When is it a mortal sin?


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In the theology of the Roman Catholic Church, mortal sin, unlike venial sin, must satisfy all the following conditions: its object must be a grave matter, specified by the ten commandments; it must be done with full awareness; it must be done with deliberate consent.

What are the sins to confess?

The Church also tells us that sins of anger, blasphemy, envy, hatred, malice, murder, neglect of the Sunday obligation, sins against faith (unbelief against God or heresy), sins against hope (stubborn despair in the hope of salvation and / or presumption that one can live without God or …

What can be said in a confession?

Make the sign of the cross as soon as he says it to you and say: “Forgive me Father, for I have sinned. They have passed (X) since my last confession.” This is the standard sentence. However, if you sit down and say hello it’s okay anyway. The priest knows what he is doing.

When is a sin venial?

venial, sin In Catholic moral theology, transgression of a law of secondary importance; it is always an offense to God, but, unlike mortal sin, to which it is opposed, it does not deprive the soul of grace and is amended with a temporary penalty.

How to explain mortal sin to children?

Mortal sin is a grave violation of God’s law, which occurs when:

  1. the matter is serious (that is, it is a question of a lack that breaks the commandments and goes against the love of God or neighbor)
  2. it is committed with full awareness (that is, one is aware that what one does is a sinful act.

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How to explain sin?

Sin is therefore an offense against God by disobeying his holy law and is of two kinds: original and actual. What is original sin? Original sin is the sin that mankind committed in Adam as his head and that every man by nature contracts descendants from Adam.

What does original sin consist of?

According to almost all the confessions of Christianity, original sin is the sin that Adam and Eve, the progenitors of humanity according to the biblical tradition, would have committed against God, as described in the book of Genesis.

What is meant by grave sin?

Mortal sin is a serious and illegal act, according to the Catholic Church and some Protestant churches, which condemns a person’s soul to hell after death. … Every iniquity is sin, but there is sin that does not lead to death. “

What is meant by grave matter?

701. When is there serious matter? There is a grave matter when it comes to something notably contrary to the law of God and of the Church.

What are the sins of omission?

In Catholic theology, a sin of omission, a sin consisting in not doing what the law of God commands (for example, not fulfilling the festive precept).

How to go to confession without a priest?

It is very clear: if you do not find a priest to confess, talk to God, he is your Father, and tell him the truth: ‘Lord I have combined this and this, excuse me’, and ask him for forgiveness with all your heart, with the Act of Pain and promise him: “Later I will confess, but forgive me now”.

How do you make a confession?

Start confessing.

In the Latin Rite: One makes the Sign of the Cross saying, “Forgive me Father, because I have sinned” and tells everything that has happened since the last confession. (It is not necessary to remember how many times one has sinned but only the major sins.)

What are the most frequent sins?

The most serious vices are the seven capital vices, which are: pride, avarice, envy, anger, lust, gluttony, laziness or sloth. There is a personal responsibility for the sins committed by others when we cooperate with them culpably.

Why is touching yourself a sin?

In the Catholic context, masturbation is considered a serious sin, as it is contrary to Christian morality. However, various causes can mitigate moral guilt, including immaturity of the subject and particular pressures or psychological conditions.

What prayer do we say when we go to confession?

The Act of Sorrow (in Latin, Actus contritionis) is a Christian prayer of the Catholic tradition, in which the pain for the sins committed is expressed. It is often recited on the occasion of the sacrament of Reconciliation, after the accusation of one’s sins and before absolution.

What does the term sacrament mean?

A sacrament in the Catholic theological tradition is a sensitive and effective sign of grace, instituted by Christ and entrusted to the Catholic Church, through which divine life is bestowed. The sacrament is a sign that tangibly proclaims the grace of God contained in the Gospel.

What are spiritual sins?

There are certainly two vices whose nature is undoubtedly spiritual: pride and vainglory are in fact realized without any intervention of the body. The other vices, on the other hand, are susceptible of further distinctions which in part unite them to the two carnal sins, in part to the two spiritual ones.

What is the Sacrament of Reconciliation?

With the sacrament of penance, a believer, if sincerely repentant, obtains the remission of sins from God. It is a sacrament necessarily administered by a bishop or a presbyter and is also called by the name of reconciliation or confession.

What is the forbidden fruit?

An apple is the fruit of immortality that Hercules manages to conquer in the garden of the Hesperides, as well as the “apple of contention” that unleashes the Trojan war. According to biblical tradition, it was the apple that made Adam and Eve fall into temptation, thus giving rise to original sin.


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