What is the economic maneuver?


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It is a law that makes those regulatory changes necessary to be able to realize the amount of expenses and revenues set in the annual budget. Example: change in tax rates, forecast of tax benefits.

What is the financial maneuver?

corrective (financial) maneuver no. set of interventions presented annually by the government with the budget law to make the necessary corrections to the budget, in accordance with current legislation, in order to pursue the programmatic objectives or reduce a deficit that is too high.

What must the law of stability necessarily contain?

The l. it may also contain the rules relating to the so-called internal stability pact (➔), or the coordination of public finance in a multilevel system, and the corrective measures of l. of expenditure which, during the implementation phase, show deviations from the ex ante quantification of the related charges.

What are the bills linked to the financial maneuver?

The related measures, pursuant to Italian law, are bills that contain interventions related to the implementation of a financial maneuver through a financial law (now a stability law).

What is the maneuver?

Also known as the Budget Law or – with a more vintage meaning – as a financial one, the maneuver is an instrument envisaged by the Italian Constitution in article 18. With this document, the Government in office communicates to Parliament the expenses and revenues envisaged for the ‘following year.

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When are the documents related to the financial maneuver presented?

196/2009). Within the month of January, the Government will present to the Chambers any bills related to the public finance maneuver (art. 7, co. … 196/2009).

What is the internal stability pact of municipalities?

internal stability pact System of rules that identifies the financial constraints of the Regions and local authorities, individually determining their programmatic objectives.

Who approves the finance law?

Following the approval by the Parliament, the finance law regulates the economic life of the country over a calendar year. The longer-term economic objectives are instead defined by the Government in the Economic and Financial Document (DEF).

What is the Stability Program?

The Stability Program – PS is a programmatic document intended for the European Union, envisaged by the Regulation of the Council of the European Union no. 1466/1997, modified in June 2005 by Regulations no. 1055/05 and n. … 1056/05.

Which programming tool has replaced the law of stability?

no. 196 of 31 December 2009) replaced the financial law with the stability law. The law f. it is the natural consequence of the Economic and Financial Planning Document (DPEF) drawn up by the Ministry of Economy and Finance and approved by the Council of Ministers.

What is the regional stability law?

Regional stability law.

The Region adopts a regional stability law containing exclusively rules aimed at achieving financial effects for the period included in the budget.

When will the 2022 budget law be made?

A first analysis of the text issued by the Council of Ministers. Thirty billion euros, so much so is the budget law for 2022, approved on 28 October by the Council of Ministers.

Who issues the budget law?

The law. … On July 28, 2016, Parliament definitively approved the law governing the new budget law, presented by Francesco Boccia (first signatory), chairman of the Budget Committee of the Chamber.

Who does the Def?

Proposed by the government and approved by the Parliament, it indicates the medium term budgetary framework.

Where is the internal stability pact contained?

The internal stability pact for local authorities is currently governed by article 31 of law no. 183, as subsequently amended and integrated by article 1, paragraphs 428-447, of the stability law for 2013 (law no. 228/2012).

What does the Stability and Growth Pact establish?

As stated in the report published on the Commission’s website, in fact, “The Stability and Growth Pact (SGP) is the EU’s concrete response to concerns about continuity in budgetary rigor in the Economic and Monetary Union (EMU).

What is the Stability Pact?

What is the Stability Pact for?

As the European Commission explains, the rules of the Stability and Growth Pact “aim to prevent budgetary policies from going in potentially problematic directions” and to “correct budget deficits or excessive public debt levels”.

Who presents the budget to Parliament?

1 – The economic-financial planning document must be presented to Parliament by the Minister of Economy and Finance by 30 June and refers to the entire period considered by the multi-year budget (currently three years).

Who presents the State budget to the Chambers every year?

By 20 October, the government presents the budget bill to parliament, containing the three-year public finance maneuver. The budget law must be approved by 31 December.

What comes by October 20?

The Budget Planning Document (DPB) and the Budget Bill (DLB) … Subsequently, by 20 October, the Budget Bill, containing the details of the revenue and expenditure forecasts in implementation of the maneuver is launched by the Government and submitted to Parliament.

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