What is the opposite of hope?


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hope. ‖ Confidence, optimism. ↔ ↑ despair. ‖ Pessimism, distrust.

What is the opposite of trust?


against mistrust, distrust, suspicion, doubt, disdain, discredit.

What is the opposite of Disappointed?

≈ embittered, vexed, disillusioned, dissatisfied, discontented. ↑ dejected, frustrated, disheartened. ‖ Disenchanted. ↔ satisfied, satisfied, satisfied.

What is the opposite of Immobile?

‖ Inert, at rest, stable, static. ↔ mobile. ‖ unstable.

What is the synonym for unbearable?

Other synonyms: heavy, terrible, impossible, oppressive, hateful, indigestible, deadly, incompatible, unbreathable, pestilential, indigestible, unbearable.

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What is the synonym for home?

[costruzione eretta per scopi abitativi: c. di città; c. di campagna] ≈ dwelling, housing, tenement, block, condominium, building, fabricated, building, palace, [spec.

Qual è il contrario di annoiato?

↔ allietare, divertire, interessare, rallegrare, ricreare, svagare.

Qual è il contrario di triste?

Altri contrari:bello, divertente, felice, contento, accontentare, gioviale, beato, radioso, brioso, giocoso, sollazzevole, umoristico, festevole, gongolante, dionisiaco, festante, gaudioso.

Quale il contrario di ottimismo?

↔ pessimismo. ↑ disfattismo, nichilismo.

Cosa è la diffidenza?

– L’esser diffidente, mancanza di fiducia negli altri per timore o sospetto di essere ingannato: uomo pieno di d. verso tutti; guardare, procedere con d.; suscitare diffidenza.

Cosa vuol dire avere fiducia in una persona?

fiducia, der. di fidĕre «fidare, confidare»] (pl., rare, -cie). – 1. Attitude, towards others or towards oneself, which results from a positive evaluation of facts, circumstances, relationships, for which one trusts in others or one’s own possibilities, and which generally produces a feeling of security and tranquility: f.

What does optimism mean?

– Person endowed with optimism, that is, who is naturally inclined to consider, judge and predict events in the most favorable way: he has always been an optimist. As adj. … [di persona, che nutre ottimismo: un giovane ottimista] ≈ ‖ confident, hopeful. ↔ pessimistic.

What is the opposite of cheerful?

Other opposites: grave, mournful, macabre, distressed, whimpering, distressed, mournful, funeral, sepulchral, ​​groaning.

What is the opposite of impassable?

– [che non si può superare, anche fig.: cime i.; difficoltà i.] It is insurmountable, unsurpassed. ↔ surmountable, surmountable, passable.

What do you say sad in French?

Sad translation in french: affligé, bl …

What is sadness in grammar analysis?


Sadness is a noun.

What sadness synonyms?

Other synonyms: sorrow, nostalgia, gloom, mourning, paturnia, sadness, sorrow.

How not to be bored?

Top 10 tips against boredom

  1. # 1 Relax and enjoy the boredom. …
  2. # 2 Find out what bores you and how to change it. …
  3. # 3 Find out your interests. …
  4. # 4 Guide your thoughts. …
  5. # 5 Do something useful. …
  6. # 6 Learn about journaling. …
  7. # 7 Do something that makes you grow. …
  8. # 8 Learn new movements.

What is the synonym for home?

house, dwelling, lodging, domicile, residence, apartment, living room, headquarters.

What is the synonym for doctor?

fig. balm, cure, medicine.

What is the synonym for fear?

twine, fright, (fam.) squeezes, fear, (fam.) trembles. ↑ anguish, panic, terror, Ⓣ (psicol.)

How can you be optimistic?

5 foolproof moves to have positive thoughts and be …

  1. Give the right weight to things. The quality of your life depends on how you react to what happens to you. …
  2. Learn to let go. …

  3. Choose the people you want to surround yourself with. …
  4. Encourage others. …
  5. Take some time for yourself.

What does cautious optimism mean?

narrower, confidence in the success of a fact, in the positive evolution of a situation, and the like: wait with or. the result of a competition; do not share yours or. on the subject; the facts have confirmed our o .; news marked by cautious optimism.

What does it mean to be pessimistic?

– Who is prone to pessimism, who is inclined to consider and judge the things of life in their worst aspects, to foresee events in the least favorable way: it is an incurable p; in every situation he is pleased to do the p., or the p .; less com., philosopher whose conception of the world is characterized by …

What does it mean to trust?

b. Trusting (or) saying, doing, etc., having the courage, the certainty of being able to say, do, etc .: I don’t trust swimming across the river.


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