What is Menthol?


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Menthol is a chiral alcohol. At room temperature it appears as a white solid with a characteristic odor. It is an irritating compound. Extracted from the essential oil of peppermint, it is used to package perfumes, medicines and other preparations. Menthol also has a refreshing power.

What is menthol used for?

Inserted in ointments and creams, menthol can be used locally as an anti-itch; Menthol-based oils can also be used for their anesthetic properties against headaches, muscle pain, neuropathic pain and toothache through applications on the skin.

How is menthol made?

Menthol is obtained from the essential oil of mint and is widely used in aromatherapy, in phytotherapy and cosmetics to improve the taste and freshness of formulations, but also as an excipient of various food supplements.

What does menthol taste like?

(1R, 2S, 5R) – (-) – menthol: very refreshing, sweet, intense mint flavor.

How are menthol crystals obtained?

Originally known as “camphor peppermint”, menthol crystals are derived directly from mint essential oil and boast miraculous antibacterial properties.

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What are menthol crystals?

Menthol crystals, originally known as camphor peppermint, are derived from peppermint essential oil. Menthol crystals have the characteristic menthol aroma, which creates a cooling effect when applied to the skin.

Where to buy Natural Camphor?

Where to buy camphor

You can buy it at pharmacies, herbalists, organic shops. Alternatively, you can also easily buy online on specialized sites.

What is the difference between mint and menthol?

The main difference between mint and menthol is that mint is the herb plant that produces menthol while menthol is the aromatic organic compound responsible for the sweet and spicy flavor of mint.

How to extract menthol?

Cut or crush the leaves.

Chop a bunch of mint leaves into three or four pieces or mash them with the base of a clean cup to expose more oil to the solvent. The dried leaves can be crushed with the hands or left whole.

Why are there no more peppermint cigarettes?

Mint cigarettes are bad and encourage smoking, both in its adoption and in its habit. It is for this reason that menthol cigarettes will be banned throughout Europe, including Italy, starting in May 2020.

How is eucalyptus used?

Eucalyptus is used for its balsamic activity, fluidifying the catarrhal secretions of the respiratory system and sedative of coughs. Eucalyptus essential oil is present in many registered pharmaceutical specialties, in the form of suppositories, syrups, balsamic ointments and nasal drops.

Where is mint oil found?

Where can you buy it? You can find mint essential oil in herbalists, pharmacies, supermarkets with an area dedicated to natural treatments and of course also online.

Where is eugenol contained?

Eugenol is an aromatic substance that has natural origin and is extracted from some essential oils including clove oil which contains about 70-80% eugenol and cinnamon. This substance is also present in basil, nutmeg, sassafras and myrrh.

What is camphor cream used for?

Camphor, for external use, is used for the treatment of inflammatory problems. Applied on the skin it is able to draw blood; this rubefacient action is useful in the treatment of neuralgia, inflammation, sprains, rheumatism, cramps and muscle pains.

What is mentholated talc used for?

The medicine is indicated in the symptomatic treatment of skin rashes due to exanthematous diseases, irritation, including from rubbing, itching and burning in case of insect bites, sunburn and burns.

How is mint extracted?

Place the dry mint leaves in a plastic bag, close it very well and beat the leaves firmly with a pestle. In this way, all the essential oil contained in the mint leaves will be free to come out.

How is mint essential oil made?

Chop the mint leaves and add them to the extra virgin olive oil in a glass container protected by a lid. Leave to macerate for 8 days, remembering to shake the mixture once a day. Finally, filter the oil: your oil is ready!

How to make essential oil without a still?

For the cold method you need:

  1. 250 gr. of oil (one cup)
  2. flower petals or aromatic plants (about 4/5 cups)
  3. a small plastic bag for food.
  4. a couple of fairly large pots with lids.
  5. a gauze.
  6. a bottle, possibly in dark glass with a dropper, to keep the essential oil.

What to put in place of mothballs?

Laurel and cedar

An alternative method to mothballs comes from popular tradition: laurel. This very common aromatic plant, widely used both in the kitchen and for home decoration, is characterized by an intense and pleasant smell.

Where can you buy camphor oil?

Where can you buy camphor oil? It is easy to find on the market and is in fact available on the shelves of all pharmacies and herbalists, both physical and online. Its cost is also popular and ranges from 5 euros, up to a maximum of 15 euros.

What is the difference between camphor and mothballs?

Camphor and mothballs

Camphor can be of natural origin, extracted from plants, or obtained by synthesis; mothballs, marketed in balls, are always artificial.

Where to buy menthol crystals?

Amazon.co.uk: menthol crystals.

How are fumigations made?

Get a sachet of chamomile (or dried flowers) and put it in a pot of boiling water. Also add a teaspoon of baking soda which has a strong disinfecting power. Then inhale the steam, covering your head with a towel or cloth as usual.

What is eugenol used for?

It is used against toothache and as a carminative. Eugenol also has disinfectant activity and slight local anesthetic and anti-inflammatory properties.

What is eugenol used for?

Eugenol is a natural anesthetic, useful for numbing and reducing the pain associated with toothache. Eugenol can be combined with zinc oxide to form zinc oxide-eugenol, which is used in dentistry as a dental filling material or dental cement.


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