What to do for electrified hair?


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Electric hair: 7 remedies to combat frizz

  1. Use the right shampoo. …
  2. Follow with a specific conditioner. …
  3. Don’t forget to apply a mask. …
  4. Avoid washing too frequently by using a dry shampoo. …
  5. Untangle the knots with the right comb. …
  6. Dry with an ion hair dryer.

What can be done for electrified hair?

A splash of water on the hair is a quick and easy aid to dull electric hair. If that’s not enough, try spreading a dollop of moisturizer on the length of the hair: it also moisturizes the cuticle not just the skin.

Why does hair get electrified?

Blame the static electricity that builds up on the hair: «The main cause of electrified hair is atmospheric events. In winter, contacts with wool are added, while in the other seasons it is synthetic fabrics that increase this effect.

How to decrease the volume of the hair?

Apply a taming serum or anti-frizz cream for a smooth effect XSourceOfResearch . Experiment with styling products. Waxes, modeling pastes and anti-frizz serums regulate the hair and give weight to the shaft, decreasing the volume.

How to reduce curls?


Head up, divide the hair into four large sections and distribute the product well from roots to ends. 2- AIR DRY HAIR Whenever possible it is the ideal solution. Upside down and in the air is the best way to contain volumes.

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How to thin out puffy hair?

How to thin out puffy and voluminous hair

To thin the hair, in fact, it is advisable to use a string or, even better, the scissors for hairdressers. The difference compared to a normal scissors lies, in addition to the ergonomic handle, in the blades.

How to wash your hair so it doesn’t get electrified?

If you do not want to waste hours drying your hair, you cannot hold the hairdryer without first dabbing your hair with a towel, possibly in microfibre, which respects the delicacy of the hair, without depriving it of its natural oils and absorbing moisture, avoiding frizz: …

How to keep short hair straight?

Use a blow dryer to pull your hair well, making it straight. If necessary, use the straightener to make them even straighter. If your hair is very short, pull the bangs to your forehead. If your hair is longer, comb it lightly to one side so that it falls obliquely across your face.

How not to have your hair blown out?

These are some of the most effective remedies.

  1. Use the spray hairspray. …
  2. Use the moisturizer. …
  3. Use brush and combs with natural bristles. …
  4. Use an ion hair dryer. …
  5. Use the plate at a low temperature. …
  6. Use a mild shampoo. …
  7. Don’t rub your hair too hard. …

  8. Protect yourself from the humidity of the house.

How to make hair roses disappear?

Vertigo in the hair: how to eliminate it

First of all, avoid a cut that is too short, which highlights any roses. On the contrary, the lengths weigh down the hair, naturally straightening some rebellious strands. Dry your hair with the hair dryer turned on at minimum power and heat. No plate.

How to recover hair after bleaching?

To keep the hair nourished and well hydrated, after bleaching, the application of masks based on natural lipophilic substances, such as macadamia oil and shea butter, is recommended. They should be applied to ends and lengths at least once a week.

What to do with frizzy hair?

Applying an anti-frizz restructuring mask once a week can make unruly hair manageable. Before using the hairdryer to dry them, always remember to pat your hair gently with a dry and soft cotton cloth and keep the hairdryer at a distance of at least 20 cm from the head.

How to tie your hair so as not to ruin the style?

Alternatively, you can tie your hair using an elastic, which is not too tight, as it could ruin the waves and curls you just made. Another trick to use? Use a pillowcase, always made of silk or satin, which avoids rubbing and does not electrify the hair, as cotton can do.

How to prevent hair from swelling with moisture?

  1. Let them air dry slightly before using the hair dryer. …
  2. To straighten your hair, use a boar bristle brush. …
  3. Dry your hair completely. …
  4. Always carry some hair-saving accessories with you. …
  5. The hairstyles to be adopted on rainy days.

How to avoid frizzy and puffy hair?

Don’t wash your hair too often to prevent the shampoo from washing away the natural oils. 2 times a week is enough. Whenever possible, avoid using a hairdryer: direct heat sources burn and damage the cuticles. Natural drying is to be preferred.

How to tame short hair?

Be careful when using the hair dryer. Short hair tends to wrinkle and get electrified when blow-dried. It is usually best to let them air dry. If you use a hairdryer, set it to the minimum temperature and help style them with a coarse round brush.

How to be feminine with short hair?

How to be feminine with short hair

  1. Be daring with makeup. Choose a make-up that emphasizes the lips with strong colors – photos / Pinterest. …
  2. Giant earrings, hoops, rims and stones. …
  3. Space for necklaces. …
  4. Headbands and turbans, headbands and clips. …
  5. The glasses. …
  6. How to dress with short hair.

How to get the tousled effect in your hair?


  1. Wash your hair. …
  2. Pat your hair dry with a towel until it no longer drips off the ends. …
  3. Run your fingers through your hair to separate the strands, so they fall out naturally. …
  4. Dry your hair. …
  5. Keep drying them for 5 minutes, until they are almost dry.

How to dry your hair without ruffling it?

Use the hair dryer when they are damp, but not wet. This helps reduce frizz. Hold the blow dryer about 30cm away from your hair for general drying. This process consists in drying the hair only with a hairdryer, without a brush.

How to dry your hair to climb?

To give movement

To dry these different lengths, in addition to the hairdryer and the hair straightener, you will also need a series of pliers or rubber bands that can keep the various ‘parts’ of the layered cut separate, in such a way as to dry and order each part with due attention. and care.

What are toothed scissors used for?

Going in order, the smooth blade scissors is used to cut hair at 100% that is, it cuts everything that passes through its blades, in a clean way, and it is the scissors that we almost always use. In the second case, the toothed scissors are used to remove and / or thin out the hair.

What is the use of hair stripping?

Why thin your hair? The reason is very simple: sometimes, to make a cut defined and beautiful, it is necessary to lighten the hair from an excessive mass of hair that makes the visual complex too heavy and “heavy”.

How do you use scissors to thin your hair?

Taking one strand at a time, you need to keep your hair taut enough with one hand. With the other, that of the scissors, make a cut more or less in half length keeping the toothed side outwards (towards you).

How do you keep the waves going?

To make everything last as long as possible, spray the hairspray on the strands. Choose a product with a light formula, so as not to weigh down the hair, but at the same time effective in supporting the fold.

How not to ruin wavy hair overnight?

Sleep on a silk or satin pillowcase

The satin and silk pillowcases, on the other hand, prevent the hair from rubbing against the pillow, retaining its natural moisture while we sleep, which prevents frizz, breakage and hair loss.


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