When to do an imported car inspection?


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If the machine is imported, reference must be made to the date of registration in Italy. However, if the car is of EU origin and the previous inspection is indicated, it is necessary to refer to the latter. Nothing prevents, of course, that the review can be carried out before the deadline.

How to do a car inspection abroad?

Car inspection abroad, the only certainty: to do it in Italy

Unfortunately it is not possible to carry out any type of revision in a foreign country, because it would not be valid in all respects. And this also applies to EU countries. Each car must be overhauled in its own country following the respective rules.

When is the first new car overhauled?

The first overhaul of the new car must therefore be done by the last day of the month of the fourth year, so if the car was registered on April 14, 2016, the check must be carried out no later than April 30, 2020.

When does the car inspection expire?

The car inspection must be done, the first time, after 4 years from the registration of the vehicle and every 2 years for the following times. In both cases, the deadline is by the end of the month in which the first registration was made.

What does buying an import car involve?

An import car is a car originally registered in a foreign country that is purchased (by a company, a private individual or another person) to be brought and re-registered in Italy. Therefore, “imported” does not simply mean ‘foreign’ or ‘produced abroad’.

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What does import machines mean?

In essence, it is a car registered in a foreign country, which is purchased either by a dealer or directly by the final customer to be imported into Italy and registered there again.

What is the difference between an import car?

European standards classify this type of vehicle in two ways: new imported car, a car less than 6 months old from e7o registration that has driven less than 6,000 km; used import car, registered for more than 6 months and / or which has traveled over 6,000 km.

How long do I have to do the 2021 review?

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The extension applies to checks which should have been carried out or which should have been carried out in the period between 1 September 2020 and 30 June 2021.

What to do if the review has expired?

Circulation with the inspection expired is prohibited, it is necessary to stop the vehicle and book the inspection, traveling only on the day in which the inspection must be done with the sheet that is issued and that can prove it.

When to do a car inspection in 2021?

Therefore, the extension decided by the Ministry on the car inspection in recent months expires: all the inspections expiring or expired between 1 September 2020 and 30 June 2021 have been extended by ten months, while those expiring or expired from July onwards they must be renewed.

How much does the first car inspection cost?

Motorists and motorcyclists will have to pay 9.95 euros more, net of VAT and other expenses: for example, in the event of an overhaul at an authorized private center, it will go from the current 66.08 euros to 79.02 euros.

When is the service done?

Usually, the service must be done every 15,000 – 30,000 km, but for the most recent vehicles the threshold can rise up to 35,000 km. As for the weather, however, the guidelines of the automobile lawsuits suggest every year, at the latest every 2 years.

What are the risks with an expired car inspection?

Inspection expired: for the offender fine and prohibition of circulation of the vehicle. Article 80 of the Highway Code provides for an administrative penalty ranging from 169 to 680 euros for the violation: the amounts are doubled in the event of a revision omitted more than once.

How much does a car inspection cost in Germany?

the cost of the overhaul is set by law (the 2007 budget) at 45 euros if done by motorization. Otherwise, 20% VAT is added for the service, the government tax of 9 euros and postage costs of approximately 1.70 euros. Total: over 64 euros.

How long can a car stay abroad?

Without limits in the country of registration. For all other states (therefore including any use in Italy) there is a maximum limit of continuous stay of 6 months (or even 1 year in some cases, it may vary from country to country), sometimes renewable when leaving and re-entering the borders.

How do you see if the revision has expired?

Checking the expiration of the car inspection is simple: just open the registration document where there is an adhesive label on the back which indicates the date of the last inspection. The car inspection must be done every two years, four if the car is new and therefore just registered.

How much time can you circulate without revision?

If you have not carried out the inspection or your car has not passed it, then, do not drive on the road, trust me. The amount of the fine, in this case, ranges from 1,957 to 7,953 euros. If you have broken the law several times, you also risk the seizure of the car for 90 days (administrative detention for ancillary sanction).

What are the risks if there is no revision?

Circular without revision carried out carries the risk of a fine from 169 to 679 euros, which can double if the revision is repeatedly avoided. If the inspection has expired, you can only drive by car to go to a specialized center after making an appointment to have it inspected.

How to book an engine overhaul?

To carry out the inspection at an office of the Civil Motorization it is necessary:

  1. submit an application on the specific model TT 2100, available at the offices of the Civil Motorization and available online;
  2. attach proof of payment of 45.00 euros on the ccp …
  3. book the visit and test of the vehicle;

How much does car inspection cost 2021?

The increase, which concerns only the checks carried out in the centers and authorized workshops (the rate remains the same at the Motorization), will therefore be 9.95 euros on the current cost of the overhaul, net of VAT and other expenses.

How to buy an import car?

To buy an imported car, you can go to the country where the car was manufactured, or contact the dealers on the Italian market directly. Generally, this second option grants buyers even greater savings.

What does parallel import mean?

Parallel imports are the importation of original products purchased abroad at a lower price. These products can thus be sold in Switzerland at a cheaper price than the manufacturer’s.

How to import a car from France?

To import a car from abroad, it is essential to register the vehicle, referring to the Provincial Office of the Civil Motorization (UMC), and to register it in the Public Automobile Register (PRA). The vehicle coming from a foreign country can be new or used.

How to buy a car in Germany?

Buying a car in Germany can be affordable. To buy a car in Germany some paperwork is required. Once the car has been purchased, it is necessary to obtain a regular invoice and the deed of sale certifying the transfer of ownership from the seller.

What is the risk of motorcycles without overhauling?

The penalties for non-inspection of cars and motorcycles. … Anyone who drives with a vehicle that has not been presented for the prescribed inspection is in fact subject to zero tolerance on the matter and therefore to the administrative sanction of payment of a sum from € 173 to € 694.


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