company, calculated from the date of hiring.

What are the clicks on the paycheck?

In the slip there is the item “Next step” in month-year format (MM-YYYY), which indicates – in fact – the date of the next step, that is the month in which the next salary increase for seniority step will be recognized.

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Who can check my paycheck?

The CGIL can make the verification calculations both on the payslips in the event of salary differences or in the event of an incorrect counting of the severance indemnity.

When does the level increase trigger?

In this case, the law provides that the worker, during the period of assignment to higher duties, has the right to treatment corresponding to the activity performed. … It follows that, after six continuous months of carrying out higher duties, the worker has the right to obtain the level change.

How much money is the seniority fee?

The amount of the single periodic increase depends on the level of employment of the worker and varies from € 19.47 for the VII level to € 25.46 for middle managers.

How to see the seniority shots in the pay slip?

Where are indicated the seniority in the pay slip.

It must be said that the seniority increments are indicated in the upper part of the slip, next to the basic pay and the contingency allowance. And in general they fall within the items of fixed and continuous remuneration.

How do metalworkers seniority shots work?

This means that the worker framed with the Metalworking Industry National Collective Labor Agreement is entitled to seniority shots after 2 years of service for each subsequent two years, up to a maximum of 5 biennial shots (for a total of 10 years of service).

How is length of service calculated?

The score that is due to her for length of service in the internal ranking of the school is therefore the following: 6 × 10 = 60 points.

When does official retirement take effect?

At present, as a result of the innovations indicated in the introduction, public administrations must place staff who, at that age, have accrued any right to pension.

What are the retirement salary items?

In particular, for those enrolled in the State Fund (Ctps), the pensionable items must be divided into three groups: those relating to the basic salary: table salary (net, however, of the special supplementary allowance), RIA, contractual holiday allowance, personal allowance retirement, shots of …

How are the seniority rates in the school calculated?

The seniority increments occur when a certain length of service is reached and grow proportionally over time. The seniority boost for school teachers occurs every 5 years up to 20 years of service and every 6 years after 20 years of service.

How much money for the seniority fee for teachers?

The value of each shot, for a high school teacher, is indicated at around 60 euros net per month; a little less for deserving teachers of middle, primary and infant school.

How do the seniority shots work in the business?

The seniority increments that provide for an increase in the salary for commercial workers take effect from the first day of the month immediately after the one in which the three-year seniority is completed and, according to the provisions of the laws in force, cannot be absorbed by previous and subsequent increases of …

What does band 09 mean on the pay slip?

These figures are to be understood gross of taxes and refer to the annual total, therefore to 12 working months; therefore, they are applied to personnel, including newly hired employees, with permanent contracts and to personnel with annual contracts from September 1st to August 31st.

How do the job levels work?

In general, four levels of work can be identified, namely the manager, the manager, the employee and the worker. These are the figures contemplated in practically all national contracts, each with its own duties and with the treatment reserved for each category.

When does the engineering level increase?

With the renewal of the Metalworking Industry CCNL, workers classified at level 1 metalworkers are entitled to transition to the new level D1 from 1 June 2021 (formerly level 1 and 2), with an increase in salary.

How is the salary increase calculated?

On average, a salary increase is calculated as a percentage: usually an increase of about 7 – 10% is requested. So, for example, if you have a RAL (gross annual income) of 20,000 euros, you can ask for an increase of 1,400 / 2,000 euros per year.

What does the level crossing entail?

The passage of level, on the other hand, is a second criterion which if recognized in the pay slip entails a right to increase the worker, but is subject to more specific conditions than those analyzed for the automatic seniority step.

What does level 6 worker mean?

Sixth level: “To this level belong the workers who carry out jobs that require the possession of simple practical knowledge”.

How much does the payroll check cost?

Consider that the pay slip printing process, carried out by your labor consultant, has a cost that varies between € 15 and € 20 per pay per employee, but, as you have certainly noticed, this is just the tip of the iceberg of everything the process necessary to get to the paycheck.

What to do in case of non-delivery of the pay slip?

The employee must therefore send a written request to the employer with which he requests the delivery of the undelivered pay slip and in the letter reference can be made to both the legal source of the obligation to deliver the slip and the risk of sanctions for failure to fulfillment of this obligation.

What to do in case of wrong paycheck?

If he suspects that the error is voluntary, he can contact a lawyer, a Labor Consultant or the trade unions: together with them he will consider taking a dispute and a series of actions to claim the sums that, due to the error, do not they were paid to him in his paycheck.


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