What is the synonym for interrupt?


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Other synonyms: to break, to disturb, to stop, to cease, to leave out, to desist, to intercept, to deactivate, to specify. Contribute to the dictionary: suggest synonyms to interrupt!

What is the synonym for intervening?

≈ strive (for), act (on), get busy (for), do something (for), (pop.) Take the field. ↑ get involved, get involved, get in the way. ↔ disinterest, (vulg.)

What is the synonym for accommodation?

accommodation / a’l: ɔdʒ: o / sm [der. di alloggiare]. – 1. [luogo dove uno alloggia] ≈ dwelling, house, dwelling.

What is the synonym for to break?

CONTR resume. spezzâ € ¹àâ € ºrsi v. pron. break, split, shatter, shatter, squeeze, shatter.

What is the opposite of block?

↔ turn on, activate, start, start (a), prime, put into operation (or in motion), unlock. c. [non far scorrere: b. il traffico] ≈ stop, stop.

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How to block a device?

How to block stolen or lost Android smartphone or tablet

Once opened, look for the item Android device management (or Security) and then enable the two items inside, that is: Locate this device remotely and Allow remote blocking and deletion.

What does it mean to stop?

Stop in what you are doing, take a break, a pause: go ahead, don’t stop every moment; after each sentence she stopped to study the effect of his words; I worked all afternoon without stopping for a single moment; never stop, be very active, be in constant motion.

Can’t you break synonym?

unbreakable. Do not break!

What is the synonym for Pacific?

[di carattere e sim., che manifesta una naturale inclinazione alla pace: temperamento p.] ≈ good-natured, calm, meek, meek, peaceful, quiet, serene, peaceful. ↑ condescending. ↔ aggressive, angry, quarrelsome, quarrelsome.

What is the synonym for Southern?

[punto cardinale o direzione] ≈ (lit.) Austro, midday, south. ↔ (lit.) borea, north, north.

What is the synonym for building?

sacred, scholastic]≈ construction, (not com.) building, (disus.) factory, building, immovable, stable. ⇓ building, block of flats, building, palace.

What is the synonym of holidays?

‖ festivity. b. [spesso al plur., periodo di riposo di più giorni o mesi: passare le v. al mare] ≈ holidays, vacation.

What does it mean to attach?

To give hospitality, to temporarily welcome a person into the house: a.

What is the synonym for saying?

[rendere noto il proprio pensiero con parole o con uno scritto, anche seguito da una prop. oggettiva esplicita o implicita: dico ciò che penso; dice che non ci crede; dice di conoscermi] ≈ affirm, communicate, declare, express, manifest. ↑ reveal.

What is the synonym for speaking?

to. [intrattenere una conversazione con qualcuno: parlavano fra loro] ≈ chat, talk, converse, talk, discuss, reason.

Who contributed synonym?

– [dare il proprio contributo a qualcosa, con la prep. a: c. a una iniziativa, a una spesa] ≈ help (ø), collaborate, compete, cooperate (with), participate, take part, lend.

What is the synonym for Quiet?


agg serene, placid, peaceful, calm, quiet, peaceful, orderly, quiet, relaxed, relaxed | sure, sure, confident | cold, phlegmatic, impassive, imperturbable, without disturbances.

What is the synonym of Mansueto?

(extens.) [di persona, atteggiamento e sim., che rivela mitezza, bontà, pazienza: comportamento, carattere m.] ≈ compliant, good-natured, good, calm, docile, meek, calm, peaceful, (fam.) Peaceful, patient, placid, submissive, calm.

What is the opposite of mild?

[di persona, che ha carattere dolce o umano: mostrarsi m. con i vinti] He is benevolent, good-natured, forgiving, indulgent, patient. ↔ impatient, inexorable, uncompromising.

What is the synonym for father?

dad, (fam.) dad, (fam.)

What does it mean to have a broken heart?

Expression value

What does it mean to break a heart? This phraseologism means to cause moral trauma to a person. Such damage can only be caused by a person who has been given unlimited trust and love. A person who means nothing to a person cannot offend.

What is the opposite of buying?

Opposites to buy

Other opposites: to hesitate, to sell, to rent, to haggle, to sell.

How do you see synonym?


  1. perceive, look, see, glimpse, scrutinize, eye, sight, recognize, distinguish, discern. CONTR to be blind, to be blind.
  2. (an article, a newspaper, a question, etc.) …
  3. (…
  4. (…
  5. fig. …
  6. try, try, test, seek.
  7. take care, be careful, remember. …
  8. extens.

How to lock a friend’s iPhone?

Go to iCloud.com, log in with your Apple credentials (Apple ID + password) and select Find iPhone. At this point a map appears: select the iPhone to locate it and then click on Lost Mode to access the blocking options.

How to lock the mobile phone remotely?

In this case, to lock the phone remotely you have to rely on Find my device: a service offered for free by Google, which allows you to remotely locate, block or even format Android terminals, through a special web panel or an app. for smartphones and tablets.


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