When are the days of the blackbird 2019?


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The days of the blackbird, from 29 to 31 January: legends and traditions related to the coldest days of the year.

What if the days of the blackbird are hot?

The blackbird took refuge on the sly in a chimney and remained there for three days. … Also according to the legend, if the days of the blackbird are cold, spring will be beautiful; if they are hot, spring will come late.

What is the meaning of the days of the blackbird?

Tradition has it that January 29-30-31, the last three days of this first month of the year, are remembered as the “days or days of the Blackbird”, to indicate one of the coldest periods of winter. … The first version was born in very distant times, when January did not yet have 31 days but only 28.

As the proverb of the blackbird says?

The days of the blackbird are January 29th, 30th and 31st. According to popular tradition, these would be the coldest days of the year. According to a proverb it is said that if the days of the blackbird are cold, then spring will be beautiful; if they are hot, spring will come late.

What are the days of the blackbird 2021?

However, it has been living for years a tradition that indicates when there will be the coldest temperatures. We are talking about the days of the blackbird. These would fall, for 2021, on the days of 29, 30 and 31 January.

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What are the days of the Wed LA?

The 29th, 30th and 31st January are known as “the days of the blackbird”, ie the coldest days of the year. Various interpretations circulate about the birth of this famous saying. January 29, 30 and 31 are known as the days of the blackbird, or the coldest days of the year.

What does the farmer do if it doesn’t rain in January?

In the farming world, any weather change could destroy a crop or guarantee a good one. It was therefore said that if the month of January had not been rainy, a good harvest could be expected for the following months. A way to beat the frost?

What does the blackbird mean?

Spiritual messenger, the Blackbird invites to listen to the inner call and to undertake a life guided by the heart. … Symbol of communication, the Blackbird – with his song – shows us the importance of words. With what we say we can create a sweet melody or hurt the listener.

How long does a blackbird live on average?

In the wild it has an average life span of two or three years, but bred in captivity and in favorable conditions, it reaches over 20 years. Both sexes reach sexual maturity at twelve months. The blackbird lives in isolated pairs, but tends to become more social and to gather in flocks during migrations.

What was the coldest winter in Italy?

1547-1548 (very cold especially in Italy, where Lake Garda freezes) 1568-1569. 1570-1571 (in Turin, in January, a thickness of about two meters of snow is attested)

When do blackbirds leave the nest?

At about 10 days the eyes are wide open and small feathers appear, first on the wings and then on the back and tail. After about 3 weeks they leave the nest, but are still unable to fly. At first they remain on the ground, hidden waiting for their parents for the cue and then they begin to practice flying.

When do the young blackbirds leave the nest?

At 10 days the chicks have their eyes open and the first feathers begin to grow and when, towards the third week, they leave the nest, they are still unable to look after themselves and still need to practice a lot to become familiar with the flight, then hide in the bushes waiting …

What to do if a small blackbird is found?

Remember that a little one needs to eat very often, about every 2 – 3 hours. As a universal emergency food, you can administer homogenized meat, small pieces of meat (or moths, mealworms or honey, available in pet shops) and water with a dropper.

How do you see a blackbird?

Their eyesight, in particular, is clearly superior to that of men. Unlike us, they are in fact tetrachromatic, that is they can perceive 4 ranges of colors.

How to attract blackbirds to your garden?

Wild birds love seeds and fruit. Sunflower, flax and poppy seeds are excellent staple foods. Robins, sparrows, blackbirds and wrens also love to eat dried fruit such as raisins, apples, oat flakes and bran.

What are the crenellated walls?

The blackbird is a typical element of medieval military architecture. These are each of the masonry elevations erected at regular intervals that crown the perimeter walls of castles, defensive towers, palaces, etc. The set of battlements is called battlements.

What does the farmer do in January?

The vegetable garden in the peasant world was very important, throughout the year, because it contributed to enrich the table, always very poor in foods such as meat or fish. One of the main activities of the month of January was hoeing, in fact the month was also defined as Żnēr zapadôr, January digger.

What number is February?

February is the second month of the year according to the Gregorian calendar and counts 28 days in ordinary years or 29 days in leap years. It comes after January and before March and is the third and last month of winter in the northern hemisphere or summer in the southern hemisphere.

What does January represent?

The name January (in Latin Ianuarius) derives from the Roman god Janus (Ianus), deity in charge of the doors and bridges who in general represented every form of passage and change (actually January is the month that opens the doors of the new year, in fact the Latin noun ianua corresponds to the Italian term “…

When do birds leave the nest?

Small birds do not usually stay in their nests for a long time. It takes about a month for the birds to be ready to leave.

What to feed a baby blackbird?

Small birds, such as the blackbird, when they are born, need a high-protein diet, so it is good to follow this pattern: 60% of treats for kittens or puppies, 20% of mealworms and 20% of eggs hard-boiled.

How to tell if a little blackbird is male or female?

The male of the blackbird is all black with a bright yellow-orange beak. The female is brown with a slightly mottled chest. The female’s beak is more pale yellow. As is the case with many birds, the young resemble females.

Why do blackbirds leave the nest?

the blackbirds leave the nest with extreme ease while they are laying and apart from some rare cases they do it again in about a week, sometimes not too far from the old one, considering that they mate again during the last stages of construction.

Why do birds leave the nest with their eggs?

Many birds build their nests on the ground or in low trees and then incubate the eggs only after having laid some, perhaps not all together. Some species even lay their eggs on the ground and move away and then approach: they will therefore seem truly abandoned.


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