What is the difference between android and gynoid obesity?


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we speak of android obesity when the WHR ratio is greater than 0.85. we speak of gynoid obesity when the WHR ratio is less than 0.79.

What do gynoid and android mean?

When, at the navel height, it exceeds 88 cm in women and 102 cm in men, we need to worry. We distinguish two types of conformations: An apple with localized fat on the waist and abdomen (android type); A pear-shaped one with fat on the hips, buttocks and thighs (gynoid type).

What does gynoid obesity mean?

gynoid, obesity Excess fat characterized by accumulation spec. in the lower part of the body (thighs and pelvis) and poor muscle development, typical of female obesity.

What does android biotype mean?

The android biotype identifies the presence of an accumulation of adipose tissue mainly in some parts of the body: shoulders, arms, neck, breasts, thorax, abdomen; therefore, the upper part of our organism. … In general, the android is a person who snores during sleep or can go into apnea.

What does it mean android woman?

Android women are those who accumulate fat mainly in the abdominal, thoracic, dorsal and cerviconucal areas, with lean legs and less pronounced buttocks. The waist is therefore quite wide, the volume on the buttocks is rather thin and the legs are very slender.

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How to understand what biotype they are?

HOW TO MEASURE THE BIOTYPE? Standing, in an upright position and with feet together, measure the circumference of the waist (in cm) by passing the tape measure over the navel, then measure the circumference of the hips (in cm), the relationship between the two results indicates the belonging to one of the two biotypes.

Who is the gynoid woman?

In medicine, the adjective gynoid means typical of the woman, or of a subject with feminine characters. … To be clearer, the gynoid body refers to a pear-shaped physique: which accumulates weight in the lower part of the belt and therefore on the buttocks, legs, part of the abdomen below the navel.

What does severe obesity mean?

Obesity: social disease

Severe obesity means a body weight greater than twice the ideal weight or a BMI> 40 kg / m² (BMI: body mass index).

What is meant by hypertrophic obesity?

hypertrophic worsens and exceeds the ideal weight by more than 75%, it is accompanied by an increase in the number of adipocytes. The o. hypertrophic often have a prevalent distribution of fat in the trunk and are associated with metabolic disorders, with an increase in blood pressure and with heart disease.

Why is obesity a disease?

It is believed to be due to an increase in visceral fat, accumulated around the organs of the body, which exerts hormonal and metabolic activity. Central obesity was found to be a greater risk factor for cardiovascular disease, diabetes and dementia than total body obesity.

How to lose weight with the gynoid form?

The gynoid morphotype will have to follow a low-intensity aerobic training from the bottom up, i.e. starting from the legs and buttocks up to the shoulders and arms, so as to stimulate the oxidation of fats without neglecting toning with weights for the upper part. of the body, for about 30 minutes from 3 …

What are the degrees of obesity?

Obesity can be classified as:

mild or 1st degree (BMI = 30-34.9; excess weight of 20-40%) medium or 2nd degree (BMI = 35-39.9; excess weight of 41-100%) severe or 3rd degree or pathological (BMI => 40; excess weight over 100%).

When is a person considered obese?

A subject can be defined as obese when his body weight exceeds his ideal weight by about 20 kg, or 30% of the ideal weight, while obesity is considered serious when the body weight exceeds the ideal weight by 60%, or about 40 kg the ideal one.

How is the degree of obesity calculated?

An individual’s BMI is obtained by dividing weight, in kilograms, by the square of height, in meters. Eg BMI = 72 kg / (1.65 x 1.65) m² = 25.7 the number obtained is the body mass index.

How to do capillarization?

To develop capillarization, you need to run for 40 to 80 seconds slower than your Reference Speed ​​or VR.

How should a gynoid be trained?


the best and most effective toning also for women consists of basic-multi-joint exercises for muscle building, such as squats, lunges, deadlifts, etc.

How to have a proportionate physique?

To get a perfect physique you have to move!

– and burn more calories than you eat daily. Doing cardio activities, 2 or 3 sessions a week of at least half an hour, in our GimFIVE centers will be enough to get the first results.

What is the best female physique?

According to a study by the University of Texas, model and actress Kelly Brook is the woman with the most beautiful body in the world: “it’s scientifically perfect”. Researchers at the University of Texas have successfully defined the profile of the “perfect” woman.

What is the Step Up?

It is a functional and resistance training that is used to work the glutes and quadriceps and which consists in simulating the movement that takes place when climbing a step, but to make the buttocks work better, you generally climb on a rise that exceeds at least knee height.

What are the 4 biotypes?

What is the biotype? Cerebral, bilious, blood and lymphatic. These are the adjectives with which Hippocrates, founding father of Western medicine, and Galen shared the physical characteristics of man.

How many biotypes are there?

There are three main biotypes, or somatotypes: ectomorph, mesomorph and endomorph.

What is the biotype?

Biotypology is a branch of medicine that deals with the classification and study of the types of body constitution, also examining the relationships between certain morphological and functional characteristics and pathological states.

What does class 1 obese mean?

As you go up the scale, Obesity is divided into specific risk classes: 1st degree (BMI ≥30.0-34.9) moderate risk; 2nd degree (BMI ≥35.0-39.9) severe risk; 3rd degree (BMI ≥40.0) very serious risk.


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