When was andrea bocelli born?


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Andrea Bocelli is an Italian pop singer and tenor. He has recorded several works and 16 pop and classical music albums. After working for a year as an assistant in a law firm, Bocelli decided to leave that position to devote himself completely to singing, taking private lessons.

How did Andrea Bocelli go blind?

Andrea Bocelli was born visually impaired due to congenital glaucoma. At the age of six, Bocelli entered boarding school to learn Braille reading, and a few years later he became completely blind due to a ball that hit him in the face.

What is the real name of Andrea Bocelli?

Andrea Bocelli (Lajatico, 22 September 1958) is an Italian pop singer and tenor.

How old is Veronica Berti?

Veronica Berti, 37, has been the wife of Andrea Bocelli, 62, since 2014. In a long interview with Chi di lei, Mrs. Bocelli, from her villa in Forte dei Marmi, told of her childhood among sheep and chickens: “I am a country girl who grew up quickly in the world.

Where does Bocelli live in Forte dei Marmi?

The tenor and his family relax in a corner of paradise. Andrea Bocelli, his new partner and his children live in a wonderful villa located in Forte dei Marmi, a seaside resort in the province of Lucca. A building with an enchanting view of the Tyrrhenian Sea.

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Why did Bocelli leave his first wife?

To reveal it several years later is the first wife of the tenor who tells of some betrayal by her husband. For this reason, Cenzatti decides to interrupt the relationship with the tenor. Shortly after comes the separation and divorce and not only since another woman ends in Bocelli’s life.

How old is Andrea Bocelli’s wife Verona?

Born in 1984, Veronica Berti is currently 36 years old, in fact 26 years separate her from her husband whom she met when she was still very young and ready to make her dreams come true.

What does Amos Bocelli do?

He currently works in his father’s foundation, with whom he seems to have a very close relationship. He and his brother accompanied him several times on the piano in the public performances of their well-known father. A letter written by father Andrea on the occasion of Amos’s graduation had moved Italy.

Who is Amos Baldi?

The film about the life of the tenor who moved even Obama will be inspired by the autobiography signed by Bocelli himself (in which the protagonist actually bears the name of the alter ego Amos Baldi) and directed by a world-famous director such as Michael Radford, formerly at ease on Italian soil at the time when he directed “Il …

Who discovered Andrea Bocelli?

Discovered by C. Caselli, in 1994 he won the Sanremo Festival with Il mare calmo della sera and made his debut on the opera scene interpreting Adeste Fideles in San Pietro, in front of the pope.

What work do Andrea Bocelli’s children do?

In addition to dabbling in music, trying to follow in his father’s footsteps, Matteo is also a role model. For years he has been parading, in fact, on the catwalks of half the world, even for very well-known brands of both national and international fashion. He has also been posing for years for very important photo shoots.


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