What is the most popular team in the world?


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In the lead we find a trio United-Barcelona-Real Madrid

The team that can count on a very special recognition, at least for the moment, that is the highest number of fans in the world, is Manchester United.

Who is the Italian team with the most fans in the world?

Furthermore, Juventus is among the teams with the highest number of supporters in the world, counting over 250 million supporters, of which, in addition to the aforementioned number of supporters in Italy, 44.76 million in the rest of the European territory, 108, 46 million in the Asian continent and 42.46 million scattered in Africa and the …

How many Milan fans are there in Italy?

The Rossoneri close the podium of the most popular teams in Italy: Milan also goes for the 4 million supporters, reached during its very long history (the company was founded in 1899).

How many fans does Inter have around the world?

Many comments, including one: «Madonna che […] Duration: 01:29 42 minutes ago. Inter prevails with 311 million fans and supporters.

What is the most beautiful supporters in Italy?

The Neapolitan supporters are confirmed as the best in Italy. The Spanish portal Marca has drawn up the ranking of the best supporters in the world placing the Neapolitan one in 18th place, at the 25th we find the Milan supporters while at the 27th the Inter supporters are positioned.

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Which team has the most fans?

In fact, there are those in Milan who manage to do better: Milan, returned this year to gain access to the Champions League thanks to second place in the league, which still enjoys the triumphs collected in the 25 years of Berlusconi’s presidency and can boast the followed by 95 million fans.

How many are the Salernitana fans?

(source Il tifoso balanced) At 30 June 15, the “average spectators” of the above clubs is as follows: Juventus (732.504), Rome (717.820), Milan (696.557), Inter (676.095), Naples (563.978 ), Turin (298.526), ​​Salernitana (203.466), Avellino (150.500). [ 293 more words. ]

How many Barcelona fans are there?

Futbol Club Barcelona, ​​with its approximately 223,000 members, is the largest example of popular shareholding in the world. In Great Britain the Ebbsfleet United Football Club was acquired by the MyFootballClub project.

How many Fiorentina fans are there?

They can be quantified at over 1.2 million in Italy according to the most recent sector survey conducted by the Demos & Pi institute and published in September 2010 in the newspaper la Repubblica: with 2.1% preferences from the sample examined, the Florentine club appears to be the sixth most supported in …

How many Neapolitan fans are there?

The origins of organized support in Naples date back to the sixties. Napoli is the fourth Italian team by number of fans in 2016 with about 4.6 million. At an international level, it is estimated that there is a following of about 35 million fans worldwide and 120 million supporters.

Who has the most fans in Milan Inter or Milan?

Milan – 4,066,000 (+ 11%) Inter – 3,978,000 (+ 3%) Naples – 2,577,000 (-6%)

How many ultras are there in Italy?

The last official census dates back to 2017-2018: 386 ultras groups active throughout Italy of which 141 express a political orientation that in most cases brings them closer to the right and extreme right.

Who has more Roma or Lazio fans?

At the moment Lazio is the sixth team in Italy by number of fans, behind Juventus, Inter, Milan, Naples, Rome.

How many people cheering for Rome?

As of January 4, 2019, the Giallorossi were followed by 9.4 million fans on Facebook, 2.444 million on Twitter (including the data of all official profiles) and 2.2 million on Instagram, placing them overall in third place in the Italian ranking (14,044 millions of sympathizers in the three services mentioned).

How many Espanyol fans are there?

The Reial Club Deportiu Espanyol de Barcelona, ​​known as RCD Espanyol or Espanyol, is a Spanish football club based in the city of Barcelona. Milita in La Liga, the top flight of the Spanish league. Play the home matches in the Estadi Cornellà-El Prat (40,500 spectators).

What are the Salernitana fans called?

Currently the ultras groups active in the “South Siberian Curve” of the Arechi Stadium are: Nuova Guardia, Nucleo Storico, Centro Storico, Ultras Movement Salerno, Prisoners of a Faith, Rebel Skull, Teddy Boys, Igus, Vecchi Ultras, Salerno Che Passione, Soci Grenade, Kaotika Fringe, Viking Warriors, Old Clan, Giffoni …

Who was Carmine Rinaldi?

The Siberian Carmine Rinaldi, an ultras lifestyle. Eleven years have passed since that day a news shook Salerno. It was April 12, 2010, Salernitana was about to return to the third series with a company in disarray. … A historical piece of the ultras kingdom of the South Curve was gone.

How did the Siberian die?

He suffered a heart attack while working with a colleague at the “Nuovo Mercatello” beach. He was 46. SALERNO – In a failed year for Salerno football, the supporters lose one of their historic pillars.

How many Sampdoria fans are there?

Compared to the 2019/20 season, Genoa fans increase and Sampdoria fans decrease, but the total number remains more than those of Grifone. According to the survey, Sampdoria fans would be 230 thousand, down 7%, while those of Genoa would be 216 thousand, 7% more.

Who was Roma or Lazio born first?

There are two aspects that coincide and that is the first of a historical nature regarding the birth of Rome itself which was born in the Lazio region, today called LAZIO and in ancient times Latium name given by the population who settled first: the Latins.

Why was Rome born in Corropoli?

In order to counter the great battleships of the North (Turin, Juventus and Genoa), Italo thinks that it was necessary to merge the various football clubs in Rome. President of Pro Roma, he tries to merge his club with Alba Audace, Roman and Lazio. This attempt fails with Lazio.

What is the Lazio curve?

Since 1953, Lazio has played home games in the Olympic Stadium in Rome and its ultras have occupied the Curva Nord. The symbol of Lazio is the Imperial Eagle, emblem of the Roman Empire, and its social colors are light blue and white, chosen in honor of Greece, homeland of the Olympics.

How do ultras work?

The ultras is characterized by a strong sense of belonging to one’s own group and by the daily commitment to support one’s team, which finds its peak during sporting competitions, often in a violent way.


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