What should you do if you are bitten by a viper?


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Wash the wound with running water and disinfect if hydrogen peroxide or potassium permanganate is available. Bandage or compress the bite area (but without using the tourniquet) and go to the emergency room.

What should I do if I am bitten by a viper?

Viper bite, basic first aid (to be disclosed to the public)

  1. Call for help without delay.
  2. Do not cut the area affected by the bite (risk of spreading the poison through the blood)
  3. Do not suck the poison (in addition to being ineffective it is also dangerous for those who do it)

What to do if you meet a viper?

It is therefore advisable to remain calm and relax as much as possible. In other words, we must have the cold blood to remain motionless, to immediately stop the step so as not to make the viper feel threatened by our presence.

What does the viper venom do?

In the viper venom there are various substances that cause damage to cells: neurotoxins that block neuromuscular transmission causing paralysis of the muscles; hemotoxins that alternate blood clotting and are responsible for bleeding and the formation of thrombi with the risk of embolism …

Where does the viper bite?

The bite area should be washed with soap and water and then disinfected with substances that do not contain alcohol, because the viper venom in contact with alcohol forms toxic compounds. If the bite is located in the upper limb, immediately remove rings and bracelets or watches before the swelling appears.

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How does the viper attack?

the viper does not attack, but defends itself only if closely disturbed, and in the presence of man it reacts primarily by running away.

Where do the vipers nest?

The birth takes place on the ground and not on the trees, as this reptile (unlike the Colubri) has a lot of difficulty in climbing trees due to the conformity of its tail (short and stocky does not allow climbing).

How does the poison work?

The poison typically contains neurotoxins that damage the nervous system, or toxins that block blood clotting and thus cause bleeding.

How much time do you have when a viper bites you?

How much time do you have when a viper bites you? Important systemic reactions do not occur before 2 hours, and therefore there is plenty of time to get to the ER.

What does a snake’s venom do to blood?

Rattlesnake venom can cause changes in blood cells, prevent blood from clotting, and damage blood vessels, causing bleeding. These changes can also cause internal bleeding and heart, respiratory and kidney failure.

What to do if you find a viper in the garden?

apply ice or suck on the bitten area. administer an antiophidic serum (being of animal origin it can cause an anaphylactic shock, therefore it is better to let the doctors act in the hospital) make a tourniquet (since when it is removed it can follow a sudden introduction of the poison into the circulation)

What to do if stung by a viper?

Wash the wound with running water and disinfect if hydrogen peroxide or potassium permanganate is available. Bandage or compress the bite area (but without using the tourniquet) and go to the emergency room.

How to remove vipers and snakes from the garden?

Snake repellent is sprayed over the entire area and, with its unpleasant odor to reptiles, will force the snakes to migrate. Another option, on the other hand, are the ultrasonic deterrents, which annoy the animal, or granular ones, which like repellents act on their sense of smell.

How to defend yourself from the bite of a viper?

Absolutely avoid putting your bare hands in crevices and hollow trees. When looking for strawberries, mushrooms or chestnuts, always use a stick to move brambles, herbs and branches. The vipers are always sheltered. Do not stop for any reason near or inside abandoned houses.

Where is the anti-viper serum found?

In Italy, anti-vandal serums are only available in hospital pharmacies.

How many deaths from viper bite in Italy?

In Italy there are no longer the vipers of the past, herpetologists complain, regretting the uncultivated and rustling countryside of the 1950s. Poisonous snakes are rarer today. Thus the bites (100-200 per year) and deaths: on average one per year against 10-20 due to insect bites.

When does the viper hibernate?

From spring to autumn (April – October / November). In the winter month, they hibernate in burrows. They come out of the shelter to warm themselves in the sun in the spring when the mating season also begins.

What are the deadly poisons?

Pages in category “Poisons”

  • Abrina.
  • Fluoroacetic acid.
  • Aconitine.
  • Tofana water.
  • Aflatoxin.
  • Antimony.
  • Apitoxin.
  • Arsenic.

What happens if a poisonous snake bites you?

The bite causes immediate pain, followed by swelling and blistering. Symptoms caused by the bite include nausea and dizziness. Immobilize the affected limb, but without restricting blood flow.

How to poison snakes?

Piles of leaves, compost, mulch of straw or wood chips, piles of wood and mounds of cut grass are all ideal hiding places for these animals, so you should eliminate them. Instead of using wood mulch, consider gravel.

Where is the viper hiding?

A viper will be able to frequent your garden only if it finds its ideal conditions: cool places when it’s hot (tall grass, dry stone walls, abandoned wood piles) and warm places when it’s cool (stony ground, haystacks, tree trunks).

Where do snakes give birth?

OVOVIVIPARIAN: the female carries the “eggs” inside herself, in the oviduct until the complete development of the offspring. The young are born wrapped one by one in a transparent and gelatinous bag. In this group we find the boa, the viperini and the crotalidae.

Where do snakes hide in the house?

Where do snakes hide in the house? Snakes love to hide in cool, humid and dark places. For example, they can enter the cellar or a cavity.

How do snakes make love?

Their mating occurs like that of most vertebrate animals and, that is, with the union of the male with the female and with the introduction of the hemipenis (male reproductive organ) in the cloaca (female reproductive organ): this is fertilization internal.

How to keep vipers away?

The best way to remove them is to make noise! At the time I used a stick that I beat on the stones: in this way the sound waves that propagated in the ground induced the viper to move away or re-enter its den.


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