What is the opposite of infrequently?


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≈ thinned out, infrequent, isolated, occasional, rarefied, rare, occasional, sporadic. ↑ exceptional. ↔ habitual, assiduous, customary, continuous, dense, frequent, (lit.) iterated, numerous, repeated, (lit.)

What is the opposite of thick?

↔ small, small, sparse.

Which is the opposite of eternal?

daily, lasting, uninterrupted, perennial, permanent. ↔ momentary, passing, precarious, temporary.

What does it mean not infrequently?

infrequently, infrequently, infrequently: return to r’s house; I go there by r .; it happens to r. a similar fortune; with the negation, not infrequently, quite often: not of r., it is he who is right.

What is the opposite of sporadic?

[che accade o si manifesta di tanto in tanto: le sue visite si sono fatte s.; si registrano s. tentativi di resistenza] ≈ episodic, occasional, rare, occasional. ↔ usual, continuous, constant, frequent, numerous, regular, usual.

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What does sporadic role mean?

What happens or manifests itself in a non-continuous and regular way, but at rather long intervals of time: his visits have been made s .; register s.

What is the occasional?

– Not continuous, not regular: a work s .; his commitment is only occasional; which proceeds without order, with many interruptions: a reading like this s.

What does it rarely mean?

A adj. 1 Which is not dense, not compact: fabric r. || Seldom, very rarely, rarely: he writes little and of r.

What is the rado?

[rà-do] adj. 1 Referred to a whole, which has large spaces between its component parts; which has no density: hair, bush r.

What does thinning mean?

tr. 1. [rendere più rado: il sole dirada la nebbia] ≈ rarefy, thin out, thin out. ↑ dissolve.

Which Word has the opposite meaning of speaking?

Opposites to be silent, to be silent, to be silent, to be silent, to be silent.

What is the opposite of war?

↔ agreement, harmony, concord, consensus, understanding, peace.

What does thick hair mean?

When we talk about thick hair, we are referring to a large amount of hair! Hair that is the envy of many … However, this characteristic does not define their nature. Straight, wavy, dyed, thin or dry, thick hair doesn’t have a typical profile.

What is the opposite of lively?

CONTR off, dim.

How is radon controlled in the home?

The remedial actions are:

  1. depressurization of the ground, ventilation of the rooms;
  2. internal air intake especially in the cellar;
  3. pressurization of the building, forced ventilation of the crawl space;
  4. floor waterproofing;
  5. sealing of cracks and crevices;
  6. isolation of doors communicating with the cellars;

How to find out about radon at home?

The instrument with which it is possible to carry out the measurements is the passive dosimeter; it is a small instrument that does not emit any substance and does not require an electrical power supply; the passive dosimeter provides an average value of the radon concentration in the air over the course of …

What are radium and polonium?

Po symbol, atomic number 84. … Named “radio F”, it was later called polonium in honor of Poland, the birthplace of Skłodowska. In nature it is very rare; it is found in uranium ores in very low concentrations (about 100 micrograms per ton).

What does sparse vegetation mean?

3.3 – Open areas with sparse or absent vegetation:

surfaces completely devoid of vegetation or with tree / shrub cover less than 5% and herbaceous vegetation less than 40% such as beaches, dunes and sands, bare rocks, gullies, cliffs and cliffs and areas covered by perennial snow or glaciers.

What scarce Roman meaning?

Typical Roman exclamation replacing “che schifo” to emphasize its meaning.

What does sparse woods mean?

The arboreal layer of sparse woods is discontinuous and allows a lot of light to penetrate to the ground. … These woods have a scarce canopy coverage, so a lot of light can reach the ground or vegetation near the ground.

What does occasional consumer mean?

A drinker between meals is a man or woman who has consumed alcoholic beverages, either only or mainly between meals, in the last 30 days. … he declares that, when he drank, he consumed up to one unit of alcohol on average, per day.

What does thrifty person mean?

– Of a person who is used to thrift; extens., life p., conducted sparingly, sober, frugal. Avv. Parsimoniosaménte, sparingly: despite his wealth, he has always lived sparingly. / parsimo’njoso / adj.

When a person is defined as an inflated balloon, what does it mean?

inflated, person who attaches great importance to himself, continually bragging about non-existent merits.

What does turnover mean in football?

Definition of turnover in the Italian dictionary

Turnover is also in the formation of a team, enlivening the players, to distribute the effort and commitment among all the members of the squad.

What is the release clause for in football?

In the sports field, in particular football, there is talk of a withdrawal clause (or withdrawal clause) to indicate the possibility for an athlete to unilaterally withdraw from the contract with his own sports club, upon payment of a certain amount.


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