What is the best neurosurgery center in Italy?


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Ranking of the departments of Neurosurgery in Italy

  • Lecco Hospital Neurosurgery. …
  • Gaslini Neurosurgery. …
  • Cardinal Panic Hospital Neurosurgery. …
  • Children’s neurosurgery Policlinico Gemelli. …
  • Neurosurgery San Gerardo Monza. …
  • Frosinone Hospital Neurosurgery. …
  • Neurosurgery Cuneo Hospital.

Who is the best neurosurgeon in Italy?

Excellence in Neurosurgery: Prof. Antonino Raco.

Who is the head of neurosurgery?

The neurosurgeon is a doctor who specializes in the diagnosis and surgical treatment of problems affecting the central nervous system and the peripheral nervous system.

What is the difference between neurology and neurosurgery?

The neurologist is a doctor who specializes in neurology. He deals with the diagnosis and treatment of problems affecting the brain, spinal cord and nerves, but without resorting to surgery, the neurosurgeon’s field of action.

How is a neurosurgical examination done?

How does the neurosurgical examination take place, for the diagnosis of brain and nervous system disorders

  1. Anatomical examinations -> Standard or dynamic (spine) radiographs; CT, Angio CT; Magnetic resonance;
  2. Physiological tests -> Electroencephalogram (EEG); Electromyogram (EMG); Evoked potentials, (PEM, PESS, PEV, etc.)

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What kind of visit does the neurosurgeon make?

The neurosurgical visit allows the specialist doctor to evaluate the condition of the patient’s central and peripheral nervous system to decide whether surgery can improve the disease or its symptoms.

What does neurosurgical visit mean?

The neurosurgical visit is useful in assessing the presence and extent of pathologies of the central and peripheral nervous system or disorders affecting the spine, in order to identify the most effective treatment and the possible use of surgery.

What do you discover with a neurological examination?

Neurology is the branch of medicine that studies the functioning, dysfunctions and pathologies of the central and peripheral nervous system, from diagnosis to treatment.

When should a neurologist be consulted?

When to go to a doctor for a neurological examination? It is advisable to consult a neurologist following possible trauma to the nervous system (for example following accidents) or when there are problems affecting the nervous system.

How to tell if you have neurological problems?

Symptoms of neurological disorders

  1. Heachache.
  2. Loss of strength or numbness in a limb.
  3. Dizziness.
  4. Fainting and loss of consciousness.
  5. Memory problems.
  6. Cognitive difficulties.
  7. Speech problems.
  8. Visual problems.

When to operate the spine?

Sometimes you suffer from it sporadically, other times the pain can be more acute and recurrent. This disorder is often associated with degenerative disc disease and, when pain persists significantly and neurological deficits are also present, surgery may be required.

Who operates the spine?

Minimally invasive spinal surgery to correct adult degenerative scoliosis. Minimally invasive spinal surgery for degenerative scoliosis in adults makes it possible to considerably reduce the trauma of the operation for the patient.

How many neurosurgeons are there in Italy?

The analysis of the data shows that in Italy there is a Department of Neurosurgery for every 300,000 / 600,000 inhabitants, without substantial differences between the north, the center and the south. The beds in the various Departments vary from 49 to 6 with an average of about 20 beds per Department.

Who is the best neurosurgeon in the world?

Alessandro Olivi is a world-renowned neurosurgeon. He is responsible for an ambitious program that will make the Department of Neurosurgery the spearhead of the Gemelli Polyclinic.

Where to study Neurosurgery in Italy?

Postgraduate School of Neurosurgery | University of Milan State.

Who heals nerves and muscles?

Neurophysiopathology is the branch of neurology that analyzes the functioning of the central nervous system (the brain and spinal cord), the peripheral system (the nerves) and muscles.

How does the neurologist visit?

The visit begins with the patient’s medical history, which is an interview during which the specialist collects the greatest amount of information on the reason for the visit and on the personal medical history. First, the doctor inquires about the symptoms: What symptoms are currently present. When they started.

What are the neurological exams?

Diagnostic tests that allow the neurologist to investigate a suspicious or doubtful situation include:

  • CT, MRI and PET. …
  • Electromyography, nerve conduction study and electroencephalogram. …
  • Lumbar puncture (or spinal tap). …
  • Tensilon test (or Tensilon test). …
  • Polysomnography.

How to find a good neurologist?

If you need to book a neurological specialist visit, you can ask for a neurological consultation online and get a medical opinion right away. On Doctorum.it you can easily find a good neurologist and book a neurological video visit, wherever you are.

What is the difference between neurology and psychiatry?

The psychiatrist specializes in the treatment of mental pathologies and psychic distress (depression, anxiety, panic attacks, eating disorders, etc.), while the neurologist specializes in the treatment of organic diseases of the Central and Peripheral Nervous System (brain, spinal cord, cranial and spinal nerves, …

Who is hospitalized in neurology?

The Neurology Unit is a highly specialized center in the diagnosis and treatment of neurological diseases, with particular interest in movement disorders, such as Parkinson’s disease, atypical parkinsonisms secondary to dystonia and chorea, and in cognitive impairment.

When to do a neurosurgical examination?

A neurosurgical examination is prescribed in cases in which the hypothesis of diagnosis is a vertebro-medullary neoplasm or a neuroma or a neoformation of the peripheral nerves.

When is a herniated disc to be operated on?

When to operate

The herniated disc should be operated when the symptoms last for a long time and the clinical situation does not improve. Surgery is needed when sphincter and strength deficits are present, especially cauda equina syndrome. The hernia is removed inter-laminar, with the root clearly visible.

How many hours a day does a neurosurgeon work?

Cardiac surgeons are asking for hires

If the days are characterized by calls and emergencies, a doctor can work even 40-48 hours. On paper, those on guard work from 8 to 20, but can count on an on-call, to call in case of need.


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