What is the barometer?


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The main functionality of a barometer is to indicate the atmospheric pressure and translate this information into a weather forecast.

How to read the barometer values?

To read the barometric pressure you need to have a barometer, an instrument that can be used for atmospheric pressure. This tool can be used to predict changes in the weather.

What does the barometer measure?

Mercury barometers: also called Torricelli’s barometer, from the name of its inventor, the mercury barometer measures the pressure in a glass tube by evaluating the balance between the weight of air and the weight of mercury. It is used less and less due to the fragility of glass and the toxicity of mercury.

How is the barometer used?

How the barometer works

Two forces act on the Torricelli barometer: The liquid in the column tends to descend, leaving behind the pneumatic vacuum. The atmospheric pressure pushes the liquid contained in the tank downwards, making it rise up on the column.

How to position the barometer?

Do not place the meter in a spot that is directly exposed to sunlight as changes in temperature change the pressure measurement. Place the barometer away from highly ventilated areas, such as doors or windows.

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How to read the hPa barometer?

The unit of measurement of atmospheric pressure is the HectoPascal (hPa). The pressure is “normal” when it is equal to 1013 hPa; the pressure is “high” when it is higher than 1013 hPa; and the pressure is “low” when it is below 1013 hPa.

How do you measure atmospheric pressure?

Barometric pressure is measured in pascals (Pa) or more precisely in hectopascals (hPa), the equivalent of 100 pascals or 1 millibar, the unit of measurement used in the past. To measure it, an instrument called a barometer is used.

How does the handmade barometer work?

The barometer works because the air pressure pushes the balloon down, causing the indicator to rise and vice versa.

Glue a straw over the balloon.

  1. Silicone-based glues work very well. …
  2. Make sure the glue has dried before continuing.

What does downhill barometer mean?

– uphill barometer: improvement of weather conditions; – 3 hPa descent in three hours: worsening of the weather over the next 6-12 hours; – descent of 5 hPa in three hours: the arrival of a depression with gusts of wind greater than force 8 (> 35 knots) is likely;

How does the mercury barometer work?

The air pressure on the mercury in the tray causes the level of mercury in the tube to rise or fall: by measuring the level in the tube compared to that in the tray, the pressure is obtained.

What is the barometer explained to children?

WHAT IS IT – The barometer is an instrument used to measure atmospheric pressure, that is the weight of air. … The air pressure on the mercury in the tray causes the level of mercury in the tube to rise or fall: by measuring the level in the tube compared to that in the tray you get the pressure.

When is there low pressure?

LOW PRESSURE – It is an area where the pressure is low, that is roughly speaking, where the air weighs less. … The opposite is high pressure, that is an area characterized by the descent of air from top to bottom. THE WINDS – Around a low pressure area, the vents turn counter-clockwise.

What is atmospheric pressure?

altitude (m) 10000 – – – – – – – – – – – – – – —– Himalaya – – ATMOSPHERIC PRESSURE is the pressure present at any point on the earth’s surface due to the weight of the air column above . It is measured with the barometer and is expressed in hPa (hectoPascal), equivalent to the historical “millibar”.

What are hPa?

It is measured in Pascal (Pa), widely used in meteorology is its multiple, the hetopascal (hPa). ” … To understand what atmospheric pressure is, think of the column of air that extends from a certain area on the earth’s surface to the top of the atmosphere.

How is a handcrafted barometer built?

For the construction of the barometer: 1) The base of the balloon is cut 2) The balloon opening is widened and positioned on the jar, fixing it with an elastic; 3) With the tape fixed, the straw on the membrane of the balloon; 4) On the strip of cardboard I draw the Sun vertically at the top, followed by the …

How does the water barometer work?

This device consists of a sealed glass container, a half filled with water. A narrow spout is attached to this container at a point below the water level, and goes above the water level, where it is open to the atmosphere.

What is the barometer used for in a mobile phone?

Some smartphones, such as the Galaxy S4 and the Nexus 4, are equipped with sensors for measuring atmospheric pressure, the so-called barometers, which allow you to determine the height at which the smartphone (and therefore the user) is located.

How many bars does atmospheric pressure have?

Normal atmospheric pressure is equal to: 1 atm = 1.01325 bar = 1013.25 mbar = 1013.25 hPa = 760 Torr = 760 mmHg. therefore: 1 bar = 0.9869 atm.

What does high atmospheric pressure mean?

Low pressure moves counterclockwise in the northern hemisphere (clockwise in the southern hemisphere) while high pressure moves clockwise. A low pressure area is generally synonymous with bad weather or unstable weather while high pressure is synonymous with good weather.

What is the difference between high pressure and low pressure?

In meteorology, atmospheric pressure varies from area to area. In high pressure areas, the air tends to drop downwards and, in this way, tends to compress and heat up. On the other hand, in low pressure areas, the air tends to rise upwards and cool down.

How is low blood pressure treated?

Stay hydrated.

  1. Consume foods rich in water and drink a lot (even specific drinks).
  2. Banish diuretics, especially supplements and medications.
  3. Avoid ketoacidosis.

Why high and low pressure?

High pressure and low pressure

Because? Because in this case the air is denser and therefore tends to move from top to bottom. The “crushing” of the air towards the ground causes a divergence of the currents which tend to disperse the clouds.

How is the barometer made?

It consists of a small chamber in which the vacuum has been made, in which a wall is closed by a load cell deformation sensor. Depending on the deformation produced by the pressure, the cell produces an electrical signal that can be processed by a microprocessor or a voltmeter.

How many types of barometers are there?

Mercury barometer

mercury. The atmospheric pressure is felt on the mercury in the tray and causes the mercury level in the tube to rise or fall. We just have to measure the level of mercury inside the tube compared to that in the tray to get a value for the pressure.


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