What is the cig in the electronic invoice?


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The CIG and CUP Codes are two alphanumeric data that must be reported in the electronic invoices issued to the Public Administration. The CIG code (Tender Identification Code) consists of 10 alphanumeric characters and is necessary to uniquely indicate a tender.

Where to indicate the CIG code in the electronic invoice?

To insert the CIG and CUP references on an invoice, positioned on \ Documents \ Sale and fill in the References \ General section; indicates the type, number and date of the document of origin of the request (order, contract, etc.) and then the CIG or CUP references.

Where should the IGC be placed?

Where to insert CIG and CUP with Simple Software

When issuing the invoice, in the Electronic Invoice tab select Click here in correspondence with the Related Documents References item. In the Purchase Order tab, click on Add new +. At this point, the fields dedicated to the CIG and CUP codes will appear.

What is the IGC?

The redundancy fund or CIG is an institution provided for by Italian law consisting of an economic service, provided by INPS or by the INPGI, in favor of workers suspended from the obligation to perform work or who work part-time.

Where should the CIG be entered in the Aruba electronic invoice?

How can I insert CIG and CUP, DDT on the invoice? The tender identification code (CIG) and the unique project code (CUP) or the DDT (Transport document) can be entered on the invoice from the appropriate section “Related Documents” when creating the document.

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How to insert the stamp on the Aruba electronic invoice?

For electronic invoices, the fulfillment of the stamp duty is made known to the Revenue Agency by filling in the fields “Virtual Stamp” and “Stamp Amount” in the “Stamp Data” section, in which the payment of the tax and the amount due, equal to …

What is meant by identification of the electronic invoice document?

Document ID: number of the contract associated with the invoice as indicated in the Line Number Reference field. … However, it is advisable to always indicate the document to which the CIG and CUP refer. The date of this reference is no longer mandatory even if it is appreciated.

When is the CIG used?

Yes, it is mandatory to request the CIG code, for traceability purposes, for all contracts for works, services and supplies, regardless of the amount of the same and the methods of assignment and therefore also for contracts excluded from the obligation to pay the contribution to the Authority.

What does CIG Anac mean?

The tender identification code or CIG is a code adopted in Italy to identify a public contract stipulated following a tender or entrusted with one of the other methods allowed by the public contracts code.

How is the CIG obtained?

How can I request the CIG tender identification code? The CIG must be requested by the person in charge of the procedure (RUP) before calling a tender procedure and must be completed within the maximum term of ninety days from its acquisition, in the manner established, lastly, in the ANAC Resolution.

Where do you put the unique code?

The unique office code must be indicated in each electronic invoice to the public administration, as explained by the Revenue Agency on its website, where the list of IPA codes of each AdE office in charge of receiving PA invoices is also available.

How to get CUP and CIG?

The CIG is requested through an online procedure, which must be carried out by the person in charge of the procedure against the ANAC. The request must be made before the tender starts. The procedure is possible following the accreditation of the Head of the procedure at the Anac portal.

How to find IPA codes?

How to get the iPA code

The answer to this question is quite simple, given that an entire site has been dedicated to the subject: Indexpa.gov.it. The iPA, which can be consulted on the website, is the official and constantly updated archive that contains all the references of the PAs and Public Service Managers.

Where to insert administration reference?

The Administration Reference, in the event that it identifies the PA recipient of the invoice, provided by the client public administration, must be entered in the Administrative Contact field of the customer’s personal data sheet, in the Customers / Suppliers section.

Where to insert the CIG in cloud invoices?

To insert the references of the CIG code in the advanced attributes if you have several documents to refer to or if you have additional data to enter, go to the Electronic invoicing section and select the Add advanced attributes item.

How to make an electronic invoice from the Revenue Agency?

you can use the web procedure or the Fatturae App made available free of charge by the Revenue Agency. you can use a PEC (Certified Electronic Mail), sending the invoice file as an attachment to the PEC message to the address “sdi01@pec.fatturapa.it”

Who should apply for the CIG code?

The CIG code is requested by the contracting authority, through the sole person responsible for the procedure (RUP), before publishing the tender. In fact, the identification number (CIG) must be indicated in the documents made public. Later we will see the figure of the person in charge of the procedure (RUP) and SIMOG.

Since when is the CIG code mandatory?

With a press release dated 1 October last, the Authority for the supervision of public contracts for works, services and supplies specified that starting from 1 November 2010, the Contracting Authorities requesting the publication of tenders and notices in the Official Gazette must indicate the CIG code (…

What is the traceability of financial flows for?

The traceability of financial flows is aimed at combating criminal infiltration in public procurement and is a means available to investigators in investigations to combat the infiltration of mafias into the legal economy.

How long does a CIG last?

With Resolution no. 1/2017 the ANAC has established a limited validity in time for each CIG. With the entry into force of the aforementioned resolution, each CIG requested is valid for 90 days.

How to cancel a smart CIG?

The CIG / Smart CIG cancellation document will be available in the Documents section of the call / invitation and the previously sent CIG / Smart CIG Request document will automatically be “Canceled”.

What is the invoice identifier?

What is the Interchange System ID and where can I find it on the invoice? The Exchange System identifier is the code that certifies the delivery of the xml file (electronic invoice) by the Exchange System to the recipient body.

What is the SDI identifier?

The SDI identifier, which is a number attributed by SDI to the electronic invoice file and which can reach 36 characters, considering that it is unique for each electronic invoice received, in some processes is recorded in the accounting systems (and not exposed in the VAT purchase register ), because it allows you to …

What does Document ID mean?

Abbreviation for “Identifier”.

How to insert the revenue stamp on the electronic invoice?

In the XML file of the electronic invoice it will be necessary to fill in the DatiBollo field by inserting the amount of 2.00 euros. In addition, the invoice must bear the following words: “Stamp duty paid virtually pursuant to article 15 of Presidential Decree 642/1972 and Ministerial Decree 17/06/2014”.


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