What is the synonym for enchanting?


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[di cosa o di persona, che rapisce in ammirazione: spettacolo, luogo i.; una ragazza i.] ≈ bewitching, bewitching, fabulous, wonderful, magical, [di luogo] enchanted. ↓ cute, delicious, pretty.

What is the synonym for beautiful?

Synonym for: Beautiful

  • belligerently.
  • belligerent.
  • belligerent.
  • belligerence.
  • very beautiful.
  • nice.
  • belluino.
  • beast.

What is the synonym for picturesque?

to. [di paesaggio, scena, oggetto e sim., piacevolmente caratteristico: donne e uomini indossavano i p. costumi tradizionali] ≈ characteristic, folkloric, typical. ‖ Original, suggestive.

What is the synonym for beautiful?

b. [donna di cui si è innamorati] ≈ beloved, flame, fiancée, in love. 2. [stesura definitiva di uno scritto: ricopiare in b.]

What is the opposite of enchanting?

CONTR ugly, unpleasant, horrible, hideous, disgusting.

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What is the opposite of graceful?

↑ beautiful, enchanting. ↔ (pop.) Squat, clumsy. ↑ ugly, hideous, repulsive.

What is the opposite of Soave?

↓ pleasant, gracious, pleasant. ↔ harsh, rude.

What to say in place of Bella?

(by definition) beloved, friend, sweetheart, lover, boyfriend, boyfriend, region.

What is the synonym for pleasant?

– 1. [che ha le qualità adatte per piacere, che riesce gradito: compagnia gradevole] ≈ lovable, welcome, (not com.) Enjoyable, welcome, pleasant, likeable. ↔ unpleasant, disliked, unpleasant, unpleasant, …

How to define a beautiful thing?

Synonymous with beautiful [aggettivo]

  • enchanting [aggettivo] means “delicious” …
  • magnificent [aggettivo] means “splendid” …
  • admirable [aggettivo] means “splendid” …
  • crazy [aggettivo] means “incredible” …
  • stupendous [aggettivo] means “wonderful” …
  • superb [aggettivo] means “great”

What is the synonym for bizarre?

– 1. [che attrae l’attenzione per la sua stranezza e originalità: persona b.] ≈ leap, weird, capricious, curious, eccentric, whimsical, unusual, original, singular, weird, weird, extravagant.

What is the synonym for ecstatic?

[mandare in estasi: un’attrice che estasiava gli spettatori] ≈ thrill, enchant, captivate. ‖ Fascinate, bewitch. ecstatic v.

What is the synonym for suggestive?

– [che dà piacere ai sensi, che attrae per la sua bellezza e sim.: un paesaggio s.] It is fascinating, fabulous, enchanting, evil. ↔ anodyne, indifferent, whatever. ↑ disgusting, repulsive, repulsive.

What is the synonym for great?

Synonyms for grande

Other synonyms: beautiful, master, relevant, magnificent, mighty, big, considerable, remarkable, reported, considerable, heroic, badial, matriculated.

How wonderful synonyms?

≈ astonishment, surprise, amazement. ‖ Admiration, dismay. ↔ disinterest, coldness, indifference.

What is the synonym for superb?

1. [che dimostra superbia: una persona s.; un contegno s.] ≈ haughty, haughty, haughty, immodest, presumptuous, disdainful, haughty, opinionated, haughty, pompous, boastful. ↑ arrogant, arrogant, arrogant.

What is the synonym for boiling?

boiling [molto caldo] ≈ hot, burning, [di ambiente, clima e sim.] torrid. ↔ ice cream, frozen.

What is the opposite of often?

CONTR rarely, rarely, almost never, a few times. often times: frequently; fam.

What is the opposite of Gentile?

↔ boorish, uncivilized, out-of-town, rude, rude, rude, rude, rude, rude.

How to say that you are beautiful?

You are breathtaking. Oh, you are more beautiful than the evening air that dresses the beauty of a thousand stars. You are beyond beauty. You have the most beautiful smile in the world.

What does Soave state mean?

spiritual, which he has in himself and which infuses feelings of a tender and serene sweetness: affections, memories s .; a S. sadness, one s. meloncholy. More genericam., Which is sweet, pleasing: it was full of s.

What does it mean neat and graceful?

Full of grace, kindness and elegance at the same time; it is said above all of the movements of the person, and per extens. of the person himself or of his appearance in general: movenze l.; L. bearing; a l. girl; face, smile l .; The l.

What is Gaius?

to. Cheerful, festive; who expresses, in the acts, an interior joy and serenity: a young g .; mood, g character; a g. company; a lively and g. old man; aspect g., which reveals gaiety.

What is the synonym for vigorous?

[che è pieno di vigore, di energia: un uomo ancora vigoroso nonostante l’età] ≈ energetic, strong, vital.

Which is the opposite of Magnifico?

munificent, prodigal, (not com.) splendid. ‖ Magnanimous, noble. ↔ stingy, narrow-minded, mean, miserable.


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