What is the synonym for incorrect?


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[che presenta errori o inesattezze: una traduzione s.] ≈ erroneous, erroneous, inexact, (lit.) false, wrong, [di linguaggio e sim.]

What does incorrect mean?

Referred to a person or his acts, which does not conform to the principles of honesty, loyalty, education and convenience: to be s.

What is the synonym for unfair?

– 1. [di persona, comportamento, ecc., che dimostra slealtà: avversario s.] ≈ double, false, treacherous, deceitful, insincere, sneaky. ↑ treacherous, traitor.

What is the opposite of correct?

Other opposites: fat, wrong, unsuitable, twisted, vulgar, rude, unseemly, indelicate, badly created. Contribute to the dictionary: suggest correct antonyms!

What does anomalous synonym mean?

of homalós “equal”, with the pref. an- priv.]. – [che non è conforme alla regola generale] ≈ abnormal, abnormal, atypical, deviant, dissimilar, exceptional, unusual, unusual, irregular, particular, singular, sui generis.

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What does abnormal behavior mean?

– Which does not conform to the general rule, the norm, the usual behavior, the typical structure, and the like. (eg, in physics, the dispersion a. of light); sometimes even sinon.

What does it mean to be anomalous?

[a-nò-ma-lo] adj. Which is an exception to the abnormal, irregular SIN: behavior a .; shape a.

What is the opposite of perfumed?

≈ aromatic, fragrant, fragrant, (lit.) redolent. ↔ stinking, fetid, foul-smelling, stinking.

What is the synonym for easy?

easy, feasible, executable, comfortable, simple, plan, mild | clear, fluent, obvious, understandable, intelligible, elementary | tractable, compliant, malleable, docile, meek, meek, good-natured, conciliatory, helpful | probable, possible | inclined, inclined, predisposed | light, not serious, …

What is the synonym for thin?

to. [poco robusto, detto del corpo umano e delle membra: figura e.; braccia e.] ≈ frail, thin, skinny, petite, thin.

Who do not serve synonym?

to. [che non è necessario: il tuo avvertimento è i.] It is free, superfluous, vain. It is inappropriate.

What is the opposite of sincere?

↔ liar, fake, insincere, (lit.) mendacious, deceitful, (spreg.)

What does it mean to educate?

What does it mean to educate? What does it mean today, in the current cultural and social scenario? … Jacques Maritain said that educating means helping the human person to become more human. Didactics represents an important tool of this necessary help, a particular form of taking care.

What is the synonym for Quiet?

agg serene, placid, peaceful, calm, quiet, peaceful, orderly, quiet, relaxed, relaxed | sure, sure, confident | cold, phlegmatic, impassive, imperturbable, without disturbances.

What’s the proper name of easy?

easy in Vocabulary – Treccani.

What adjective is perfumed?

Profumato is a qualifying adjective. Forms by gender and number: perfumed (feminine singular); perfumed (masculine plural); perfumed (plural feminine). »» Synonyms and antonyms of perfumed (odorous, aromatic, fragrant, olezzante, …)

What is the opposite of Modesto?

1. a. [di persona che non mette in mostra i propri meriti] He is reserved, simple, humble. ↔ arrogant, immodest, presumptuous, haughty, proud, boastful.

What is the opposite of polite?

↔ boorish, uncivilized, insolent, out-of-town, rude, rude, rude, rude, rude, unpleasant, coarse, rude, boorish. 2.

What does it mean?

res]. – 1. It is the most indeterminate and most comprehensive name of the Italian language, with which we indicate, in a generic way, everything that exists, in reality or in the imagination, concrete or abstract, material or ideal: all c. that exist in the world; the rapid light It rains from thing to thing (Manzoni); the C.

What does it mean to overflow?

(I strabórdo, etc .; aus. to be). – Get out of the edge, said of a liquid and other.

What does abnormal mean?

of ab “away from” and norm “norm, rule”]. – Out of the norm, abnormal, exaggerated: a behavior a .; mostly used in scientific terminology.

What does abnormal heat mean?

Heat intolerance is the inability to tolerate high temperatures or to maintain a satisfactory body temperature; it is associated with the sensation of being overheated, often with profuse sweating.

What does it mean to educate a person?

In the daily lexicon the word “educate” is rendered with its meaning of “draw out, nurture, lead” (from the Latin educĕre), translating into the promotion of the development of the intellectual, aesthetic and moral faculties of the person through example and teaching.

What is civic education?

Civic education is a cross-cutting subject that includes knowledge and understanding of the social, economic, legal, civic and environmental structures and profiles of society.

What does it mean to educate the child?

“To educate means to create the best ground so that the innate characteristics of the child develop at their best – replies Sandra Vergnano -. … It is necessary to have a strict disposition, yes, but never rigid, to model one’s behavior on the basis of the innate characteristics of the child.


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