When do used markets reopen?


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Why May 4th 2020? With the DPCM of 26 April 2020, numerous activities are unlocked, including the ATECO 46 CODE, the one that distinguishes us (like many flea markets, since it identifies the SALE ACCOUNT system for goods – specifically 46.19.02) .

What about home markets?

The markets of the week from 6 December 2021 to 12 December 2021

  • 7 December 2021 Ovindoli, Piazza San Rocco.
  • December 8, 2021 Ovindoli, Piazza San Rocco.
  • December 9, 2021 Ovindoli, Piazza San Rocco.
  • 10 December 2021 Ovindoli, Piazza San Rocco.
  • December 10, 2021Sulmona, Sulmona Station.

How do you participate in a flea market?

The first step that hobbyists must take in order to take part in the markets is to ask their Municipality of residence for a card costing 200 €. This card allows vendors to participate in 10 events a year, for a maximum of two years within each five-year period.

How does the second-hand market work?

Second hand markets are structures where sellers of used objects, furniture and clothes have their own sales space. … Those who go to the second-hand markets for sale earn a commission, while buyers can buy interesting objects or furnishings at really affordable prices.

How to participate in the Assago market?

Do you want to participate as a seller? Book the week before the information stand inside the market: a seat with a gazebo costs between 30 euros and 50 euros. The market takes place on Sunday, from 7 to 15.00.

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How to make markets without VAT?

The Association will want to make sure of the identity of the seller and for this it will ask to fill in a form. In particular, the exhibitor – that is, the one who wants to participate in the market without a VAT number – must produce a self-certification, ie a temporary sales document.

When does the Assago flea market reopen?

Finally we can inform you that we will officially reopen SUNDAY 2 MAY. As always, we ask you to respect the anti-covid regulations, therefore everyone must be equipped with a mask, frequently sanitize their hands and try to maintain the correct distance.

What do you need to open a second-hand stall?

To open a flea market on consignment it will only be necessary to:

  1. request a VAT number from the Revenue Agency.
  2. submit a communication to the Chamber of Commerce as a Business Agency.
  3. notify the municipality of the start of the activity.
  4. request for a permit for posting an external sign.

How do second-hand shops work?

The objects are checked and the sale price is established. Remember that the better you present your items, the higher the sales value will be. Clothing must be in perfect condition. The items are then labeled and displayed in the store.

Where can I sell my used clothes?

Let’s see in detail the sites to sell used clothes:

  1. Depop. Depop is an app for selling used clothes, widespread in Europe. …
  2. Vintag. Vintag is an app for selling used clothes which, due to its being almost a social network, is very close to Depop. …
  3. Vinted. …
  4. Lampoo. …
  5. Humana Vintage. …
  6. Green Wardrobe. …
  7. Etsy. …
  8. Svuotaly.

What can you sell at a flea market?

10 Things to sell at the flea market

  • Used books. The used book market offers many opportunities. …
  • CD and DVD. …
  • Sports equipment. …
  • Technology and appliances. …
  • Video games. …
  • Gold and watches. …
  • Clothing. …
  • Articles for children.

How to apply for a hobbyist card?

It is necessary to show up at the offices of the SUI Economic Activities Management Service, with the card and a payment of secretarial fees equal to € 15.00 and an identification document.

What does it take to make the market?

Organize the market on the morning of the sale.

  1. Wake up early in order to have enough time to organize the market area. …
  2. Organize an action plan the night before: you should know where to put the tables, where to arrange the various items, the price to be assigned to each item and where to store the money.

How much do you earn by selling at the flea market?

When does a salesperson who works for a used market in Italy earn? The average monthly salaries per shop assistant at a used market – Italy are about € 1,500, or 97% above the national average.

How do you sell in Mercatopoli?

Sell ​​with us

  1. Select. Select at home what you want to sell. …
  2. Go to the store. Go to the Mercatopoli shop closest to you. …
  3. Evaluation of objects. …
  4. Exhibition and sale. …
  5. Right of reconsideration. …
  6. Check your sales.

How many clothes does a European buy on average every year?

Since 1996, the amount of clothing purchased in the EU per person has increased by 40% following a sharp drop in prices. This has led to a reduction in the life cycle of textile products: European citizens consume almost 26 kg of textile products every year and dispose of around 11 kg.

How much can I sell without VAT?

The characteristic to be considered in order to be able to sell online without a VAT number is therefore not the limit of 5,000 euros, but is the non-continuous and non-entrepreneurial nature of the activity carried out.

How to sell handmade products without VAT?

Selling handmade items on your website

But a hobbyist is still allowed to have his own site where he exhibits his creations! However, it must be a showcase site: a site where photos and descriptions of objects are displayed, without any sales prices being visible and displayed.

Where to sell handmade products without VAT?


In case you can get hosted by other websites, as a showcase for your creations of handmade objects. In fact, the hobbyist who wants to sell their creations online without having a VAT number, can use one of the many marketplaces, where to exhibit their products.

Where to sell your creations?

In addition to Etsy, there are other platforms that allow you to do the same thing, such as Ebay or other lesser-known marketplaces. Etsy is the best site to sell crafts, especially if you make items with modern designs.

How much do you earn at the markets?

Roughly calculating the profit of a flea market is simple. It is enough to make an average commission of 40% commission on all monthly collections: then let’s imagine that we have collected an average of € 300 per day and multiply it by 30 days, resulting in € 9000 gross.

How much does it cost to make an artisan market?

Generally it is not required to display the prices of the objects because according to the law it is a ‘barter’, that is an exchange of sums contained between private individuals. HOW MUCH DOES A PLACE COST? The so-called ‘plateatico’ in the markets for hobbyists has low costs: it starts from 15/20 euros and rarely exceeds 50 euros.

How to apply for a hobbyist card in Rome?

To take part in the markets, hobbyists must ask their Municipality of residence, upon payment of 200 euros, for a card that allows them to participate in ten events per year, for a maximum of two years over the course of each five-year period.

What are hobbyists?

Definition of hobbyists: those who carry out commercial activities on an occasional basis and, for this reason, are not subject to the tax and authorization regime that applies to other commercial operators.


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