What is polyphosphate used for?


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The W-CAL polyphosphate dispenser is used to counteract and prevent the process of limescale and carbon dioxide formation, protecting boilers, heat exchangers, boilers and other components of the sanitary system.

What is the dispenser used for?

The polyphosphate dispenser is a fundamental accessory for the health of our boiler as it helps prevent damage caused by the boiler’s number one enemy: limestone. This appliance, integrated into the boiler, reduces the impact of limescale on the pipes and vital parts of the boiler.

How long do polyphosphate salts last?

What is the polyphosphate dispenser for boilers

The salts run out on a regular basis according to use and must be replenished thanks to special refills. The magnetic decalcifier is less effective but does not need maintenance and has a limited duration of 4/5 years.

How to dissolve polyphosphates?

The proportional dissolution of the polyphosphate in the water is based on the operation of the proportional descaler. It must be applied on the domestic cold water pipe entering the hot water generator (it does not matter whether it is a boiler, water heater, storage tank, etc.).

What are polyphosphates used in the boiler?

The polyphosphate dispenser is a device that can be integrated into the heating system to reduce the negative effects of limescale on the boiler and pipes.

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What are boiler salts used for?

The polyphosphate dispenser is used precisely to prevent damage caused by limescale to your system: this appliance can be integrated into your boiler, reducing the impact on the pipes and vital parts of the boiler. In this guide we will explain how the polyphosphate dispenser works and what it is used for.

How long does a polyphosphate boiler refill last?

One cartridge lasts 2 weeks.

When to change polyphosphate salts?

The mineral salts or polyphosphates of the boiler, it is advisable to replace them when just under a centimeter remains. There is no problem replacing them as soon as they are exhausted. Only use a product for the treatment of water intended for potable use.

How long does a descaling cartridge last?

The descaling cartridge is used with tap water and lasts about 8 months depending on the hardness of the water used. The limescale light flashes when the cartridge needs to be replaced.

When to change the boiler polyphosphate dispenser?

It is advisable to replace the mineral salts or polyphosphates “from the boiler” when a little less than about one centimeter remains. Personally, I do not recommend replacing mineral salts only when they are completely exhausted.

How do polyphosphates work?

How does a polyphosphate dispenser work? The functioning of a dispenser exploits the depression produced by the water passing through its glass, allowing the aspiration of a liquid solution based on polyphosphates which mixes in the water flow.

How much does polyphosphate dispenser cost?

Compare 30 offers for Polyphosphate Dispenser For Boiler from € 8.64

Where to mount the polyphosphate filter?

The filter must be installed on the domestic cold water inlet pipe and then connected to the type of appliance that produces the hot water (boiler, boiler, water heater, etc.).

How does the boiler softener work?

The operation of a softener is very simple. The “hard” water to be treated is passed through cationic resins and in this way the calcium and magnesium salts are transformed into sodium salts and the outgoing water is “softened”.

Where to put softener?

The location: Install the water softener at the main water inlet, after the meter. Maintain an untreated water line for the garden. Provide a canalization to discharge the water used for the regeneration of the resins and an electrical socket with a 30 mA differential switch.

Where do you buy boiler polyphosphates?

Amazon.co.uk: polyphosphates for boiler refill.

How long does the iron descaling filter last?

A warning light on the iron and an audible signal will warn you when it is time to replace the filter cartridge. The approximate duration of the filter is 25 hours (with the steam selector in the JEANS position) or 60 hours (ECO position). The package contains 3 Imetec ZeroCalc filters.

When to change the limescale filter of the boiler?

When should I change my filter? If you’re trying to keep maintenance costs down, don’t let too much time pass between replacing the filter on your gas boiler system. We recommend 12 months between filter changes to keep your operating system running at its best.

How do you change the salt in the boiler?

When to change Boiler salts: tips

  1. it is necessary to immediately close the tap that brings water into the ampoule. …
  2. using pliers, the valve located on the cap must be opened: it must be rotated anti-clockwise to let air in and create the depression useful for unscrewing the cap.

How to put boiler polyphosphates?


Remove the cold water inlet pipe on the boiler and mount in its place the pipe (3) of the dosing unit (4) previously pre-assembled without tightening the nuts. Connect the group (4) to the boiler interposing the gasket present in the kit.

What is the dirt separator?

The dirt separator filter is nothing more than a device that is installed on the boiler and prevents the accumulation of dangerous substances contained in the water of the heating system.

What are polyphosphates?

Polyphosphates are additives that also occur in the form of acronyms such as E450, E451, E452. They belong to the family of fusion salts and are used to retain water, mix it well with the fat part and to maintain the physico-chemical characteristics of the products over time.

From when is the water softener mandatory?

Now, returning to the legislation, we see that, in DHW production plants (with or without heating), for powers less than 100 kW, in addition to the filter and chemical conditioning, the softener is mandatory in the presence of water with hardness greater than 25 ° f (UNI 8065).

How is the polyphosphate dispenser assembled?

How to assemble the W-CAL polyphosphate dispenser

It can be installed on the pipe horizontally, vertically or at 45 °, but it is important that the cup remains in a vertical position. It has a bidirectional water inlet, that is, indifferently from the right or from the left.

How does the magnetic limescale filter work?

The magnetic descaler gives the water a forced passage through a magnetic field, through which a molecular dissociation of the “hard salts” (calcium and magnesium ions) is caused, transforming them into a soft powdery precipitate like talc called “Aragonite”, the which remains in suspension …


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