When do parakeets mate?


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Although parakeets reach maturity around 3-4 months, it is advisable to wait 10-11 months of age for mating. Earlier pregnancy could cause stress and health problems. Make sure the parakeets accept each other and want to mate with each other.

What time of year do parakeets breed?

Around 3 – 4 months the colors are better defined, for the onset of puberty, even if true sexual maturity and reproduction must be attempted around 10-12 months of age.

How to know when to put the parakeet nest?

they are more than a year old, and therefore you can put the nest. however, first provide the couple with: mash, a mixture of seeds, cuttlefish bone, fruit and vegetables, and if you want also some vitamin E in the drinking bottle. put the nest, but, if after 15 days they are not interested in the nest, remove it and put it back in 15 days.

How do you get parakeets to mate?

Mating of parakeets

The male parakeet mates only when the female is ready, until then the male spends a lot of time courting her; the only thing you need to do is give them space and time for the courtship to take place and bond between them.

How often do parakeets lay eggs?

After 5-7 days from mating (the male places himself on the back of the female and approaches the cloaca), which usually occurs several times in the days between the “conquest” of the nest, the female lays from 2 to 12 eggs, on average 4-5, every other day.

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How many days does the parakeet hatch?

The nest for the couple

Budgies are very tidy and keep the nest in impeccable hygienic conditions. Hatching usually begins immediately and lasts about 17 days until hatching, which proceeds every other day as in the case of spawning.

How to tell if two parakeets get along?

If a couple is close-knit, you understand it from their behavior, as I told you they exchange scratches, cuddles, pass food, the male courts the female and they get along very well, if they avoid or ignore each other, or they quarrel when they are close to each other. like them a lot ..

When is the mating period for parrots?

Although parakeets reach maturity around 3-4 months, it is advisable to wait 10-11 months of age for mating. Earlier pregnancy could cause stress and health problems.

How not to mate the parakeets?


  1. Never breed more than one pair at a time in a single cage. …

  2. Do not let parakeets reproduce in nest boxes that are too small or in a container not designed to house the nest.

How do parrots make love?

This instinctive activity consists of wing movements, small dances, squeals and, eventually, even stroking. When preparing for sexual intercourse, the male tends to gently slide his beak over the female’s head.

How is the parakeet nest made?

The parakeets do not need any additional material, such as straw, cotton or moss, the nest must be empty and clean. The nest should be placed in a sheltered area of ​​the cage or aviary and should not be exposed to direct sunlight.

What to do when the Budgies are born?

Remove the chick from the nest.

  1. Monitor the young bird carefully and check that it eats enough.
  2. Make sure his crop is full before covering the cage for the night.
  3. The goiter is the area where the parakeet stores food; when full you should notice a noticeable lump on the chest.

How much does a parakeet cost?

You will easily find parakeets in many pet shops and specialized farms and the price can vary from 8 to 15 euros on average, try to take into account the conditions in which they are kept, it is preferable to spend a few euros more for healthy specimens, kept in quite spacious cages, rather …

How to mate Budgies in an aviary?

They adapt well to the cage, as long as it is not too small, but they prefer the aviary, also because they cannot live alone. The cage or aviary must be more developed in height than in width, because it must accommodate animals that climb (with legs and beak) rather than fly.

What should a parakeet cage look like?

The minimum internal measurements that we recommend for purchasing a parakeet cage are 70 cm in width, 50 cm in depth and 50 cm in height. The bars should be horizontal and the spacing between them should not exceed 1.3 cm.

What to feed a parakeet pullo?

Few vegetables, once a week as the pullets would suffer from the laxative effect. Vegetables, fruit, pastoncino, cuttlefish bone before mating to “prepare” the parents.

How to tell if a parakeet is male or female?

In the parakeets the sexual dysmorphism, in some mutations such as the ancestral, is very evident. In fact, the male has blue or blue wax (the fleshy formation around the nostrils), while the female has brown or beige wax.

What to put in the budgies nest?

For these budgies, you can take willow or eucalyptus twigs and leave them available inside the cage. They will take them inside the nest, and work them finely for the creation of the nest.

Why doesn’t my parakeet lay eggs?

– the eggs have not been hatched correctly and this can happen if a female has little experience, or is too young or on the contrary too old, or she has felt annoyed, or there is mites in the nest, or a too high or too low temperature!

What is the mating period of lovebirds?

The intercourse is quite long, lasting up to several minutes and often there is a continuation made up of other regurgitations and “scratching”. Mating is repeated several times a day and continues until the last egg is laid.

When do monk parakeets mate?

In captivity it is better to have them reproduce in spring, around April-May, even if they could reproduce in the apartment throughout the year, it is good to put a good quantity of non-toxic wood twigs, willow, eucalyptus, at the bottom of the aviary or large cage …

How to tell if a collared parakeet is male or female?

The genus of the parakeet can be identified by the “wax” found on the nostrils of the bird, which changes color depending on the age of the bird. If the parakeet has a blue or purple “wax”, the bird is male, if it has a pink or brown “wax” it is female.

How to tell if two parrots get along?

Each parrot is different: it is unpredictable to know how it will relate to a fellow parrot. The larger the space (cage or aviary) available, the less the risk of any quarrels: there must be space for the attacked parrot to escape and get to safety.

How to tell if parrots get along well?

Him: when I am around the room he sometimes makes real ambushes for her. If she is on my head he flies over my head (always aggressively) and she runs away she): strangely she doesn’t seem to be territorial and lets him go wherever she wants, he …

Why do my parakeets get pecked?

Why do parrots peck? There are several reasons why a parrot can peck its owner without actually biting them. Parrots use their beaks for a variety of functions, such as grooming their feathers, eating, climbing and playing.


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