What perfumes can you smell in spring?


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Some smells are exciting (mint, pine, cinnamon) or soothing (chamomile, rose, neroli extracted from bitter orange). Even in the world of perfumers, natural smells seem to find increasing interest.

What aspect of spring?

Spring marks the time when light prevails over darkness and the days begin to get longer. It is as if the “light” half of the year had the upper hand over the “dark” one, which characterizes the winter period. This is also the quintessential moment of the rebirth and awakening of nature.

What are the scents of nature?

The pungent smell of freshly cut grass, that of earth and moss after a storm, the smell of dew, the smell of salt water, the scent of the vegetation that laps the coasts are undoubtedly the most popular notes of the time. of vitality par excellence.

How to describe a perfume?

A fragrance is an accord obtained from the skilful blending of ingredients of natural and synthetic origin. As in a musical composition, the harmony of a chord depends on the balance of proportions and the olfactory intensity of each note.

What is the revitalizing water used for?

Nature’s Vitalizing Waters are ideal for perfuming, refreshing and moisturizing body and hair, after a shower or at any time of the day. They do not stain fabrics, which is why they can also be used to perfume clothes and upholstery. …

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What are the symbols of spring?

Let’s start with the flowers that announce Spring: the Primula, the Narcissus, the Lily, the Iris and the Daisy.

  • PRIMULATE. Its name derives from the Latin primus and means “flower that comes first”. …
  • LILY. …
  • IRIS. …

What don’t you like about spring?

The tiredness

Or exhaustion, heaviness, total absence of will to live. Corollary of the impending spring is the burning of the eyes and the desire for extreme sleep.

What happens with the arrival of spring the trees?

In spring the vegetation is luxuriant: the plants sprout, the new twigs grow, the little flowers begin to bloom. … In autumn the leaves of some trees begin to change color: from green to yellow and then to brown, they dry up and fall, leaving the branches bare until the following spring.

Why do plants bloom in spring?

In plants, following the vegetative period (growth of the stem and leaves), the reproductive phase begins, in which the flowers, fruits and seeds develop. This phase begins with flowering (transformation of the vegetative buds, producing leaves, into flower buds).

What happens to trees in the fall?

The leaves in autumn are called deciduous because, just as the name implies, they fall. This happens because the plants have to protect themselves from the cold of winter. Thanks to this natural mechanism, plants and trees are able to withstand the freezing temperatures of the winter season.

In what month do the trees turn green?

The leaves in autumn take on the colors of the pigments (carotenoids and anthocyanins) which in summer are hidden by the green of chlorophyll. The leaves appear on the trees in autumn (“Soldati” by Giuseppe Ungaretti).

What is spring associated with?

At the end of spring, other concepts are associated, always linked to exuberance, rebirth and splendor, with a positive meaning. For example, a person’s spring is usually understood as the time of early youth (“the spring of life”).

What does the primrose mean?

The primrose, thanks to its legend, has become the symbolic flower of spring. Thus represents the spring of life: youth. The primrose is a flower that grows spontaneously to announce the rebirth of nature. The victory of good over evil, the arrival of a new prosperity.

What is the flower of rebirth?

The lotus flower is widespread all over the world and fascinates everyone, not only for its beauty, but also for its history and its meaning. The lotus flower is an aquatic plant belonging to the Nelumbonaceae family.

What does jasmine mean?

Jasmine is a positive flower that takes on a different meaning based on the color tone. White jasmine symbolizes love and kindness, yellow jasmine symbolizes happiness.

What does the tulip symbolize?

Share: The tulip is the name of a genus of Liliaceae including bulbous species that can reach 50 cm in height. This flower represents true love, and for this reason it is perfect to give to your partner or to make a declaration of love.

What does the chrysanthemum mean?

In ancient times and traditionally, throughout the world, the Chrysanthemum is a symbol of joy, celebration, vitality; these splendid flowers are used in most of Asia for weddings and for the most important celebrations; in much of central Europe they are among the most gifted flowers, and take on the meanings of …

What are the summer months?

Summer affects the months of June, July and August (1 June – 31 August) Autumn affects the months of September, October and November (1 September – 30 November) Winter affects the months of December, January and February (1 December – 28/29 February)

Why is spring called this?

In fact, spring is the first season of the year and the name derives from the Latin “primus”, that is “first”, and from the Sanskrit “ver”, which means light, splendor.

What is the spring festival called?

The term “Ostara” apparently derives from “aes” or “aus”, which means east, the birthplace of the sun. Eostre is in fact the goddess who brings fertility, connected to birth, from which the term indicating the spring equinox, Ostara, would have derived over time.

When are pines pruned?

The decorative pruning should be done in autumn, to eliminate the seasonal buds that would die in the first colds. In this way, on the other hand, the tree is stimulated to produce new ones in spring.

In what period can evergreen trees be pruned?

When to prune an evergreen? This operation is usually carried out during the period from December to February in which the plant enters the period of vegetative rest.

When do the leaves turn red?

In autumn, however, when the hours of light are reduced, the leaves no longer produce chlorophyll. This pigment degrades within a few days and other pigments present in the leaf become evident: carotenoids, yellow or orange, anthocyanins ranging from red, violet, to blue.

How to explain autumn to children?

How to explain autumn to children

  1. For children, autumn is gold, orange, yellow and brown;
  2. autumn is cold that pinches the skin;

  3. autumn is the day that becomes shorter, it is the oxen on the sky that falls in advance;

Why do leaves fall from trees in autumn?

The leaves of many plant species fall in autumn (for this reason plants defined as “deciduous”) for a specific purpose, namely as a defense mechanism against the winter frost which would destroy their tender cells.


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