What is the italian word for wheels?


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[ruò-ta] sf

What wheel synonymous?

(mech.) [organo meccanico di forma circolare, che può ruotare attorno a un asse passante per il suo centro] ≈ ‖ circle, disc, shuttlecock, steering wheel.

What does it mean to go freewheeling?

Fig .: freely, without brakes or impediments; or without a fixed pattern, referring in particular to an improvised speech that does not follow a precise outline. It is also said of a reasoning without a coherent logic or dictated by the impulse, the inspiration of the moment and so on.

What is the name of the wheel in front?

ruòta in Vocabulary – Treccani.

What does it mean to stay behind?

Being a rota means having an addiction, originally it was an expression used by those who used hard drugs, heroin, cocaine, and being a rota meant, in fact, being drug addicts.

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How to keep up with it?

Learn to stay close

  1. Try to stay focused and covered. In this way to the front wind protection, you will also add side wind protection, with an obvious advantage in terms of reducing air friction. …
  2. Search for your target segment. …
  3. Choose the regularity. …
  4. Understand the wind.

How much do you save by staying at the wheel?

Generally the savings obtained in terms of energy saved, for those who are in the wheel, is always greater than 20% and in some particular cases it can reach up to 40/50%.

What is the name of the inside of the wheel?

the hub, the central part, around whose axis the wheel itself turns. the rim, the external part on which the cover is housed. the spokes, metal tie rods that connect the hub and rim, some wheels are spoked.

What are the bike tires called?

Tires are an essential element in a bicycle, because they are its point of contact with the ground. In fact, comfort, performance and safety depend on their characteristics.

What are the parts of a bicycle called?

Bicycle components

  • chassis. among the components of the bicycle is the fundamental element: composed of steel tubes of various sizes (according to the types of bikes) and gathered in the shape of a quadrilateral, almost like a trapezoid with parallel bases. …
  • handlebar. …
  • saddle. …
  • wheels. …
  • hubs. …
  • rays. …
  • steering. …
  • tires.

What does it mean to be the last wheel of the wagon?

Being the last wheel of the wagon is a well-known expression, often used jokingly or ironically, which, figuratively speaking, means not counting absolutely for anything, having no value.

What does it mean to be the last wheel of the wagon?

To be the last wheel of the wagon: it means absolutely nothing, having no value. In this case, this term refers to the least important person in a group, the most negligible.

What does it mean to be the spare tire?

A spare tire is a lifesaver when a tire gets punctured and loses pressure, but leaving a tire for years in the trunk has never been a brilliant solution, it deflates and you forget to check the pressure, it ages and becomes hard and little performing; and today that the tires of …

What is the synonym for machine?

(extens.) a. [nel linguaggio com., veicolo a motore su quattro ruote: m. sportiva, utilitaria] ≈ car, automobile, passenger car, car.

What is the opposite of value?

[considerazione positiva di una persona] ≈ account, credit, fame, prestige, esteem. ↔ discredit, disdain. ↑ contempt.

What is the opposite of avarice?

of avarus “miser”]. … ‖ greed, (lit.) greed, gluttony. ↔ generosity, breadth, (lit.)

How to read a bike tire?

It indicates with the first digit the external diameter of the tire (in mm) and with the second digit the width of the tire (in mm). For example, the 700x23C size used on racing bikes corresponds to an outer diameter of the tire of 700mm and a width of 23mm.

How do you measure the size of a bicycle wheel?

The circumference of the wheel, like all circles, can be calculated in a simple and mathematical way by multiplying the diameter by pi. So, if, as mentioned, we have a 28-inch wheel, we will multiply 28 X 3.14 (which is the value of pi), thus obtaining our circumference.

How do you read the size of a bike tire?

The size of a tire is generally indicated by 2 digits, the first digit indicates the size of the circumference / diameter of the wheel (e.g. 700 X … or 26 X …), while the second digit indicates the width of the tire (expressed in mm and e.g. .. X 23 or …

What does the tire include?

Tires are divided into different categories: those with an inner tube (in English tube) and those without one (tubeless). … The air chamber encloses the compressed air to achieve an adaptation and suspension effect of the vehicle from the ground. The cover is made of rubber and fiber or metal cloths.

How are car wheels made?

A tire is mainly composed of natural and synthetic rubber (41%). Natural rubber comes mainly from a tree called Havea Brasiliensis, but other types are also used. Synthetic rubber is composed of copolymerstyrene-butadiene.

How is a tread made?

The tread

It is made up of a rubber compound and shows on the surface a design made up of blocks (full) and hollows (empty). Compound and design must guarantee good resistance to abrasion, good grip on the ground in dry and wet conditions and silent running.

How much can you save by cycling?

It is estimated that a bicycle saves an average of 380 euros per month: just calculate what you spend on trips to go to work, to the cinema, to go shopping, go out with friends in the evening, without counting the cost of stress. to find a parking space or submit to the capricious schedules of …

How to stay in the wake?

To make good use of the wake you need to constantly “feel” the origin of the wind, it is not enough to stay behind the cyclist in front. When the wind is very lateral, then, it will come to position itself almost alongside the cyclist who “pulls”.

How does the wake on a bike work?

Staying in the wake is advantageous thanks to the low pressure area created behind a moving cyclist; an air “vacuum” is created where the frontal pressure is lower than in normal conditions.


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