What is the meaning of except?


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– Other than; serves, as the sinon. except and except, to except, that is, to exclude a single or single elements from a totality: it lacks nothing, e. tranquillity.

What is the meaning of except?

– Except, except, other than; it is used to exclude from a set an element that could or should be part of it: everyone has accepted, t.

What is except in grammar analysis?


Except it’s a preposition. The preposition is an invariable grammatical category, which has no meaning of its own and which is used to connect terms.

What is excluded?

to exclude]. – Left out, i.e. not admitted (in a group, in a series, etc.), not recognized or accepted, and sim.

What is reasonableness?

[l’essere ragionevole nel giudicare, nel comportarsi, ecc.] ≈ sensibility, common sense, consideration, criterion, balance, judgment, prudence, wisdom, sense, sensibility.

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What does the principle of reasonableness provide?

Reasonableness of Laws [principio di] (d. cost.) … The principle of (-) requires that the regulatory provisions contained in acts having the force of law are adequate or congruent with respect to the purpose pursued by the legislator.

What does the Constitution provide for equality?

All citizens have equal dignity and are equal before the law, without distinction of sex, race, language, religion, political opinion, personal and social conditions.

Who is excluded from society?

The shareholder is excluded when he does not fulfill the obligation of contribution in cash or in kind or when one of the cases of just cause provided for in the deed of incorporation occur. The shareholding fee is refunded to the excluded shareholder in proportion to the company’s assets.

What is the opposite of exclusion?

↔ acceptance, admission.

What are the transactions excluded pursuant to Article 15?

Example: Reimbursement of expenses charged back to the invoice

Other examples of transactions excluded by article 15 are the repayments of advances made in the name and on behalf of the counterpart, as long as they are duly documented. Examples are taxes or fees paid in advance to the customer by virtue of a mandate with representation.

What is meant by Subject?

So it is as if we said “apart from the exceptions provided by the law”. If instead we say “except for exceptions etc …” the word becomes an adjective, we agree in gender and number with the noun and we mean subject to, without prejudice: as if we said “without prejudice to the exceptions provided for by law”.

What is it except in grammar analysis?

The main dictionaries of the Italian language (GDLI, DISC, GRADIT) attest except as a preposition (improper) with the meaning of ‘except, except, except’ and except as a prepositional and conjunctive phrase with the meaning of ‘except, except that , unless’.

What conjunction is there except that?

In adverse constructs except that it has the value of ‘but, instead’ and the verb of the sentence is in the indicative: “Fiorello had grown up together with Signor Vispi, except that he had become a rich master” (Giovanni Faldella, La contessa de Ritz) . Then there is no doubt that of the salvo (or except that) cong.

What does that mean at the most?

At most it is synonymous with “at the most”. At most it is an adverb which, unlike at least, refers to a maximum hypothetical quantity given the circumstances of the speech.

How do you spell Trane?

In this way, by adding an ‘ne,’ we should get a trane. The doubling of the ‘n’ perhaps reveals a remake of the word on the model of the colleague words ‘stanne’ ‘make’ ‘danne’ or ‘vanne’.

Who is excluded from the synonym society?

(extens., soc.) [che non è riconosciuto o accettato in una comunità sociale: sentirsi e. dalla società] ≈ banished, marginalized, ghettoized.

What is the synonym of eliminate?

≈ cancel, cancel, cross out, expunge, suppress. c. [procedere all’eliminazione di una persona da una posizione, da una funzione, ecc.] ≈ drive away, hunt, expel, expel, (pop.)

What excludes synonym?

[non prendere in considerazione, non ritenere vero, detto di ipotesi, possibilità, teoria e sim.] ≈ to exclude, deny, disregard (from), discard, neglect, neglect. ↔ accept, welcome, admit, contemplate, presuppose, imply.

What are the factors that contribute to determining social exclusion?

Causes of individual marginalization

Personal conflict, family conflict, social conflict. Personal, cultural, group prejudices. Ignorance of situations or the consequences of such situations.

Who are the marginalized in today’s society?

The number of immigrants adds to the number of marginalized. The marginalized are all the people who suffer marginalization, that is the exclusion from any possibility of participation in social life; it is a condition that affects people of color, the mentally ill, toxic addicts, serum positive, alcoholics.

What is meant by social exclusion?

When we talk about social exclusion, marginalized individuals generally do not have access or present difficulties in accessing the working, educational, cultural or political world of the society in which they live.

What must the state do according to the Constitution to promote equality?

The first paragraph of art. … The second paragraph of art. 3 Constitution establishes the principle of substantial equality according to which the state must discriminate justified by the need to support and help other people disadvantaged for health, social, economic conditions, etc …

In which article of the Constitution does it speak of dignity and equality?

All citizens have equal social dignity [cfr. XIV] and they are equal before the law, without distinction of sex[cf[cfr

What does Article 27 say?

Criminal liability is personal. The accused is not considered guilty until the final sentence. The penalties cannot consist in treatments contrary to the sense of humanity and must aim at the re-education of the condemned person[cfart[cfrart

How is substantial equality achieved?

FORMAL equality means the equality of all before the law. This concept is found in the first paragraph of Article 3 of our Constitution. … Substantial equality means that the laws, in addition to being the same for everyone, must however provide for special laws in favor of the weaker categories.


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