What is the duration of collective and decentralized agreements?


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[1] The contractual provision establishes: “The decentralized supplementary collective agreements have a four-year duration and refer to all the contractual institutions brought back to this level to be dealt with in a single negotiating session.

How many national collective labor agreements are there?

It is estimated that over 800 national collective contacts are deposited with the National Council of Economy and Labor. In reality, it can be assumed that the number is even higher because not all collective agreements are then deposited with the Cnel.

Who signs the national collective bargaining agreements?

The national collective bargaining agreement (abbreviated CCNL) is, in Italian labor law, a type of employment contract stipulated at a national level between the organizations representing employees and their employers or by the respective social partners following bargaining. ..

What governs collective bargaining?

Collective bargaining regulates, like the private sector, the duration and national and supplementary contracts, the contractual structure and the relationships between the various levels. … Supplementary contracts cannot contain clauses in contrast with constraints resulting from national contracts.

What are the levels of collective bargaining?

Levels of collective bargaining

Collective agreements are substantially articulated on two levels: the national one (in this case we speak of CCNL – national collective bargaining agreement) and the territorial or company level.

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How to know the CCNL of a company?

A continuously updated database of collective labor agreements can be consulted on the CNEL (National Council of Economy and Labor) portal.

In the Collective Agreements you can find information on:

  1. Minimum wage;
  2. Seniority shots;
  3. Holidays and leave;
  4. Transfers;
  5. Extraordinary;
  6. Training;
  7. etc.

What does the national contract foresee?

The CCNL are acts that govern the minimum economic and regulatory treatments common to all workers in the sector. These parties, in general, must find a compromise between the interests of the employer and the interests and rights of the workers themselves.

How does collective bargaining take place?

The supplementary collective bargaining takes place on the matters and within the limits established by the national collective agreements, between the subjects and with the negotiation procedures that the latter provide.

How does collective bargaining work?

Collective bargaining, in labor law in Italy, indicates contractual agreements and constraints stipulated between the interested parties, from which autonomous agreements arise (called national collective labor agreements) with which the parameters and fundamental rules which they must comply with are established. ..

What is the supplementary collective agreement?

The supplementary bargaining is aimed at the stipulation of contracts that mutually oblige the parties. … The supplementary collective agreement has a duration of three years and refers to all the matters indicated in the specific sections.

Who stipulates the collective agreement?

In the private sector, the National Collective Labor Agreement is stipulated by trade unions (obviously representing workers) and employers’ associations.

Who stipulates the company collective agreement?

The company collective agreement is a collective agreement stipulated by the employer (with or without the assistance of his own trade association) and by the workers’ representatives, usually in order to integrate the rules of the national collective labor agreement.

What are collective bargaining agreements for?

Collective bargaining agreements, definition

The collective bargaining agreement (CCL) is a contract between employers or employers ‘associations and workers’ associations which has as its object the working conditions and relations between the contracting parties.

Which trade union subjects stipulate the CCNL?

It is usually stipulated by employers ‘associations and workers’ trade unions (sometimes the State and the individual employer also participate).

Which collective agreement to apply?

Which national collective bargaining agreement should the company apply to its employee? … If, on the other hand, the employer company is not registered with any trade union association, then any national collective bargaining agreement can be applied to the relationship with its employees.

Where to find the updated CCNL?

The national archive of collective bargaining agreements (CCNL) has been set up at the CNEL, where renewal agreements and new contracts are filed (law no. 936 of 30 December 1986, art. 17).

What does supplementary bargaining ensure in the public sector?

The supplementary collective bargaining ensures adequate levels of efficiency and productivity of public services, encouraging commitment and the quality of performance, allocating, for the optimal pursuit of organizational and individual objectives, a prevalent share of the resources aimed at …

How is the bargaining organized?

The legislator divides the bargaining into two levels: the national and the supplementary one. It then establishes that the same collective bargaining, in regulating the duration of national and supplementary contracts, provides for the coincidence between the validity of the legal and economic regulations (art.

What is collective bargaining in the public sector?

Agreements aimed at establishing a guaranteed minimum treatment and working conditions in the employment relationship employed by public administrations.

What are the sub-funds?

The sectors

These are the fundamental units of collective bargaining in the civil service. … In particular, the public sector, for the purposes of bargaining, is divided as follows: central functions. local functions.

When did collective bargaining start?

The bargaining is articulated after a slow process of maturation within the trade unions that dates from the 1953 La Dispoli convention, was born in 1962 with the Intersind-Asap protocol which sent the national contract back to the company ‘in order to implement the criteria of a general nature …

What does the permanent contract provide?

It is the contract by which the worker undertakes, against the payment of a salary, to work for the employer, for an indefinite period, that is, without a limit of duration.

Why is a national collective agreement applied, is it necessary to be a member of the trade union?

The national collective agreement is valid only for the parties involved: ie the trade unions that have signed it and the workers who join it and the employers’ association. Warning: does this mean that if you are not a member of a trade union you cannot have a certain type of contract?

How can I find my employment contract?

To obtain a copy of the employment contract, you can contact the personnel department or directly your employer who is required to collaborate for this purpose by providing the required photocopy. The request can also be submitted to the employment consultant who follows the company itself.


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