What is the VAT deductibility?


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The right to deduct VAT consists in canceling the VAT relating to purchases or imports carried out in the same period from the tax due on active transactions carried out in the period.

What does it mean to discharge VAT?

DEDUCT: means to directly reduce an amount from the tax. This is why it is said that VAT is deductible, as the VAT on the purchase invoices (credit VAT) is deducted directly from the VAT on the invoices issued (debit VAT).

When is VAT deductible?

Value added tax is deductible when it relates to an operation inherent to the activity carried out, if the right to deduction is correctly exercised and if the operation does not in any way fall within the cases of non-deductibility.

How does VAT deductibility work?

According to the provisions of art. 19 of Presidential Decree 633/72, the VAT paid in relation to the goods and services purchased or imported in the course of the business is deductible from the VAT payable relating to the sales of goods and the provision of services carried out by the business itself.

Who recovers the VAT?

Who can request VAT recovery

has carried out non-taxable transactions that exceed 25% of the total transactions carried out in the reference year or quarter. has purchased or imported depreciable goods whose amount exceeds two thirds of total taxable purchases and imports.

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How is the VAT paid on the first home recovered?

To benefit from the tax credit, the taxpayer must express his will with a specific declaration in the deed of purchase of the new property, specifying whether he intends to use it as a deduction for the registration tax due for the same deed.

What happens to those who do not pay VAT?

Those with a turnover of less than 7,000 euros are exempt from paying VAT, while for all the others a flat-rate system is applied for the determination of the tax paid to suppliers (compensation percentages are applied) and not analytical as happens normally.

How do you register an invoice with non-deductible VAT?

A purchase invoice whose VAT is non-deductible must have the “VAT window” filled in with the VAT rate, present in the document, preceded by the “-” (minus) sign and the amount of VAT recorded as an increase in the cost.

When is VAT credit or debit?

The VAT payable to the State is the difference between output VAT and credit VAT. Output VAT is the VAT collected on sales that the retailer must separate from the sales amount. Credit VAT is that paid on purchases which is calculated by applying the rate to the amount of the purchases.

What is meant by unloading a cost?

deductible, costs (or deductible charges) Amounts that the taxpayer (natural or legal person) can subtract from his income in order to reduce the tax base (➔), for the purposes of direct taxation (➔ also deduction).

What can you download with the flat rate scheme?

In the flat-rate scheme it is not possible to deduct any costs for the purpose of determining taxable income.

What is meant by the tax base?

The tax base is the amount on which taxes are calculated. … The tax base is the amount on which the tax is calculated based on the rate applied.

What does VAT debt mean?

This calculation consists of subtracting the tax amount of the invoices issued from the tax amount of those received from suppliers. If the VAT amount of the invoices issued is greater than the deductible amount of the supplier invoices, you will have a VAT payable, vice versa you will have a VAT credit.

How is the VAT to be paid periodically to the State determined?


  1. add up all the outstanding amounts resulting from the invoices issued;
  2. add up all the credit amounts resulting from the invoices received and from the customs bills;
  3. make the difference between the two determined sums.

What is the calculation of the VAT to be paid periodically to the State called?

The VAT settlement is the calculation of the debt or credit related to the tax at the end of a given fiscal period: find out how it works.

How do you register the purchase of a mobile phone?

The invoice received is registered using the generic reason FR, and by entering: the supplier, the invoice amount, the “80% Telephony” account and in the “VAT window” the non-deductibility is set (manually or with the “Automatism Non-deductibility “).

What does non-deductible mean?

[in-de-tra-ì-bi-le] adj. m. and f. in tax language, which cannot be deducted: non-deductible expense.

When does VAT become a cost?

Reference: VAT becomes cost ??

in short, the mechanism is as follows: non-deductible VAT becomes first of all a cost (and therefore is added to the taxable amount). Subsequently, at the time of the tax return, the cost will contribute to the formation of the income according to current legislation.

What are the operations not subject to VAT?

As a rule, these are the operations for which the VAT obligations do not arise, such as: invoicing, registration, settlement, payments and declaration.

Where can I buy without VAT?

The balance of the value added tax is therefore represented by the VAT that the trader received from the final consumer, net of that paid to purchase raw materials. … So, from an effective point of view, whoever does not pay VAT is the merchant and whoever pays it is the customer.

What to do to not pay VAT?

reduce the tax base relating to taxes; reduce the disbursements for VAT with the credit that would accrue with this operation; invest in your business by purchasing an instrumental asset that can increase your turnover or decrease costs.

What are the concessions for buying a first home?

In general, the concession for the purchase of the main home allows you to pay reduced taxes on the deed of purchase. … Another facility already present is the possibility of deducting 19% of interest expense and mortgage costs for the purchase of the first home.

How to use the first home tax credit?

As a principle, the tax credit is valid, even in the presence of multiple sales and multiple purchases, always related to the lower value of the registration tax paid in the previous purchase. The exact value can be deduced from the invoice that the notary issued you at the time of the first home purchase.

How to generate tax credit?

To use the tax credit, the interested parties must submit a specific communication to the Revenue Agency in which the data of the eligible investments and the tax credit for which authorization for use is requested must be indicated.

What is the calculation of the difference between VAT on sales and VAT on purchases called?

The VAT collected on sales is not a revenue for the selling company but constitutes its debt to the State. VAT to be paid to the State.


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