What is the crew roster?


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Crew Record: it is an integral part of the License, and the number, series, date and place of issue of all the Rolls that equip the ship during the period of validity of the License are noted on the latter.

What is a crew roster?

The Crew Record (crew role according to Swiss legislation) is the on-board document provided for larger ships, on which there is the obligation to record a series of data, news, and indications, based on the provisions of the law.

What is the name of the captain of a ship?

The term master, in the English language, indicates the top grade on board a merchant ship. Master means “principal”, “leader”, whoever has the responsibility and the effective, organizational, commercial, operational and nautical command of the ship.

Who makes up the crew?

The crew of a ship is made up of the commander, the officers, the pilot (during the period in which he serves on board, that is, in ports or where his work is necessary) and other persons enlisted for the service of the ship; the crew of an airplane is made up of cn 895 by the commander and the other people …

What are the names of the people who work on the ship?

A crew is a group of several people united by their work and / or interests. The word is a Frenchism, which has as its root the word équip – team and is generally used to indicate who works on board a vehicle: ship, plane, tank, space ship etc.

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What kind of name is crew?


Crew is a noun.

In which category of Seafarers is it necessary to be registered to obtain the professional maritime titles of pleasure craft?


1. The seafaring personnel employed in pleasure craft must be registered in the first category seafarers’ registration numbers and are equipped with a navigation book.

Who makes up the crew of Luna Rossa?

Luna Rossa has a crew with two helmsmen: Francesco, Checco, Bruni and James Spithill. The other crews of the teams involved in the 36th America’s Cup have a helmsman and a flight controller, literally the flight controller: who controls the foils.

How is the Luna Rossa crew composed?

The crew on the boat will consist of 11 athletes: five on the right side and six on the left side. There will be two helmsmen: James Spithill and Francesco Bruni who will also have the role of flight controller. Pietro Sibello will instead be the mainsail trimmer and will control the most important sail.

Who are the members of the Luna Rossa crew?

The crew of Luna Rossa

  • James Spithill (helmsman and flight controller)
  • Matteo Celon (grinder)
  • Umberto Molineris (grinder)
  • Enrico Voltolini (grinder)
  • Emanuele Liuzzi (grinder)

What is the difference between captain and commander?

In the Italian navy, however, the two words have different meanings; without going into details, commander is a title while captain is an officer rank.

Who is the commander of a ship?

The ship’s commander is appointed by the owner who can dispense him from command at any time. He, the head of the expedition, has various functions and obligations. A captain of an Italian ship must be an Italian citizen and must have a professional title that enables him to command.

How much crew does a merchant ship have?

Container ships usually have diesel cycle engines and a crew that can vary from 20 to 40 people. The crew quarters and the command bridge are located in the different decks that make up the “tower” located aft of the ship itself above the engine room.

Which document enables major ships to navigate?

Nationality Act: issued in the name of the Head of State, by the Maritime Director in whose area the major ship is registered, it is the “solemn document that enables the major ship to navigate and authorizes it to hoist the Italian flag”.

When do you need yacht crew?

Over 15 meters boats become heavy and require a minimum of crew, certainly a sailor who is supportive. … Above 18 meters the crew becomes obligatory and the costs rise rapidly.

What is the navigation license?

You will find the other documents on board; these are: Navigation license: on the license you will find the characteristic data of the boat and the engine. … It is the document that enables the operation of the on-board radiotelephone equipment and is necessary if there is a VHF device on board.

What is the name of the Luna Rossa crew?

The crew included Max Sirena (skipper), Paul Campbell-James (helmsman) and Alister Richardson (tactician). Luna Rossa won the championship, which took place over 9 races.

How many people make up the Luna Rossa crew?

The crew includes 11 people, for a total weight that is between 960 and 990 kg (obviously including clothes and various safety devices).

How did the Luna Rossa regatta go?

Double knockout for Luna Rossa in the America’s Cup final, the Italian boat is now 5-3 down in the series against Team New Zealand.

Who drives the Red Moon?


Entrepreneur born in 1946, he is the CEO of the Prada group and husband of the stylist Miuccia Prada. Professional sailor in the seventies, he is the owner of Luna Rossa, which under his direction won the Louis Vuitton Cup in 2000 and the Prada Cup in 2021.

Who is the helmsman of Luna Rossa 2021?

Australian James Spithill and Francesco Bruni from Palermo are the two helmsmen who have led the Italian crew so far, both flanked by tactician Pietro Sibello.

Who is the head of Luna Rossa?

Today Max Sirena is the Team Director of Luna Rossa at the head of a group of over 120 people, he is the reference figure for Patrizio Bertelli, the owner of Luna Rossa.

How to become commander of pleasure boats?

To become a cruise ship captain, you must either graduate and obtain a degree in marine transport or marine engineering, or attend a naval academy. Despite the initial training, it is important that the captain is equipped with some essential skills that he will be able to acquire on the field.

How do you become a yacht captain?

In order to obtain the pleasure boat engineer certificate, the following requirements are required: a) to be in possession of the pleasure boat captain certificate; b) having carried out a navigation period of 24 months on pleasure boats also used for chartering with the immediately lower title.

How to become a seafarer?

To start a maritime career in the deck section it is necessary to have a diploma from a Technological Institute address Transport and Logistics, formerly the Nautical Technical Institute, (or a diploma from another Institute and have completed a 500-hour alignment module at authorized training centers). …


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