What work can you do with the social economic high school?


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  • communication expert.
  • educational operator.
  • social operator.
  • cultural animator.
  • pedagogical and community animator
  • cultural mediator.

What can I do after the social economic high school?

The High School of Human Sciences, economic and social option, aims to train students above all in the categories of economic, sociological, juridical, anthropological sciences, and to prepare them with notions on economic, social and cultural phenomena at European but also global level.

Why choose the socio-economic high school?

These, in our opinion, are the five good reasons for choosing the socio-economic high school • it is the only high school with two community languages ​​and law and economics for five years; • it is the only one to have programs and guidelines in line with the best European high schools; • has programs and profiles designed to understand contemporaneity and …

What is the name of the diploma of the Liceo Economico Sociale?

Qualification awarded: Diploma in Human Sciences with an economic-social option.

What does the social economy lead you to?

In addition to developing the ability to orient oneself, the socio-economic high school course provides in time the means for the concrete achievement of the right to citizenship, to become informed, active, capable and responsible citizens. … What do you study at LES.

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What changes between the humanities and social economics?

The High School of Human Sciences in its Economic-Social articulation was born as a variation of the High School of Human Sciences, in order to provide specific skills in the field of legal, economic and social sciences.

How many hours are spent in the socio-economic high school?

The annual schedule of activities and compulsory teaching for all students is 891 hours in the first two years, corresponding to 27 average hours per week and 990 hours in the second two years and in the fifth year, corresponding to 30 average hours per week.

When was the Liceo Economico Sociale born?

The peculiarities of the Liceo Economico Sociale in its development process The Liceo Economico Sociale (LES) is a high school that, since its inception in 2010, has tried to build its own identity, enhancing the peculiarities that this course of study, extremely modern and innovative, it can take with it.

Who attends high school of human sciences?

The high school of human sciences is the perfect choice for those who love literature, psychology and the ‘social’ sciences: this high school, in fact, thanks to the varied disciplines that characterize it, welcomes a wide range of students interested in multiple fields of study.

What subjects are there in the Liceo Economico Sociale?

socio-economic high school

The disciplines characterizing the address, psychology, anthropology, research methodology, sociology and law-economics, allow us to understand and analyze the relational, economic and social dynamics of the contemporary world.

What do you study at Les?

LES is the only non-linguistic high school where two foreign languages ​​are studied, where the economic and sociological sciences make use of the mathematical, statistical and human sciences (psychology, sociology, anthropology, research methodology) for analysis and interpretation of economic and social phenomena, where the …

What qualification does the high school of human sciences issue?

Qualification awarded: Diploma in Human Sciences. Continuation of studies: access to all university faculties, in particular Psychology, Sociology, Communication Sciences, Social Sciences, Peacekeepers, Orientation Counselors, Law and Political Sciences.

What can be done with the high school of humanities?

The high school of Human Sciences in addition to providing a broad culture in both humanities and scientific subjects (such as mathematics) teaches to understand the evolution of man, his mind and his identity, focusing attention on educational processes and relationships social and socio-economic.

Why choose Human Sciences?


  1. Because it privileges the study of the current problems of society, discovering their origins and remote causes.
  2. Because the educational path starts from the students’ knowledge and problems and analyzes and interprets them in the light of multidisciplinary contents.

What do you study at the Lyceum of Applied Sciences?

What is studied at the Liceo Scientifico Applied Sciences Option. The scientific high school – the name suggests – favors scientific subjects such as physics, mathematics, natural sciences, biology, chemistry, computer science. But let’s not forget that it is still a high school.

How many are the high schools?

The new system provides for 6 types of high school: classical, scientific, linguistic, artistic, human sciences and music-dance. In reality, however, between addresses and options, there are 9 possibilities.

How much Latin do you do in the humanities?

Latin is absent and is replaced by a second foreign language to be chosen between French and Spanish (the first language is English). The Lyceum of Human Sciences has a five-year cycle.

What was the name of the high school of humanities before?

Lower and upper teaching institute (Riforma Gentile 1923-1940)

What is the master’s degree called today?

In reality, speaking of a master’s degree today is no longer very correct, because starting from 2010 (and after some reforms and experiments) what was once the teaching institute has been replaced by another school, the high school of Human Sciences.

What is the magistral school called today?

The beginning of the teaching career coincides with the enrollment in a higher institute which until a few years ago was called magistrale, is now called socio-psycho-pedagogical high school and will soon become high school of human sciences.

What subjects are there in sports high school?

Sports disciplines

  • Individual sports.
  • Team sports.
  • Fitness and workout.
  • Sports activities, competitive or not.
  • Combined sports.
  • Combat sports.
  • Motor and sports activity for the disabled and integrated sport (theoretical and technical aspects and sports practice)

What do you study in sports high school?

The essential subjects of the sports high school will be those of the traditional scientific high school, with an increase of those dedicated to motor science and sports disciplines in general. … Mathematics, for example, loses one hour a week, while those of Physical Education and Exercise Sciences increase.

For whom is the sports scientific high school suitable?

For whom is the Liceo Sportivo suitable

It is a school for boys and girls who cultivate the dream of training and playing sports at a competitive level and at the same time desire a rich education from a scientific and humanistic point of view.

What University to do after high school sports?

After the sports high school you can enroll in all university faculties, in many para-university institutes such as motor sciences, physiotherapy, nutrition science, in numerous masters in the fitness and wellness sector, in institutes of higher artistic, musical and dance training or a course education and …

What are the teaching institutes?

Institute m. (or, in the plur. femm., the master’s), high school lasting four years, at the end of which it issued a diploma of qualification to teach in elementary schools; On the other hand, the m. school lasted three years, which enabled teaching in the nursery school.


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