What is the record for goals scored in a football match?


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AS Adema-SO de l’Emyrne 149-0.

What is the record for goals in Serie A?

Italian center forward Silvio Piola is the best scorer ever in Serie A history with 274 goals between 1929 and 1954.

Who has scored the most goals in a season with the Juventus shirt?

Juventus’ top scorers in a single-group championship are the Italian Felice Borel, with 31 goals in 34 games in the Serie A 1933-1934 championship, and the Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo, with 31 goals in 33 games in the Serie A championship. 2019-2020; the latter, in the same season, also set the record …

Who scored the most goals in 2021?

Ciro Immobile is the top scorer in Serie A 2021/2022 with 7 goals in 7 appearances.

Who has the most appearances for Juve?

Alessandro Del Piero, on the other hand, holds the absolute record of official appearances with the black and white jersey, 705, as well as that of goals, 290, divided as follows: 188 in Serie A, 20 in Serie B, 28 in national cups, 53 in European competitions and 1 in the Intercontinental Cup.

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Who holds the record for goals scored in a single Serie A season?

SERIE A – Easy to remember: Higuain is the all-time record holder in a single season (in a single group) of the Italian championship, established after that sensational hat-trick (with overhead at Frosinone) in the 2015-16 season. The total was 36 goals.

How many appearances does Del Piero have with Juve?

Captain of Juventus from 2001 to 2012, with the Turin club he won numerous trophies at national and international level, scoring in all the competitions in which he participated and establishing the absolute record of goals (290) and appearances (705).

Who is the captain of a team?

The captain of a football team is generally the most representative player of the team, although each club is free to adopt specific criteria for the assignment of this role; for example the years of militancy in the club, the number of appearances or significant moral or representation qualities.

When did Juve score 102 points?

Juventus had not managed to win three consecutive league titles since 1932-1933 (then they won another two): it was the Juventus of the Golden Quinquennium. Juventus closed with a victory (3-0 at Cagliari) and archived the season of the third consecutive championship with the record of points in the standings: 102.

Who is the best scorer of 2020?

European top scorers for calendar year 2020: Cristiano Ronaldo at the top.

What is meant by the calendar year?

As specified by the Circular 2/2001 of the Ministry of Labor, while a calendar year means the period of 365 days between 1 January and 31 December, a calendar year means the period of 365 days starting from any day of the year and ends on the corresponding day of the following year.

Who will win the 2021 Golden Boot?

The award was won by Robert Lewandowski thanks to his 41 goals scored during the 2020-2021 season, with which he also set a new scoring record in a single Bundesliga season, hitherto held by Gerd Müller.

How many times has Juventus participated in the European Cup?

The Italian clubs that participated in this event are Milan (1973, 1989, 1990, 1993, 1994, 2003 and 2007), Juventus (1984 and 1996), Parma (1993), Sampdoria (1990), Lazio. (1999) and Inter (2010).

Who has scored the most goals in the inter?

Individual statistics

The all-time top scorer is Giuseppe Meazza with 288 goals scored in 14 seasons. Behind him Alessandro Altobelli (209 goals in 11 seasons), Roberto Boninsegna (171 in 7 seasons), Sandro Mazzola (160 in 17 seasons) and Luigi Cevenini III (159 in 10 seasons).

What is the role of the captain of a football team?

Soccer. In football, the captain does not have a different status than the other players but has the task of presiding over every draw of the match (kick-off, extra time and penalty shots). The band that facilitates recognition must be worn on the left arm.

Who decides the captain’s armband?

Criterion for being captain

In general, the choice of the captain falls on the player who has self-control and self-discipline, is tuned with the coach in order to be able to quickly transmit his indications to his teammates on the field and knows how to deal with the referee.

Who is the captain in volleyball?

The captain and coach are both responsible for the conduct and discipline of their team members. The LIBEROs cannot be a team captain or game captain. 5.1.1 BEFORE THE MATCH, the team captain signs the scoresheet and represents his team at the draw.

How many European Cup finals has Juventus played?

Juventus has played no less than nine finals between the European Cup and the Champions League in its history: often, however, things did not go as expected.

How many goals did Del Piero score?

In his career he has scored 346 goals so far (between Juve, Nazionale, Padova, Sydney and Delhi) in 830 games. He reached Juve when he was 19, Giampiero Boniperti wanted him, who has always protected and pampered him.


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